How to Help Rafah

Last Updated: May 29, 2024

How to Help Rafah

The recent strike in Rafah has caused a strong humanitarian response and international outcry. French UN Ambassador emphasized the urgency of the situation, calling   to adopt a new resolution to address the escalating conflict in Gaza.

Across Europe, protesters have gathered to condemn the deadly strike, highlighting global opposition to the violence.

On the ground in Rafah, the conditions are dire, with a local doctor describing the situation as "very miserable," underscoring the severe humanitarian crisis facing the residents of southern Gaza.

Recent strike might have got the worldwide attention towards Rafah, but this place has a history of being refuge to war victims for a long time.

What is Rafah?

Rafah is a city along the border of the Gaza Strip and Egypt. In 2023–24 Gazans displaced by the Israel-Hamas War crowded into the city as it became the final refuge. Rafah is now also the only crossing point for humanitarian aid.

By 2024, 1.4 million people, had been forcibly displaced from other parts of the territory into Rafah. This city has attention of global humanitarians as it has camp for displaced people in southern Gaza.

Who is Helping Rafah?

As city is facing the ordeal of Israel-Gaza war, it is in dire need of help and support from the global community. Different international organizations have been providing aids and appealing among the people for the help.


UNICEF has stated Rafah as a city of children. As hundreds of thousands of children have taken shelter in Rafah.

UNICEF is committed to addressing the urgent needs of children in Gaza, facing challenges in delivering extensive humanitarian aid due to restricted access. Despite these obstacles, UNICEF and partners are on the ground, providing essential supplies like water and medicines, yet the demand for aid far exceeds the current supply.

Red Cross

Red Cross has opened new 60-bed field hospital in Gaza. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and 12 Red Cross National Societies (or their branch) has combined efforts to open a field hospital in Rafah, Gaza, to help address the overwhelming medical needs emanating from the ongoing conflict.

World Food Programme

The World Food Programme (WFP) is addressing a severe hunger crisis in Gaza, where the military incursion in Rafah has severely hindered access to aid supplies. The conflict has displaced many, exacerbating the plight of families repeatedly uprooted.  Despite these challenges, WFP maintains food distribution, stressing the need for consistent and multiple supply routes to prevent famine. The situation in Rafah marks a critical obstacle to improving access and underscores the urgent need for safe humanitarian operations and the protection of civilians.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

After the strike in tent camps sheltering displaced refugees in designated “humanitarian zones” in southern Gaza, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) called for an immediate end attacks in Rafah. MSF staff have been working in Gaza’s hospitals and clinics throughout the current conflict, providing essential medical services such as surgical care, wound and burn care, post-partum care, physiotherapy, mental health support, vaccination, and outpatient consultations. MSF mainly operates in southern and central Gaza, including Rafah, Khan Younis, and Deir Al-Balah.

How You Can Help Rafah

Apart from making charities and donations to the organization supporting Rafah, you can urge your government and leaders to prioritize the peace over war and initiate the cease fire in Rafah.

Every life has equal value in this planet and every voice of humanity should be counted, so make your voice be heard and make appeal for the peace everyway you can from your side.

Peace is the ultimate relief for the people of Rafah and entire Gaza, so lets join hands to bring peace. Just saying “All Eyes On Rafah”  may not be enough, our eyes should be in our governments and world leaders as well to check how they are responding such incident of humanitarian crisis.

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t offer any program of Volunteer FDIP. We are sharing this solely as a purpose of conveying this helpful information to the people who want to support the people of Rafah.

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