How I Felt as an Irish Volunteer in Nepal? Sharing my Experience as a Psychologist & Traveler.

Last Updated: August 13, 2023

How I Felt as an Irish Volunteer in Nepal? Sharing my Experience as a Psychologist & Traveler.

Photo: Shane in a peaceful moment in Buddhist monastery

Hi everyone, I am Shane, today I would like to take you on a journey of a lifetime. I had participated in a psychology counseling volunteer program of Volunteer FDIP.

I traveled all the way from Ireland to help the local community of Nepal while exploring its vibrant places. From the very first day of my arrival, I could feel that I am going to immerse myself in the local culture of Nepali people, their welcoming attitude, humble behavior and hospital culture had accommodated me very well.

Shane with a local in kathmandu while sightseeing of city

Photo: Shane with a local in kathmandu while sightseeing of city

My Counseling Volunteer Experience

I joined the counseling center dedicated to healing people struggling with substance use and drug addiction. Through the conversations, therapy sessions and classes I tried to share my insights and expertise to the local clients and local practitioners to the utmost level so that I could be a better help to cure the victims. I spent my days of the majority of stay by helping the clients of counseling centers sharing my skills and knowledge in psychology and mental health.

Shane in a hiking moment

Photo: Shane in a hiking moment

Within a few days of my volunteering I built nice bonding with the members of the host family, staff and clients of the counseling center. During the program, I could fill my connection with the essence of volunteering in a very cordial form.

Exploring Himalayas

Shane happily embracing the moment

Photo: Shane happily embracing the moment

It was autumn when I arrived in Kathmandu, I must say the city was in its loveliest form in that season. There were Hindu festivals during that time. I celebrated the Dashain festival with the host family. I felt immersed with the local culture of these lovely people. This was an amazing experience for me to learn about local traditions and culture.

Trekking through the Annapurna trail was another memorable moment I will always cherish. I ventured through the breathtaking trails, looking at the towering peaks of Himalayas. The majestic mountains, Annapurna-I, II, III , Fishtail and other peaks were simply wonders of this planet. In the night when I saw the sky filled with stars so close to me, for a moment I felt like I was in a space odyssey.  I couldn't help but reflect on my entire journey from Ireland to Nepal at this point.

Inviting my Family

Shane with his family in front of annapurna mountain

Photo: Shane with his family in front of annapurna mountain

I loved this trip to Nepal so much that I couldn’t help inviting my family to Nepal. My mom, dad and my brother joined me in my final week in Nepal. They were also warmly welcomed by my host. Together, we went for the trek to the Himalayas again.

Our time in Nepal has left an unforgettable mark on not only in my soul, but in my whole family's. We will always remember the beautiful time we spent there.

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