Mental Health and Its Importance in Our Lives

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Author: Anil Pinto

Mental Health and Its Importance in Our Lives

Today generally in the world and particularly in many developing countries there's a lack of awareness about the importance of mental health among people. Like physical health is taken so seriously, mental health is not given the due respect it deserves. Especially now during the on-going pandemic when mental health is creating havoc in so many people’s lives, there seems to be a general grudging awareness to address the issue. We as ‘human beings’ living in today’s so demanding and absolutely cutthroat competitive lives, it is but natural that not all are mentally strong enough to handle the pressure that stems from the numerous mental problems that one lives in. Mental Health can affect a person in several ways. It could be ‘anger’ issues, ‘anxiety and panic’ attacks, ‘depression’ in various forms, ‘dissociation and dissociative’ disorders, ‘substance abuse’ of various kinds, to the more serious ‘body dysmorphic’ and ‘borderline personality’ disorders.

The very simple definition summed up by many a psychologist for Mental Health is “Peace Within and Harmony Around”. But many a time what you need to keep in mind is if though you may externally look that you are at peace, your actions and behavior are actually creating mayhem with the harmony around you. Because if you’re Mental Health is disturbed you invariably disturb the harmony of primarily your near and dear one’s and then invariably you tend to disturb the harmony of your immediate surrounding environment. So when and what could cause your mental health to fluctuate:

What could cause your mental health issues?

Here are the reasons of a mental health issues:

Physical Health Issues  

Nagging physical health issues, many a time create severe stress within an individual forcing the person to behave abnormally. It could be the physical pain or it could be the stress of the ailment causing the individual to get frustrated and create problems.


This could be office related or personal related. Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any incident or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body and mind's reaction to a challenge or demand.

Sudden change in life

A loved one’s death – Loosing a loved one creates trauma within an individual and many a time the sudden physical absence of the loved one could cause untold mental agony to an individual, which ultimately creates a negative impact in the living standard of the individual.


Sometimes there is a history of mental health issues within the family and if not treated is passed on to some other member. Genetic polymorphisms: These changes in our DNA make us unique as individuals. Only a polymorphism itself will not lead to the development of a mental disorder. However, the combination of one or more specific polymorphisms and certain environmental elements may lead to the development of a mental disorder.


Sometimes a physical social riot or some sudden social disturbances could cause severe imbalances in an individual’s mental well being. Also Loud noises and larger crowds can be overwhelming, which increases cortisol levels and stress. Higher rates of pollution also affect mental health.


One of the more often seen mental health issues, more-so in the urban areas. Handling breakups is often very traumatic and heartbreaking, and many an individual goes through some real emotional heartrending times dealing with such break ups.

Hence Mental Health could be affected by anyone or all of the above symptoms.

How would you know that you have a mental health problem?

Actually while living our daily lives and handling a certain amount of anxiety, stress, normal upheavals that an individual goes through, the majority do not require medications as such. In fact a certain amount of stress or anxiety brought about due to competition or healthy rivalry is good and helps bring out the best out of an individual, but for those who cannot handle it the best way of knowing that you are being effected is to introspect and check if you suddenly neglect doing those things in your daily life that you have been enjoying doing and do regularly. This should trigger a warning bell for you!

So how should one deal with such issues when and if you cannot handle trauma, stress or any disturbance in your day to day life.

First and foremost immediately open up to a person whom you trust and have confidence in. Could be your family member, friend or acquaintance, share your concerns and take the individual’s opinion.

Understand the limitations that the individual may have while giving or sharing his opinion with you.

If required and suggested by your trusted individual, seek professional help. Because only a professional would be in a position to tell you exactly if you actually need expert treatment and medications.

As a trusted individual when someone close opens up on having mental health issues what should you do?

Don’t immediately ask the affected individual to snap out of it or dismiss his problems as frivolous and take it lightly.

Pay close attention and listen gravely with a smile on your face to reassure the affected individual that you care and understand what concerns the individual is going through.

At no point try to identify something identical within your environment and try to talk the individual out of it. Don’t undermine the individual and try to put down his troubles. Listen without being judgmental.

Mental Health is very similar to Physical Health. Like if you don’t take care of your physical health for a long period of time you will have to pay for your actions. Similarly if you do not take care of your Mental Health and neglect it for a prolonged period of time, it too is going to lead to a situation that you surely would have to pay for. As it is bound to have an effect on you. So treat your Mental Health very similar to your Physical Health and do not neglect it’s importance and vitality in your life. So first accepting that you have a problem and then taking the courage and initiative to actually go and see a consultant to share and help heal the problem is actually a very big thing for an individual to do. So hat’s off to all those who have or are in the process of understanding that mental health is not something to be taken lightly. And It takes a lot of courage to talk about one's own mental health issues in today’s society.

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