Five Motivating Causes To Volunteer Abroad

five motivating cause to volunteer

Volunteering is an act that everyone plan to do but only few make it happen. Volunteering with true dedication to make considerable difference in a community needs lots of courage and enthusiasm. If you have ever met someone who has traveled through the Himalayas on Nepal or Deserts of Africa just to contribute to a completely unknown community, you would discover the incredibility of this experience.

Volunteering is in its way to inclination these days. Thousands of people travel to a new place with a dream of discovering a new culture while making some difference to communities. There are few people too who are still reluctant to new place for volunteering. Some are yet to dwelling upon the effectiveness of volunteering abroad. To address such contemplation and thoughts over volunteering overseas, here are six inspiring reasons to volunteer abroad.

To live with a community for a cause

A great aspect of volunteering is to live a life of new people you are participating to help. Around a week or month later you will be a part of the community. While volunteering abroad in rural areas of a developing country like Nepal, you will be amazed to discover the lifestyle and culture of the people.

Be a part of positive change

We feel good to hear about some positive change in any corner of the world. How about being a part of it? No matter how great or tiny contribution you have made, a effort for bringing positive change is always invaluable. If your effort and contribution brings smile to the face of people, it will be a memento and unforgettable experience for lifetime.

Participating in a volunteer work is all about changing lives for better. It can be by being a medical volunteer, teacher, conservationist or just by being a friend to the people in need of care and support.

Explore a new world

Volunteering abroad is not only about helping someone in need or contributing to communities, it’s an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and explore the new colors of lives. Living with the people of African Deserts or Latin American jungles , Southeast Asian coasts or Himalayan ridges, every volunteering experience has an unique angle of discovering life.

Expand your perspective

We consider our daily work schedule, family responsibility, career plan and income strategies are all about our life, but that perspective changes when we see the different world and different lives in it. While volunteering in communities with scarce resources and less opportunities, we will be able to visualize the new extent of struggle for life. That expands our understanding for the life and we begin to admire the one you have been blessed with.

Learn to share

Volunteering is not all about giving, it’s about sharing. You don’t always have to be a big contributor or a helping hand. Sometimes sharing your love, care and knowledge also worth a lot. If you are teaching English in rural schools of Himalayan region, for you its just about sharing a tiny portion of the language you are proficient in, but for the kids of those region that language can open the door for their future education and professions.

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I would recommend this as it is a very full immersive experience in the beautiful Kenyan culture and there is a lot to be learnt.

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My volunteering assignment has been a humbling and wonderful experience!

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