Top Psychology Jobs to Search After You Graduate in 2024

Last Updated: January 12, 2024

Top Psychology Jobs to Search After You Graduate in 2023 and 2023

As a psychology graduate, you have a range of career options to decide from. Depending upon whether your major was clinical, counseling, developmental or child, or any other field of psychology, you can apply for specific suited jobs. You could work in management or decide to start your service as a counselor or a therapist. 

If you are a graduate student still in college, spend some quality time during breaks by volunteering in psychology jobs or mental health work. This will help you add experience points to your resume and make you confident for your first job. There are many career paths for you as a psychology graduate. However, here are some commonly searched jobs after graduation:


After you graduate with your psychology degree one very straightforward path is to use your skills in therapy. Through therapy, you will be directly involved in helping to improve the lives of people. You might be able to get a job as a therapist in rehabilitation centers, schools, hospitals, clinics, and community mental health centers.

By specializing and adding additional training to your graduate degree, you will be able to expand your field of expertise. Make sure to secure as many volunteer work opportunities as possible as a graduate student so that when you apply for jobs, your resume becomes strong and you are confident in your skill as a therapist.

Psychology Researcher

Psychology involves research wherever you decide to work. But if you love research work personally, you can search for research jobs as a psychologist. Research jobs can also range from working in university as research assistants to research associates and research analysts. As a research assistant, you will be involved in the collection, processing, and analysis of data necessary to complete the project you are involved in.

If you are looking forward to furthering your education in the field of psychology, a job as a researcher might be the best course for you. The exposure that you will have to the universities and a continuous revisit to your psychology course will strengthen your understanding of the field. A psychology research job can be brilliant for someone wanting to continue their post-graduate degree.

Teaching/Lecturing Jobs with Psychology

As a recent psychology graduate, you can also apply to become an assistant or associate lecturer at a university. Did your volunteer work as a student also include a ton of hours as a teacher or educator? This might mean that you are well suited for a psychology lecturing job. 

As a lecturer, you will be able to teach part-time at the university while using the rest of the time you have for your personal research or any other personal work or education you might be interested in. This is a wonderful opportunity for an enthusiastic graduate who later wants to enter into academia.

Psychology Counselor

This is one of the most common job options for a psychology graduate but there are various fields in counseling as well. Whichever field you decide, you will be able to work closely with the patient and help them solve their mental health issues while providing emotional support. If you think this is something that you have prepared yourself for during your graduate course, you can decide on either of the counseling jobs.

Schools counselor, mental health counselors, marriage counselors, couple counselors, rehabilitation counselors, and child counselors are just some places you can use your skills. Wherever you think you fit the best and use your experience and talent the best, you should apply in that field of psychological counseling.

Management Jobs with Psychology

Some management jobs such as human resource associates, strategists, researchers, or analyst positions are very well suited for a psychology graduate. If you are interested in the corporate culture and want to use your skill to solve the problems of an organization, you can do a very good job. Many organizations place their recruitment advertisement mentioning the qualification requirement of their manager as a psychology graduate.

As a psychology graduate, you will be able to research the business environment and provide the company with proper analysis of the data required for them to make decisions. This might be a very good job option for psychology students if they are interested in the business field.

Why Choose Psychology Career as a Student

A career as a psychologist is becoming more desired all around the world. As a psychology student, you will understand human behavior, emotions, and social behavior including its cause and effects. Using the theories, tests, therapies, and tools, a psychology student will learn to study people and their relationships. They will use their skill to solve any underlying issues that might be causing problems in their relationship or lifestyle. 

A psychology graduate holds numerous career prospects including a clinical psychologist, researcher, educator, or counselor. Not only a direct psychology job but their skills are transferable and can be used in management jobs like human resources or data analysis. You will understand why people act a certain way and help to understand yourself deeply to improve others and your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are careers in psychology?

The careers in psychology include therapist, clinical psychologist, research, lecturing, social work, counseling, mental health care, and others. You don’t need to work in a conventional psychology job if you don’t want to and start working in management or information technology by providing your valuable analysis and decision-making skills.

What are opportunities for psychology students?

You can get involved in psychology volunteering opportunities and get experience that can help in securing jobs in the future. There are various programs and projects where your skills would be useful to help the organizations that are working to help the community. Your volunteer work can also reward you by making you more confident and introducing you to industry professionals.

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