Psychology Topic Today: How to Help Someone with Depression

Last Updated: February 10, 2023

Psychology Topic Today: How to Help Someone with Depression

A continuous feeling of sadness, hopelessness and lacking interest in almost every enjoyable activity is termed as Depression. Depression impacts a person’s personal and professional life, affecting their relationships and productivity.

Prolonged effect of depression can cause a person some physical health issues and even can lead to suicidal thoughts. Depressive behaviors are still tabooed in most of the parts of the world and people are often reluctant to be open about it.

If you know someone struggling with these symptoms it is very important to help them get out of this problem.

How can you help someone with depression?

Now that we know that depression is not a problem of individual level but it is an issue of societal level, it is very essential for us to address this issue responsibly and figure out a way to help any individual suffering from this dire problem.

Today almost 264 million people are suffering from depression, and worldwide almost 4.4% of people are experiencing some level of depression in their lives. According to WHO more than 700 000 people die because of suicide every year. So, it is clear to everyone that depression is a global issue that needs immediate concern.

Here are some steps that we can apply to help someone with mental health issues like depression.

Start by Talking and Listening

There is still some level of stigma about mental issues like depression. We need to start sharing our issues, the best way to deal with depression is to listen and talk about it. By talking about it we raise awareness , by listening to this issue we are providing support and encouraging people to ask for health whenever they need it.

Encourage treatment

In some cases the depression can be ameliorated by change in environment or societal and family support. But we can not rely only on that. In a few cases the treatment is essential. If someone you know or care about has the symptoms and is  reluctant to see a therapist or mental health professionals , you should encourage them for the treatment.

Don’t Judge

The major reason that depression is stigmatized is knowing or unknowingly we judge the people with the symptoms of depression. Many people going through depression already feel awkward, embarrassed and in shame, because of which they are reluctant to share their problem among the people. In addition to this, if we start judging the person it will worsen the situation and compound this stigma. Depression is a health issue. It should not be considered as a personal failure, the way we look or the gesture we reflect towards a suffering individual will decide how the person will recover from this ordeal.

Acknowledge your limitations

There has to be empathy and compassion while we are trying to help someone with depression. If you have noticed someone needs your help and care, you should also acknowledge that there will be some limitations for you that you should acknowledge while lending your helpful hands. You have to be honest , you have to be a good listener, to help someone you have to be in a healthy mental and psychological state and of course you have to respect the boundaries. Dealing with someone with depression can be a really delicate matter, you have to deal with it very responsibly and for that you will have to acknowledge your limitations.

Make time for your people

Most crucial element of every relationship is time. If you are planning to help someone with depression, then it is a commitment that depends on your relationship with that person. Just a few suggestions, few treatment arrangements are not going to solve the problem. You might have to do some activities with the person you care about, you might have to go for a vacation, do the thing that they enjoy, you will have to listen to their side of the story. To everything of these, the main thing that you have to contribute is your time. Make some time to care for someone going through depression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What advice can you give someone who is depressed?

Your advice should not sound like advice, listen to them , be empathetic , do not judge their situation and if possible implicitly convince them to visit a  professional.

How do you get someone to stop being depressed?

You should not give yourself too much pressure to stop someone being depressed. Be a little compassionate in this matter, listen to their side of the story, spend more time and if needed get expert advice.

If you find this information useful and impactful, please share it among your family and friends.

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