Volunteer English Teacher Opportunities For College, High School Students Groups In 2023

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Volunteer English Teacher  Opportunities For College, High School Students Groups In 2023

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Volunteering as English teacher can be a great opportunity for the students who are in high school and colleges. With traveling and in a group of people with the same age to the different country only with the objective to teach English to needy people from different community and country can be one of the amazing experiences that you will gain. Volunteer English Teacher is not only the opportunity for the students to teach but also to learn and explore the community of needy ones. 

Volunteering as an English Teacher can be the lifetime experience to the college and high school student groups as they will get chance to explore the new community with different language, culture, ethnicity, religion and of course different environment. It can be a chance to gain valuable work experience while learning. Also, that self-satisfaction gained through helping others cannot be achieved from any other activities. The doors of opportunity that opens from College and high school students after volunteering as English Teacher are countless and awesome. It also allows you to travel to different places, live with people, know the lifestyle, rejoices the culture, and eat local food, hike, swim, and many more.

What is Volunteer English Teacher?

English is an International language that is spoken worldwide. However, there are some underdeveloped, developing and even developed nations where people hardly can speak in English. Going to such nations where people need to learn English language as a volunteer is known as Volunteer English Teacher. You can travel to Asia, Europe, South America or Africa for volunteering in a volunteering group. There are many opportunities to share your knowledge of English to children from underprivileged society as a Volunteer English Teacher. You need to use your English skill and effort where the level of English at school is poor or where it is needed the most.

Who can volunteer as an English Teacher?

Many students who are studying in high school and college have a dream to travel and work. If you have good command in English and studying in high school, then you are qualified for volunteering as an English Teacher by which you can make your dream of traveling and working true. This is not only volunteer opportunity for high school students but also for qualified and experienced teacher or college students. You can take part in volunteer as English teacher if you are an aspiring person with great English, studying in high school or college and are searching for a new experience abroad.

What are some of the best volunteer English teacher opportunities?

Some countries in the world have rural part where it is difficult to import or have all kinds of infrastructure. They even lack qualified manpower that has good command in English. Local schools in underdeveloped or developing countries, Monasteries where they are taught about Buddhism, orphanages, are the places where children or students lack well English.

Here are some of the best volunteer English teacher opportunities where you can go for:

Volunteer in local schools

In rural areas, people have to work so hard for living their daily life. Even the children work for them. The children living in these families have less time to spend in the school. There are local schools in rural areas which are made in such a way that they have to spend little time to study. Also, there is a lack of good English teacher and understaffed. You can volunteer in local schools as an English teacher to upgrade the language standard of children as well as you can learn about the rural lifestyle and tradition. It can be a fun moment to learn new things and understanding new people who are totally different from your society. 

Similarly, you can empower the people to let their children learn and then after earn. It will make a great difference in the life of under-privileged people if they are given the knowledge and importance about the English language. Many people or teachers who are living in the cities refuse to go to the rural local school of villages because of the remoteness. Due to which students find it difficult to learn English without an English teacher with good command.  In such situation, you will have a great opportunity to Volunteer as an English teacher and make the young children or students in local schools learn English through many teaching techniques.

Volunteer in Buddhist monasteries 

Monasteries also have many students who have come from different nooks and corner of the world to learn about the Buddhism and other related things in Buddhism. In such monasteries, English is not given emphasis due to which the students have poor English. Even the teacher teaching in such places have poor English as they have only the knowledge about Buddhism. You can go for the Volunteer in such places and teach English to the students with proper command and techniques.  Along with teaching English, you will get the opportunity to learn about the insight of Buddhism and monks.

You can learn their language while teaching them English. While teaching the monks and volunteering you will equally get an opportunity to learn the culture, tradition as well as their way of living in the monastery. It is somewhat like an exchange program in which both the volunteers overseas and student at monastery can learn from each other. At monastery only, the religious and spiritual knowledge and practices are taught. This education might not be enough to tackle the present worldly problem. So, they need to be taught the English language to communicate and understand the language of world.

Volunteer in orphanages

Volunteer in orphanage as English means teaching English to the children who have no parents, who are abandoned from the society. Teaching such children can make a great difference in the society. They are the future of nations. You will not only help those children but also in the future development as a whole. In a multinational environment you will get satisfying experience when engaging in volunteering program in orphanage as English Teacher. You will also play the role of motivator and teach them English with new techniques and practical knowledge. Your one step can give a positive impact on the innocent orphan kids.

Working as an orphanage English teaching volunteer, you can help children of less than 18 years of age with an acute situation to learn the international language. The proper guidance to these children not only makes their life better, but it is also needed for the betterment of human society. They are the building blocks of future humankind. You also learn to develop how to stay and take care of the kids in future.

Volunteer mission trips for college students

For the college students who are willing to volunteer can join the mission trips to teach English to the local schools, orphans, monks, backward society and so forth. With you support and help the children can learn new and proper English language which will help them to achieve the objectives in the national as well as international environment as English is an international language. While traveling for a short period or short school break, you can make a meaningful impact to the life of people who have poor English learning environment. Dedicating you time with hard work and teaching English to the needy can be one of the best satisfactions you will get.

Volunteer mission trips for college students can be the life changing experience. There are many organizations that helps college student who are passionate about volunteer English Teacher. These trips are intended to provide English teaching volunteer to the students to travel to the different countries and teach the under privileged, orphans, locals of rural areas to uplift the International language and make the standard of people improve through English communication.

How College, High School Students Groups can get the best out of their volunteer English teacher opportunities?

Volunteer English teacher opportunities can provide experience as well as learning of new society and people living in that society. You will learn which making others learn.

Some of the benefits that you can get from volunteer mission trips as a student are:

  • Chance to travel to different country
  • Learn new language of that country.
  • Experiencing the lifestyle and culture of people who are totally different than you.
  • Satisfaction that you will gain which helping people learn.
  • Exploring the beauty of that place where you will travel for Volunteering.
  • You can even taste the new food of new country.
  • Gain Experience on teaching
  • Volunteer mission trips for college students even helps you upgrade the teaching techniques and format.
  • Chances to meet other volunteer from different country and sharing the experiences and difficulties that you have while Volunteering.

In a nutshell: Volunteer English Teacher Opportunities for College, High School Students

Language is not just a method of conveying message or communication but also a relationship-building tool. English teaching volunteer is all over the world. English is one of the universal media of communication. To break the obstruction created by cross-cultural communication English language has played a significant role to give a single voice for everyone. English teaching volunteers teach English to people worldwide. That has improved the communication ability and perspective of people. Still, many people in the globe don't understand the English language. These people have a low profile life in comparison to people who can understand it.

Volunteer English Teacher can be a great opportunity for the high school and college student group if you are good at English and if you think that you can teach English. No doubt that working as teaching English volunteer can make a vast difference in people's life. It is the best way to encounter culture, nature, religion, lifestyle, socio-political, and many other aspects of the world. People from the different cluster are there to accomplish the assignment of volunteer English Teacher. You can use these relationships to further your career or to accomplish your English teacher volunteering work perfectly.

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