My Spiritual Journey of Volunteering with Mindfulness Meditation [in Pictures]

Last Updated: September 24, 2023

My Spiritual Journey of Volunteering with Mindfulness Meditation

Hi I am Anas. I traveled all the way from Paris to Kathmandu in pursuit of a spiritual journey of Mindfulness.

During my stay in Nepal, I volunteered in a children home, practiced meditation in a retreat and lived with Buddhist monks in a Monastery.

temple area of monastery where anas stayed

Photo: Temple area of monastery where anas stayed

Today I would like to share my memorable moments of my trip in Nepal through pictures.

Volunteering for the local community

My primary motive of this journey was to help the local people of Nepal any ways I could. Helping the children home was something I will always cherish. Spending time with the kids teaching them interactive and educational materials was a learning process for me as well.

Anas smiling with kids in chlidren home

Photo: Anas smiling with kids in chlidren home

Meditation and Spiritual Trips

One of my major interests to travel Nepal was to experience its spiritual essence. I have heard many fascinating facts about this country. I knew that Kathmandu is famous as city of temples, I knew Lumbini was birthplace of Gautam Buddha and I knew Nepal is country of Mt Everest, what I didn’t know was that this country possessed abundance of positive energy and spiritual vibes, which I could discover only after stepping foot in this enigmatic land.

compound of monastery where anas stayed

Photo: compound of monastery where Anas stayed

I stayed in a Buddhist monastery guest house for few days , which gave me opportunities to get up close to the Buddhist monks. I joined a meditation retreat near Bouddhanath stupa, a holy place for the Buddhist devotees.

Compund of meditation retreat

Photo: Compund of meditation retreat

It was an amazing experience learning the Buddhist ways of meditation. Every morning I had an one hour session of meditation. With these sessions I could enjoy the part of my mindfulness journey.

From beholding the cremations at the bank of holy river of Pashupatinath to walking around the holy Swayambhu stupa, my moments in Kathmandu was full of spiritual moments.

holy pashupati river with cremation in bank

Photo:Holy pashupati river with cremation in bank

The three durbar (palace) squares of Kathmandu valley inherited the centuries old temples, palace and prehistoric structures. Entering this area would make you feel like time travel. Few minutes of walk could send you back to centuries.

anas exploring spiritual city kathmandu

Photo: Anas exploring spiritual city kathmandu

I went for a motorcycle ride with my local coordinator, which was another exciting experience.

anas exploring a buddhist temple

Photo: Anas exploring a buddhist temple

Exploring the jungles of Chitwan National park was a real adventure. I observed here the harmony between local people and wild animals. I learned some inspiring facts about Nepal that it has doubled the population of Tigers and Rhinos in a matter of 15 years.

Anas exploring wildlife

Photo: Anas exploring wildlife

Finally, my last week I decided to go for a trek in the Himalayas. I have been to the mountains of Morocco and France , but these Himalayan giant peaks were something I have never seen. These were so big and mighty, you could have that sense of nothingness about yourself in front of it. The size and grandeur of these mountains would make you realize you are just a tiny particle of this universe.

spiritual side of trekking of anas

Photo: Spiritual side of trekking of Anas

In a Nutshell: My Spiritual Journey of Mindfulness

Overall, my experience in Nepal has awakened me in every senses. Beautiful people, lovely people and colorful cultures. This country has everything to offer for a spiritual explorer of mindfulness. Traveling with meditation retreat provided me the opportunity to explore the outer world and my inner self.

a moment from trek of anas

Photo: A moment from trek of Anas

I would definitely love to come here again in near future.


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