Volunteering In Nepal – Capturing the moment with traditional people and natural diversity

volunteer in nepal

At the north horizon a series of Himalayan ranges, chilling wind through the mountains & hills and smiling people with tradition of hospitality. Volunteering and travelling in Nepal will start creating a positive impact right after you arrive in the country through Tribhuvan International Airportof Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is the city of centuries-old temples and monuments and it’s really culturally diverse. So initiation of your project with very welcoming people of Kathmandu will be overwhelming.

There are never ending list of the things you don’t want to miss while volunteering in Nepal.

Bring changes in lives

Gradually recovering after the impact of decade long insurgency, Nepal is still among   the least developed countries of South Asia. Despite rural natural beauty and cultural diversity this place is hidden somewhere in the world atlas and people are still standing behind minimum requirements and opportunities they deserve. You can make your journey unforgettable by giving some significant contribution to these people by volunteering in orphanages, healthcare centers, local schools, environment conservation centers and community development.

A moment of peace

Discover yourself in a peaceful environment while volunteering in the monasteries. Monks of monasteries need to learn English. You can have opportunity to share your English language skill and meanwhile discover the Buddhist lifestyle. Buddhist monks are very hospital and humble by nature, they will consider your lil effort as a big contribution to them. So volunteering in monasteries will introduce to a different level of thinking and attitude.

Explore Landmarks of Nepal

During the weekends and after finishing the volunteer projects you can delve into the fascinating world of mountain and Nepalese cultures. Discover many layers of symbolism and belief at ancient Pashupatinath Swayambhu, Boudha and three square palaces namely Bhaktapur, Basantapur and Patan. Explore the scenic beauty of Pokara a city of lakes and mountains or enjoy the safari in national parks of chitwan. Nepal offers you many adventurous and exciting places to celebrate a remarkable journey.

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