Things to know before volunteer travel

things to know before volunteer

When you travel to volunteer, especially if it’s in the developing world, you have to consider many aspects of this journey. Volunteering abroad is a good opportunity to learn and serve, but it can also be somewhat challenging. If you are participating with the intention of contributing to a community in need, it’s important to make sure that your contribution and effort is going to right direction.

Check out these points to ensure that you are ready for a truly memorable experience.

Do your research

Traveling to a new place definitely raises many questions and they are good to be while you are planning so that you can make the experience more fruitful and memorable. Hence it is obvious to spend some time to research about the volunteer travel programs before hand. The research process can seem time consuming, so here are some ways to narrow down the options.

Checkout some online reviews

Discuss in your circle about volunteering abroad with the people who already have volunteering experience

Follow volunteer’s blog posts and comments in social media

Call the program’s office and ask about the location, environment, result and motives of the program they are running.

Choose the right organization for you

Impact of your participation for any volunteering programs also depends on the organization through which you enrolled. It’s important to choose a correct motive which gives its maximum to make your participation effective. You should know following facts of the organization:

  • Legitimacy
  • Vision and mission of organization
  • Reviews on organization

Where your money is going

If you are making some charity or paying some fee while volunteering then it’s important for you to know  if your money is going to be used in right place. Make sure that the organization provides the most of the amount you paid to the people in need.

Know the climate of volunteer destination and local medical system

No matter whatever you are planning to do the first thing you should never ignore is your health. You should be aware of the climate of your destination to prepare your pickings. You cannot search around streets for a jacket in a cold place and need not to carry unnecessary heavy clothes in high temperature place. You do not want to find yourself in a medical emergency with no idea how and where to contact. So make sure the program provider addresses the medical issues.

Consider the safety

We are afraid of what we don’t know about. So know about the political and social condition of the place you are planning to travel. Stay on the safe side and keep your guard up, whether its people you meet in the street or even the casual acquaintance of friends. Follow the safety rules set by the organization.

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I met calm, nice and good people.

Thank you for welcoming me into this program.

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- Marina Parejo

Spain, Volunteered in Sri Lanka Monastery

I would recommend this as it is a very full immersive experience in the beautiful Kenyan culture and there is a lot to be learnt.

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- Anna Avataneo,

Italy, Volunteered in Kenya Medical Project

My volunteering assignment has been a humbling and wonderful experience!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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- Charity Mcdonald,

Canada, Volunteered in Nepal Monastery

In our journey of more than 9 years, we hosted and enrolled hundreds of volunteers. All the good reviews from our previous participants say it all.

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