Today’s Wordle to Solve is HUMAN. Psychology, Climate, Peace and Other Riddles of This Generation.

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Today’s Wordle to Solve is HUMAN. Psychology, Climate, Peace and Other Riddles of This Generation.

Humans have evolved to an unimaginable scale over the past few centuries. From the apes before the stone age to the inventors of the James Webb telescope who could look into galaxies billions of light years away, the evolution is magnificent. 

Humans have confidence to beat any virus that could cause the pandemic like COVID. Humans are very optimistic about exploring all the mysteries of this universe. But still, we are struggling to solve the riddle that lies within ourselves.

Everyone of us loves the game Wordle. It makes us realize how a single letter of the word is crucial to identify the exact word for the day. We become disappointed with gray letters, yellow color gives us some hope and green is a BINGO!.

Just like a simple word can become complicated if we could not place the right letters in the right places, we Humans are also making things complicated by not putting the right actions in right order.

Why is Human Psychology Becoming Complicated?

We have different understanding, perception, or judgment because all these things are very subjective and change person wise. Humans are so diverse in so many ways so it is very hard to put all one ground and evaluate their thinking process. This by nature makes human psychology becoming more complicated. With the evolution of human life, we are becoming more individualistic and this is making almost 8 billion thought processes for the 8 billion population of the world right now.

With evolution of our mind and exponential growth of its capacity to think and imagine, the complications are also growing. It's all about how we can harness our mental capacity in the positive way.

Why is Climate Change Becoming a Riddle?

Climate change has become a pressing issue of the 21st century. Exploitation of natural resources has been an integral part of human evolution. As humans evolved from the stone age to the modern era, the depletion of natural resources increased. That is making climate change a complex issue, because the human race doesn’t seem to be going in a backward direction and to move forward more natural resources are going to be used. A tradeoff is needed between nature and human ambition, or we need some revolutionary methods that can keep human development and nature conservation at the same side.

Why is Peace Becoming a Scarce Commodity for Humans?

With human evolution driving towards the new heights of achievements and developments, one thing has been compromised for a long period, peace. Be it the inner peace of mind or global peace among the countries. Peace has always been compromised to achieve success. Though many groups of people are longing for peace, harmony and are contributing for humanitarian causes, there is still a large extent of the population that is still craving for victory and success at the cost of peace.

Conclusion: How We Can Solve Wordle of Word HUMAN

One of the brighter sides of human evolution is we explore something, then that exploration reveals some complexity and we find the solution to it. The process keeps on going, we often solve problems by adding things together rather than taking things away. Yeah, we have to admit that we are making things complex, but also, we are the only one capable to solve these complexities.

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