How to Help Storm and Tornado Victims and Survivors in USA

Last Updated: May 28, 2024

How to Help Storm and Tornado Victims and Survivors in USA

Devastating damage of the Memorial Day weekend storm has shaken the hearts of many people in the United States. Past few days have been troubled in the US as storms and tornadoes have hit several states claiming lives of at least 23 people.

Main impacts faced in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kentucky, the wrath of weather seems to be unstoppable in some places of the country.

Amid this situation of natural disaster and looming threats of recurring events, lets find out who is helping the victims and survivors of different tornados and storms in USA and how you can help.

Who is Helping the Victims of Storm and Tornado in USA?

With the recurring devastation of natural calamities, different national and international organizations are working to support the people affected by tornados and storms.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross has stated that communities across several states are reeling from severe storms that caused widespread damage, power outages, and loss of life over the holiday weekend. The Red Cross has been responding to these storms since April, deploying over 1,550 disaster responders to provide shelter, food, emotional support, health services, and more. If you are affected, you can find help by calling 800-RED-CROSS or using the Red Cross Emergency app to locate a shelter near you. To support those affected, you can donate to the Red Cross, with any gift size making a difference in the recovery efforts.

Mercy Chefs

Mercy Chefs, a faith-based disaster relief non-profit, serves restaurant-quality meals to those affected by natural disasters and in underserved communities. They partner with other organizations to expand their reach and provide not just food, but also humanitarian aid.

In the wake of devastating tornado over Memorial Day weekend, Mercy Chefs are helping people by providing meals.

Salvation Army USA

With their motto of sharing is caring, Salvation Army has been helping in different disater relief activities like providing food, shelter, clothing, and financial assistance.

You can support their initiatives to help the victims of recent victims and surviovors of storms and tornados in the US.

How You Can Help the Victims and Survivors of USA Storms and Tornadoes

Apart from making the charities of donating to the organizations above, you can help the victims of storms and tornados in different ways.

You can volunteer your time if the relief work needs your skill and efforts. You can support local initiatives by joing the communities.

You can also help by spreading the awareness and safety tips to the people and participate in the activities that would relieve people from mental stress caused by natural disaster of such scale.

Stay Updated and Stay Safe from Storms and Tornadoes

We hope our information was helpful to you to help those affected by the recent natural disaster.

However, to keep you protected and safe , we advice you to stay updated with recent warnings announced by the state governments.Heed to the information given by National Weather Service

Get the tips and instruction from reliable source on what to do if there is tornado warning.

Be prepared with food, drinking water, clothes and first aid kit, flashlight and other essential things you might need by the time of crisis. Avoid traveling and driving to the warned areas.

It is important to acknowledge that you can help others only if you are safe and unharmed. So, stay alert protect yourself and your family so that you can help the people affected by storm and tornado.

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t offer any program of Volunteer FDIP. We are sharing this solely as a purpose of conveying this helpful information to the people who want to support the Storm and Tornado victims in USA.

We hope you found our information helpful. Please share it with your friends and families:

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