Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution for 2023: A Checklist for Psychology and Meditation Volunteers

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution for 2023: A Checklist for Psychology and Meditation Volunteers

New Year 2023 is knocking at your door. In the year 2021, the world has faced lots of ups and downs.Despite suffering from crisis after crisis, we have proved that we are resilient and we can bounce back from any situation. From Joe Biden becoming president of the United States to the Taliban returning to power in Afghanistan. Arrival of new variants of coronavirus like delta & omicron and invention of different COVID-19 vaccines to counter attack them. Climate Crises Dominated  the year 2021 and the entire globe was forced for Climate Action.

Overall the year  2021 has had its bumpy journey. The turbulence was not only visible in the outside world but also in the world inside our mind. Due to the persistent evolution of coronavirus and the restrictions & lockdowns imposed, people across the world suffered financially and personally, making mental and psychological health issues very prominent in the year 2021. 

Meditation, mindfulness and peace of mind became essential at this time of crisis. While the outside world was confused with dilemmas and contradictory information, it was very important for everyone to stay calm and be in a state of peace.

How to Die? Searched in 2021 : How We Can Help 

how to die? searched psychology problem

It is very tragic to know that some of the most searched queries in 2021 were ‘How to die?’ and ‘Ways to have a painless death’.This clearly depicts that many people across the world are suffering through their life and reaching the point of having the thoughts of ending it. This year people have realized the importance of mental health and imminence of action to ensure the psychological wellbeing of people. 

The restrictions and isolation caused in 2021 due to COVID-19 has made the inter-mind world of the people as important as the outer one. Hence, it is very crucial for us to figure out how we can help those suffering with psychological problem, depression and having suicidal thought with question in mind ‘how to die?’

What Can be the Role of a Psychology Volunteer?

A psychology volunteer helps with the  work of a psychologist or psychiatrist while they treat patients with mental health concerns. Moreover, psychology volunteers can contribute their knowledge and skills on any campaign or programs organized to mitigate the psychological issues among the people of different age groups and different comminities.

So this new year 2023, if you are a psychology scholar, or an enthusiast determined to make some contribution for the people to ensure their psychological well being. You can step up and start your mission by joining a psychology volunteer program. Your help can lift up the people from misery and lead them to a brighter life of clear mind.

Here is the checklist of the activities that you can do a psychology volunteer:

  • Join a psychology volunteer abroad program
  • Participate in any psychology related campaigns near you
  • Assist the clinical psychiatrists to enhance your experience
  • Take part in psychology research programs

How Mediation Volunteers Can Help?

No doubt many of us have the new year’s resolution to have peace of mind.If you are looking for a moment to fulfill your inner soul with peace and mindfulness while doing something good for the community , you might want to join the meditation volunteer program.

Here is the checklist for the all the peace lover and volunteering enthusiasts looking for meditation volunteer opportunities:

  • Teaching Buddhist monks 
  • Helping the Buddhist monasteries
  • Joining a meditation program while helping the nearby communities in free time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best resolution for the New Year?

This is very subjective, the best resolution is any promise to yourself that does good to you and others.

What are some good new year resolutions for 2023?

All the resolutions with good intent are good new year resolutions for 2023. From climbing the summit of Mt Everest to making a kid smile, all the resolutions are good for this year.

What are psychology volunteer opportunities for 2023?

From psychology research volunteering to assisting with clinical psychiatry , there are multitudes of psychology volunteer opportunities.

What are meditation volunteer programs for 2023?

From teaching and helping in Buddhist monastery volunteering to joining a meditation center while helping in other sectors of communities, there are copious options of volunteering with meditation for 2023.

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