How You Can Help to Improve Mental Health in 2023

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

How You Can Help to Improve Mental Health in 2023

The year 2023 gave us a little moment of stability after tumultuous two years 2020 and 2021. World tried to get over with all the stresses and dilemmas created by COVID-19 pandemic. Though some parts of the world stayed under tension with the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In the years 2020 and 2021, we faced so many problems brought by the pandemic. In 2023 we felt a little relieved as the impact of COVID-19 started easing and the world started to bounce back from all the problems that were created by the pandemic. We all are hoping 2023 to bring more positivity and more hope in the direction of better well-being of mental health.

The accumulation of stress and premonition and fear of the future was definitely causing a miserable psychological and mental health crisis worldwide. For two years in 2020 and 21 we were forced to stay inside our rooms. The communication with people was meager and interacting with person-to-person communication, travel in different places started to become like a dream.

I still remember how I longed for that moment in which I used to travel around. I used to visit people I wanted to meet. The year 2023 has been the accumulation of all the feelings that I had in 2020 and 2021.

Not only me, it was the situation of almost every person in the world over the past few years. We realized how important our mental health is and how significant our psychological well-being can be to define everything around us. Before the pandemic I was worried more about my physical health and maybe how my body looks and how my body feels. That was all I used to care about. Pandemic the pandemic but after pandemic everything changed, I started realizing how my mental well-being can strengthen me in the time of crisis. It's our psychological and mental state that plays a vital role when the time becomes challenging.

Throughout the year 2023 I travelled to different places. I practiced mindfulness I meditated and the journey I made was more spiritual. My interaction with people changed. I started becoming more empathetic and I started hearing more from others than talking.

In the pandemic I was so much confined that I had decided the moment the world turned back to normal I would help the people as much as I could. So, in 2023 my major motive was to be helpful in every way possible. I tried to work with the community, I tried to help the people around me and somehow, I also sought help from others whenever needed.

So, in the past three years the one thing that I realized is mental health is not a personal issue, it's an issue of society, community and somehow a global issue. One individual cannot help him or her or even cannot others with a singular attempt. Mental health issues need a communal approach.

Together we can help each other to elevate our mental well-being and create a healthy psychological reward for everyone.

So, the new year 2023 is knocking on the door. Here are some resolutions on how we can help the people around us for mental health. Again, this is my personal belief, maybe some of you might agree but some of you might not agree. Eventually together we can have a companion come to an opinion on how we can improve the situation of this global mental health issue.


Empathy is about how you can think or care about others. Empathy is good not only for your mental well-being but it also reflects what kind of positivity you spread around and how people start feeling about you. How people treat each other and how they behave has been one of the major factors affecting mental health. For example, bullying has always brought impacts in psychological status or mental health condition of a person. A person who has been bullied becomes a bully in the future this creates a chain of negativity in the society. Thinking about others and being careful about how others will react because of our activities will definitely impact the response in the society and our inner response that eventually going to reflect on our mental health and mental health of all the people around us.

So, this year let's have a resolution to have some empathy about the people, the animals and then a planet with empathy we can definitely create an environment with that better mental health condition.

See the picture

We often see the world through our eyes and our perspective and while doing so we miss out what is happening in toddlers, how they are feeling, how they're thinking, what they are going through and that causes some of the major psychological issues in the society. Before judging anyone if we make us able to see the real picture of what the people are going through and why people are reacting the way they are reacting and why they are behaving the way they are, that will help us confront the reality and that will make us able to see the real picture of the things and eventually that will lead us for a better environment for the mental health of ours and others.

Open up

Some of the major psychological and mental health issues in the society are happening because of the separation and depression people do not share and because of that reason many psychological issues have become taboo in many parts of the world. If you have some emotional issues, if you have some problem with your response to two things happening around you then open up and share it with the people we confident you are not alone and that will create an atmosphere of comfort to share all the mental and psychological issues.

Being open about mental health being open about emotional well-being is something that you can start the next year 2023. This openness will eventually lead to our healthy society where everyone is open to share and everyone is open to help with the psychological issues and that way, we can develop a healthy society.

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