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Psychological Benefits of Volunteering and Helping Others

Last Updated: June 7, 2022

Psychological Benefits of Volunteering and Helping Others

Volunteering is a voluntary act of an individual or group freely giving time and labor for community service. Humans put themselves in the shoes of others facing hardships and often want to help. Volunteering makes you feel like you are part of something bigger. It enables a person to see more than themselves. People volunteer to escape their own problems and hopefully get a new perspective in their life.

Volunteering has a lot of benefits. It reduces personal stress and increases positivity in our life. By helping others, we feel a sense ofappreciation, both given and received, which can be a stress reducing factor. Your body releases dopamine, which provides a feeling of reward that can help to elevate your mood.

Volunteering reduces depression

Joining volunteer opportunities can help to reduce the rate of depression. Spending your time doing something meaningful and keeping yourself busy keeps you distracted from destructive habits like negative thinking and being overly critical. It can also increase motivation by providing a sense of reward. 

Volunteering reduces loneliness and stress

 Volunteering is basically a distraction from your personal stress. Whether it's helping children, old people, animals, or simply working for the betterment of the community, it can take your mind off your worries when you divert your attention to something or someone else. It results in improved mood and less stress. 

Volunteering builds friendships and social interaction

Volunteering as a group for a common cause brings people closer. It's an opportunity to make new friends and grow your social network. Volunteering is  like-minded, like-hearted people coming  together over common interests. Especially for those who are naturally more shy and introverted, a volunteer activity can help break the ice while helping others.

Other benefits of volunteering

  • Gain confidence
  • Make a difference
  • Be part of a community
  • Take on a challenge
  • Provides you with a sense of purpose
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Teaches you valuable skills
  • Provides job prospects
  • Brings fun into your life

Conclusion: Volunteering and its benefits

Volunteering means working for the betterment of society or people without asking for anything in return. There are many reasons why people join volunteer work. Whether it's to escape from their life, gain a purpose, feel a sense of reward or just because they simply want to help others, a lot of people indulge themselves in any kind of volunteering work.  

Volunteering helps you gain confidence, make new friends, reduce your stress, reduce depression, learn new skills and many more. Whether it's donating to charity or just volunteering in the community, we should focus more on helping other people in need. 

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