How to Maintain Mental Health? A 2023 Handbook to Psychology Health Today

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

How to Maintain Mental Health? A 2023 Handbook to Psychology Health Today

After two long anxiety-ridden years, the conversation on mental health has opened up like never before. However, it has taught us that things do get better in time. As we take a fresh start in 2023, let's maintain a good relationship with our psychological and mental health

With that hope, here’s a small handbook that might help you maintain or improve your mental health in 2023. Due to social isolation, depression, anxiety, and mood swings had become the new normal. Here's what you could do to return to taking care of yourself and your mind.

Give yourself morning and a bedtime routine:

Whether you like to wake yourself up with deep breathing meditation, a warm cup of rosemary tea, or by taking a cold/hot shower, when you have a stable and healthy morning routine, it will calm your mind and clear your mental energy for the rest of the day. 

Likewise, winding down after a long day should also be a rewarding process. So, perhaps writing a journal before bed will help clear the chaotic mind. Also, the National Sleep Foundation suggests that you reduce your screen usage throughout the day for good sleep.

Seek solitude in creative activities:

Mental health and creativity have a correlation to them like no other. Creativity can help to declutter your mind, reduce stress, bring back your focus and create harmony in your thought.  Doing something creative can help you connect with your own emotions, and also connect with your friends and family.

At times of desperation, you can always nestle in the creative activity of your liking. Creativity can stem from activities as simple as writing a poem about your feelings, painting a simple flower, or even making air-dry clay pots.

Have you booked a session with your therapist?

We all know talking to that one friend helps but there is no replacement to a professional psychologist or therapist. One thing we have learned in the past two years is that we need to share our emotions to clear our minds.

The best way to keep your mental health in check is by consulting with a psychotherapist and getting their suggestions. Just like you would visit the hospital if you were physically ill. When you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and burdened maybe book that session you’ve been postponing.

Give/ Help others to receive:

If you are feeling lonely and drained out at the moment, maybe giving back by helping others might help you to receive. Have you ever given volunteering a thought? Sometimes, giving back to society by helping people in need will give you a sense of satisfaction. 

Maybe you can combine volunteering with traveling and volunteer abroad in a different country while you explore and learn. As you spend more time with new people while volunteering, it can help you cope with the stress and anxiety. 

Meditate everywhere, all the time!

No, we don’t mean that you should sit and start doing yoga everywhere you go! But there are certain types of meditation that you can implement which do not take a lot of your energy and focus. Thus, these can be performed anywhere and anytime.

If you have problems with anxiety and stress, you can focus on breathing exercises. Similarly, by being mindful, sitting in silence, moving from the external and internal world, you can also focus on your mind and body to let positive thoughts in. 

Don’t fill your (responsibility) mug to the brim:

Simply put, don’t take more than you can handle. Most of the time, we don't realize when we have reached our limits or our breaking point. Especially when you are feeling burnt down or tired, know when it is time to give yourself a break. 

It is a difficult skill but learn to say “NO” when your body and mind is giving up on you. Burning yourself beyond the point of your ability is not going to bring anything good to your mental health. So, this year give a look at your calendar, maintain your schedules, and don't overdo it.

Self Care:

There is no one who understands you more or better than you, yourself! It might sound like one of the most overused words at the moment, but one of the quickest ways to maintain your mental health is to take care of yourself. 

Of Course, you can move away from some of the toxic self-care tips that are unhealthy and expensive. Selfcare could be taking care of yourself in the simplest form, taking care of your plants, cooking something special, meeting your friends, and so on.

Set apart time for friends and family:

Spending time with people that have loved you and that you love is so important in life. As you grow up and the responsibilities of your work pile up, you give lesser importance to the important people in life. But for the sake of your mental health, bring it back.

This might be one of the most underrated activities in the world. The simple conversation that you will have with your mother or your best friend might be exactly what you need to keep on going on in life. So, give this one a shot.

Physical Wellness:

We all know by now that there is no amount of focus that I could put into the importance of exercise for your body. Nonetheless, in order to keep your mental health in check, you don't have to follow a rigorous routine. 

Since your mind works as efficiently as your body, taking care of your physical body is important to make sure that you are doing the best of your mental capacity. Know what works for your body, take a walk, go to the park, run, go for the hike or the climb or join the gym. Choose the one that suits you from the long list of options.

Allow yourself to feel:

I know that your life has been busy and that you are in a constant rush. We understand that but take a breather once in a while. So, allow yourself to feel, give yourself a big cry if you have to but come back strong and start working on yourself again.

Internalize your emotions and your circumstances in order to allow yourself to feel. Don't avoid reality and try to stay vigil when around circumstances that you are spending energy on. Maybe once in a while go to that beautiful park outside your apartment and get fresh air. 

Conclusion: How to Maintain Mental Health?

Honestly, there are countless more things you could do to take care of your mental health. Every one of you knows yourself better and can give yourself an easier time in the best way you can. Like taking care of your pet, taking them out with you to visit a random place, taking a day off, and so on. Once you have a start towards a better life, make sure you are coming back to these good habits.

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