Why Group Volunteering is Good to Go

Working in team is always a productive way to achieve your goal especially when it’s about volunteering, your visit must be result oriented and volunteering goals can be achievable when you are with group of same vision and mission.

In group more minds can be set on specific goal. Teams create an environment of support, influence people towards implementation of efforts and boost the confidence of individual which will assist you to achieve your volunteering goal. Assemble your friends, neighbors, classmates or co-workers and volunteer as a team. By volunteering in group, you can make a greater impact for the community in a short period of time while connecting with each other. In addition, when we share our time, skills and experience it enhance the effort in following ways:

An opportunity to build college/ university group with meaningful objectives

Arranging bunch of classmates and involving them into a life changing experience can make some difference. Volunteering abroad in the related field of study can boost the academic experience meanwhile leaving some positive impact in the field of volunteering. This is a best way to strengthen the bonding between the college buddies in the process of doing something significant and leaving a mark of change as an efficient group.

Makes you a good team player

It is not always possible to do everything alone sometimes you may not be physically ready or you may lack experience in particular field. So if you are a good team player then you can get your work done easily with team effort. Team volunteering will make you social, friendly and team player and you will surely achieve your expected goal in particular field.

Explore yourself

Working with the group is a good platform to explore and develop oneself. When you work in team there will be the sharing of ideas, views, prospective between team members and one comes to know about his/her own efficiency and qualities, and how his/her ideas and effort are useful to others. So working in group is a chance to learn something more about you. Volunteer abroad with the people with similar motives and explore your potentials.

Makes you Dynamic

Group volunteering is the process of adapting yourself with the requirement of group effort. Besides working your way, sometimes you have to learn a new way and sometimes you have to admit view of others. We can say it is a task of adaptation and adjustment with the people of your group. This will increase dynamism in you, you will start thinking with others’ perspective as well and your efforts on the specific task will be more efficient.

A meaningful time with your pals

Volunteering with friends having same objective of some meaningful changes is the valuable time that you will attain for your life time. Packing your stuffs and heading with your mates for a journey to make some difference in rural areas, that will obviously be a souvenir of unforgettable experience. Volunteering is a meaningful task one is always willing to do, when you go for it in group it will be more worthy and memorable.

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I met calm, nice and good people.

Thank you for welcoming me into this program.

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- Marina Parejo

Spain, Volunteered in Sri Lanka Monastery

I would recommend this as it is a very full immersive experience in the beautiful Kenyan culture and there is a lot to be learnt.

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- Anna Avataneo,

Italy, Volunteered in Kenya Medical Project

My volunteering assignment has been a humbling and wonderful experience!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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- Charity Mcdonald,

Canada, Volunteered in Nepal Monastery

In our journey of more than 9 years, we hosted and enrolled hundreds of volunteers. All the good reviews from our previous participants say it all.

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