5 Ways to Volunteer Abroad in Nepal to Fulfill Your Interest in Social Services

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Nepal has unbelievably rich culture as well as many social service projects in need of supportive hands – to volunteer, this is one of the best destinations in Asia! If you are thinking of participate in social services in rural Asian places then volunteering in Nepal can fulfill your desire. You will enjoy the majestic beauty of this Himalayan land with most hospitable people. As a volunteer in Nepal you will enjoy the breathtaking view of naturally rich regions meanwhile experiencing unique cultures.

This naturally blessed country is however deprived from the opportunities and infrastructure development. Hence as a volunteer you will feel a sense of responsibility for the people of marginalized communities to make some difference in their lives. Many Nepalese are still away from basic needs of education, medical services and healthy environment. Hence there is lot more to explore as a traveler and lot more to contribute as a volunteer in Nepal.

Volunteer in education

Nepal is struggling for inclining the literacy rate from last few decades. Children of rural areas still have to walk for hours to rich their schools. Many schools are running with one teacher for multi subjects. The lack and inefficiency in distribution of human resources in teaching has caused students to learn essential subjects without appropriate tutor. In such scenario, participating as a volunteer in teaching can be a savior of these kids’ future. English is second major language in Nepal and in case of professional and technical sector it stands as first. But still many kids are afraid of learning English as they find it too difficult, and reason behind this is lack of proper guidance. Teaching English in these regions of Nepal can open the gate for future education and professional achievement to these kids. Exactly same condition is there for mathematics, science and IT. Hence sharing your knowledge in these disciplines can be one of the best role as volunteer in Nepal while enriching your role in social services.

Volunteer in healthcare services

Many locations of Nepal are still deprived from basic medical services. Nepal is struggling to reduce infant & maternal mortality and improve life expectancy rate. Unfortunately a healthy life is not available to many of the Nepalese. Whether you are a recent medical school graduate or an experienced physician, you have a lot to do and contribute in the medical services in Nepal. If you are passionate for medical profession then medical volunteering in developing countries like Nepal can give your passion a new dimension. As a medical volunteer in Nepal you can provide your support to medical professionals or you can participate in medical awareness and medical treatment campaigns in rural areas.

Volunteer in environment conservation

If you love travelling around new places for a reason, if you are conscious about the environmental issues then environment conservation volunteering is for you. Environmental issues are of global concern these days and volunteer participation for such conservation projects is increasing, which is necessary too. Whether by being a part of conservation awareness campaign or by visiting rural areas for research and collecting data, cleaning river or participating in waste management, there are many roles a participant can play as a conservation volunteer. Developing countries like Nepal are suffering with increasing pollution because of traditional industrial practices and illiteracy, in such scenario sharing the knowledge of technologies from developing countries or spreading awareness against pollution can leave some positive impact for pollution control.

Volunteer in wildlife conservation

Wildlife volunteering is an incredible way of exploring breathtaking locations while conserving threatened species of wildlife. From protecting wild elephants of Chitwan to the rehabilitation of Bengal tigers in Bardia, this is your opportunity to contribute something to the environment by participating in wildlife volunteering projects in Nepal. Live among some the Asia’s spectacular wildlife inhabiting in National Parks of Nepal while being a part of exploration and wildlife conservation campaign.

Volunteer in Buddhist monasteries

If you want to explore the inner peace and also interested to discover the very meaning of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation , living among the Buddhist monks of Nepal can be a life changing experience for you. Buddhists are very devoted followers of their values and tradition, but at the same time they are also very much liberal to learn about the culture and tradition from around the world. Likewise other kids of Nepal, monks of monasteries also need proper guidance in English to enrich their further education and to learn more about the western society as well. Hence volunteering as a teacher or instructor can be an opportunity to exchange the cultures and learn different dimensions of life from each other.

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