Psychological and Mental Health Impact of The Current Israel-Gaza Conflict on People Worldwide

Last Updated: October 27, 2023

Psychological and Mental Health Impact of The Current Israel-Gaza Conflict on People Worldwide

Israel and Palestinian armed organizations have fought multiple wars and minor conflicts since the formation of the State of Israel in 1948. A single article cannot adequately summarize the history of mutual aggression. However, the tensions that have grown recently, particularly in the West Bank due to the conflict between Israel and Gaza has to be known. A large-scale Hamas strike from Gaza caught Israel (and the rest of the world) off guard last weekend. The extreme Palestinian organization launched rockets into Israel, while armed militants used bulldozers to breach the heavily guarded border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, and even used paragliders to fly over the security wall.

The Israel-Gaza conflict is a long-standing and deeply ingrained political and territorial dispute that has had substantial and far-reaching implications, not only on the physical well-being and lives of people in the region but also on their mental health and psychology. According to the United Nations, Post-traumatic stress disorder affects 70% of the people in Gaza and 57% of the residents in the West Bank. Women and the displaced are particularly heavily hit. Eight out of ten youngsters in Gaza suffer from melancholy, sadness, and terror.

Global Impact of War on Mental Health

The impact on mental health can be substantial and goes beyond the local battle zone to people worldwide. People living in conflict zones are vulnerable to violence, such as bombings, rocket attacks, and military battles, particularly in Gaza and southern Israel. Seeing or encountering brutality can prompt injury, post-traumatic pressure (PTSD)and misery. Repeated broadcasting of horrific images affects the emotional aspect rather than the cognitive aspect, causing anxiety and inflaming opinions of people around the world.

The unpredictability of attacks and the persistent danger of violence can cause extreme uncertainty, tension and anxiety. Because of the turmoil, many residents in the region have been forced to move back to their homes. Despair of one's house and assets can cause sadness, despair, and hopelessness. These repeated attacks can worsen depression and other forms of mental health issues such as long-term stress disorder, anxiety, fear and trauma. The conflict can also disrupt family life and community life in the area.

Loss of friends and family, division from relatives, and the breakdown of socially encouraging groups of people can seriously affect emotional well-being. Youngsters experiencing childhood in struggle zones are especially powerless. Openness to brutality and horrible mishaps can lastingly affect their mental turn of events. This can prompt issues like bed-wetting, bad dreams, and long-term emotional well-being issues.

The conflict between Israel and Gaza receives widespread media coverage, making it a global concern. Images and tales seen by individuals all around the world might be upsetting and add to feelings of helplessness, rage, or dread. Conflict can also lead to division and polarization within and between communities worldwide. This can strain relationships and contribute to feelings of anger and frustration. With the positive note, this situation can equip people and networks to participate in activism and support for harmony, which can give a feeling of encouragement and belief yet can likewise be genuinely burdening.

Emotional Cost of Israel-Gaza Conflict

The Israel-Gaza conflict has been going on for decades, with regular flare-ups. This long-term state of affairs can have a lasting effect on the mental state of people living in and around the conflict area. The psychological impact of the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict is not only limited to the two countries but worldwide. The neighbouring countries are under psychological distress and in constant anxiety. People are emotionally and mentally disturbed by reading the news and watching images of people suffering. The serious war going on between the two states has introduced a new and unexpected fear among all citizens.

It has unlocked insecurities between the neighboring countries. People are worried thinking if this might be the beginning of World War III. The new feeds in our social media are covered with the war, conflicts, protests, disputes, and many more visually unpleasant contents which has been occupying a large part of our mind. Terrifying thoughts have been a never-ending process. War-related nightmares are persistent among people. The peaceful state of mind has been devastated since the recent conflict started.

Psychological Effect on People from Conflict and War

People are sensitive to slightest rumor lately. There exist a solid tension among developing countries. Openness to the continuous struggle might prompt changes in the manner individuals think, feel, and act, regardless of whether these progressions meet the limits of PTSD or discouragement. Analysis has shown that being receptive to the argument reveals not just how Israelis and Palestinians feel, think, and behave, but also how they view other religious and ethnic groups and how supportive they are of peace or conflict.

A sense of cultural conflicts are now more likely to become an issue not only in the conflict area but in other places of the world where people with varying culture and beliefs live. The rise in the deep-rooted cross-cultural issue might extend gaps when personal opinions and perspectives don’t match at certain point. Everyone has their own understanding and opinion regarding the current conflict which definitely differes from one person to another and eventually from one culture to another. The visible gap can create a coldness between people from different backgrounds and cultures. The feeling of detachment among people within the community and/or Nation will give rise to agitation. Such situation can negatively effect one’s health condition mentally, physically and emotionally.

Importance of Understanding Mental Health Impact of War and Conflict

It is important to understand that the consequences of this conflict go far beyond the physical and material aspects and have a profound effect on the mental well-being of those directly and indirectly affected. There are some mindful coping mechanism people outside the conflict area can incorporate and practice to reduce their stress and fear. It is crucial to limit the exposure from social media and anywhere online. Taking break from the chaos and taking time out for a self-meditation can be one of the most effective way to take yourself out from the negativity for a good amount of time.

You can take part in advocacy to end war and to bring back peace, if that helps you to calm down and to put yourself together. Sometimes, raising your action for a needed change creates a sense of responsiveness towards the nation, country and to the victims can be so much relieving. Other actions to address the mental health and psychological effects of the Israel-Gaza conflict may include providing mental health services, supporting trauma survivors, and promoting peaceful dialogue and conflict resolution with as much external support as possible.

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