Good Vibes Moments of Our Favorite Celebrities

From Barack Obama, Lionel Messi to Zendaya, explore some memorable moments of celebs that would make us feel good. Let's start the year 2023 with some good vibes.

Last Updated: January 06, 2023

Good Vibes Moments of Our Favorite Celebrities

Pic Source: Wikimedia

The holiday season might be reaching its end but our mood is still refreshed with the arrival of New Year 2023. So, why don't we start this year with some lovely moments of our favorite celebrities that would make us feel good.

Here we want to remember some of the feel-good moments that our favorite people have shared. In the current demand of good vibes only, these moments will definitely rejuvenate our mood.

Barack Obama, a Man of His Words

The former president of the United States, a globally admired personality and an active philanthropist Barack Obama is a people’s person full of kindness and compassion. A man with a prolific history of graduating from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, Barack not only enlightened the world with his intellect but also served for different causes by being part of different charities, donations and philanthropic works. From helping the underprivileged kids to advocating against racism, this Nobel Peace Prize winner has contributed for different humanitarian initiatives either personally or through his organization Obama Foundation.

On our first pick, Obama seems to exchange smiles with kids of different skin colors, giving a very valuable message that every person on this planet is equal regardless of their background, religion or skin color.

On the second pick he is having a cheerful moment with the kids of a community, celebrating Christmas wearing a Santa Claus.

Prince Harry, Breaking the Boundaries

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is not only known for his bold decisions and cool attitude, he is also loved for his kind gesture, philanthropic activities and humanitarian works. From helping in wildlife conservation in Africa to donating portions of the proceeds from his memoir to charities, Harry has been involved in different philanthropic works.

In the moment we picked here, Prince Harry remembers his moment of helping the people of Nepal after the country was deadly hit by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake. Almost 9,000 people died in the disaster and thousands of homes collapsed. Prince Harry’s arrival by the time people were struggling with the rebuilding process has definitely brought a great hope of support. His kind visit and all the hands-on support will always be remembered by the Nepalese people.

Lionel Messi Connecting People

Last year has been a grand year for this footballer of Argentina National team and previously of FC Barcelona as well. With Messi’s major contribution his team won the FIFA World Cup 2022, with this victory brought millions of people in the streets with the expression of joy and happiness.

The moment we pick here is even more special. Besides his extreme sportsmanship, this GOAT has the reputable history of helping people. In 2010 he was appointed as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and he holds the belief that “Every Child Has the Right to Grow Up Healthy”

In the moment we picked here, Messi seemed to be very happy while celebrating new year’s eve with some kids suffering from illness. In his message he is wishing a better future for every kid to have a better quality of life in the world where any disease can be cured.

David Beckham Bringing Smiles on Many Faces

The football legend, once a captain of England national team and midfielder of Manchester United FC, David Beckham is not only known for his sports legacy and impressive personality but also his kind gesture and lifestyle full of empathy.

Our pick here is the moment in which Beckham visited Tacloban to meet the children affected by Haiyan. The moment itself has a good vibe when we look at the smile on Beckham's face and the glow in the little girl's eye, and ofcourse the girl holding the finger of Mr Beckham is remarkable.

Chris Evans, Captain America With His Pet

Chris Evans is known as the gentleman of Hollywood. The Avenger star, our Captain America and of course every kid’s favorite character Steve Rogers, Mr Evans have always been advocating for different social causes.

Many of us may not know that Chris Evans is also an animal lover and he had adopted his dog Doger after he found him in an animal shelter.

Here is our picked good moment, Mr Evans seems to enjoy the company of his pet the most. Dodger also seems to have affection and love for Chris. This adorable moment between chris and his dog would be definitely an ultimate good vibes moment in our list.

Selena Gomez Fostering Animals

One of the most admired talents of this generation, Selena Gomez is not only a soulful singer but also a kind and compassionate person. Serving the people for different causes as UNICEF Ambassador since 2009, this This Heart Wants What it Wants singer, is also known for her affection and kindness for animals.

Here the moment we picked for Ms Gomez is her holding two puppies Winnie and Daisy, in this video clip she looks really happy adopting these puppies and encourages people to foster the animals and pledges to keep the animals in safe place.

Zendaya and Her Lovely Dog

One of the most appreciated actresses of this generation and role model of many youths, Zendaya is not only a talented artist but also an active philanthropist, Zendaya has been involved in many social causes and charity works helping the people and animals.

The moment we picked here is an adorable time with her docs. In this photo she addresses her dog as her son and she seems to be holding him with love and care.

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