How Would I Envision This Planet as A Climate Activist?

Last Updated: January 22, 2023

Author: Shreya Lamsal

How Would I Envision This Planet as A Climate Activist?

Ironically, how do everyone think a climate activist views our planet as? Do they view it in a white colored lens where there is low level of carbon emission or do they view it in green colored lenses where there is a green and thriving planet or in a black colored lens where pollution is at its peak, climate change is real, snow capped mountains are lacking snow and disasters like glacial lake outburst, landslides, wildfires, avalanches are tremendously marching nearer?

The future of climate activism includes a focus on the well being of our planet including us, the residents. While the focus on climate activism is rising worldwide, it is a matter of great concern what the future beholds for us against the climate change. Will there be rosy optimism of a better, healthy and green planet or a pessimistic approach for all the climate change surrounding the world putting humans and natural environment in a grave danger?

Climate change is happening now and is posing humongous threat to human beings, their habitats, wildlife and the ecosystem as a whole. While it is imperative to recognize and address consequences of the climate change, it is equally important to devise the solutions to the climate crisis.

Climate literacy

Our planet is constantly evolving, with the industrialization and increased global emissions at its peak; the planet is vulnerable to the climate change and global warming at a faster pace than before. The sea level rise, melting of ice, heat and cold waves, diseases outbreak, warming of earth’s temperature, our planet is relentlessly being compromised in terms of the quality and livability of the planet.

The future climate activists envisage is the one where healing starts from their own home, locality, region and country. It all starts with the climate literacy and consciousness to opt towards clean energy and environmentally friendly choices. A future where the carbon emission of the countries is below the threshold, toxic gases emissions are properly monitored and humans are aware of the consequences of their actions on the heath of the planet is an ideal society for a climate activists.

Green Technologies

As a climate activist, I find the realm of opportunities and possibilities to save our planet. The industrial revolution has contributed significantly to increase the greenhouse gases emission ultimately contributing to climate crisis. Thus, launching of green technologies to reduce the negative consequences of human actions on the planet is the need of the today’s world to reduce carbon footprint.

Green technology is still at the early phase but a future with the blooming green technology and innovations is what climate activist manifests. Generally, simple things like Switching towards renewable sources of energy, use of electric vehicles, construction of green buildings, solar panel rooftops, electricity generation from the waste are some of the green technological innovations that can help in decarbonization plans of the countries.

Eco-friendly Choices

The future a climate activist envisions is the one where the people make eco-friendly choices and take initiation towards protecting the mother earth to make our planet better place to live for today’s generation and the future generation. The more the people are environmentally responsible, the more the planet moves towards the better future for all.

As a climate activist, a happy future would look like people adapting sustainable eating and living practices, buying recycled products, conserving water sources and resources, creating less waste, consuming low amount of energy, reducing air pollution, activities supporting plantation, afforestation and the entire human kind supporting and promoting sustainability.

Climate Action

From small individual efforts to huge governmental efforts, climate actions integrates it all. As a climate activist, a planet where people support being vegan, going zero waste, giving up on the diesel/petrol vehicles, donating to the environmental campaigns, initiating climate advocacy from the baseline etc. are some of the climate actions at an individual level.

Climate activism demands the leaders, people in power to enact on the climate laws, take climate action and address the effects of climate change. The future a climate activist envision is the one where the main emitters of the greenhouse gases start cutting out their emissions and switching towards decarbonization plans.

Climate Activism

One of the intention of the today’s climate activists is to amplify the voices of the young minds who are eager and passionate about preserving our planet, environment, community, life of every living beings on the planet not only for today but also for the future generation. Climate activism provides a huge platform for the passionate minds to share their ideas and thoughts on the global climate crisis.

Thus, as a climate activist, one sees a future where young people of the generation have a safe yet powerful space to share their ideas and thoughts, disseminate their knowledge regarding the grave issue of climate change as well as global warming and be a part of the change, that the future of this planet requires.

Compared to the past, there has been a positive awakening and climate literacy among the human beings. While daunting consequences of the climate change was not prioritized in the past, the present generation are making the conscious environment friendly choices, opting towards renewable energy, sustainable production and consumption patterns and focusing on decreasing the emission levels.

My Conclusion

To conclude, everyone can and should be a climate activist in one way or another. Adapting to the greener technologies rather than burning of the fossil fuels, opting to the concept of 3Rs- Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle; conserving water resources, minimizing waste, less energy consumption, relying on the solar, hydro and thermal energy are some of those tasks that a climate activist advocate for.

Our Earth cannot advocate for itself, we are the only ones who can advocate for our planet, our better life and secure our future generation from the consequences of the climate change. Thus, it is high time we, the inhabitants of the planet take the lead and bear the responsibility to save our planet, Earth against the climate change because even apparently inconsequential actions also have a profound effect.

Author is Student of MSc. Environmental Science and Management
School of Environmental Science and Management (SchEMS), Pokhara University

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