10 Reasons Nepal is Best Destination For Volunteer Travel

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Volunteering means to help needy peoples making a difference. Volunteering programs are meaningful, helpful and probably the best reason for every individual as it is something you’re passionate about. There are various reasons of volunteering in different ways to make a sustainable development. Volunteering programs are endless. There are many great reasons to volunteer. No matter the reasons for volunteering but you will just be happy because you did it. Some of them are given below.

Share your Knowledge

Creating a friendly and knowledge sharing culture is a most valuable asset. Sharing and providing knowledge can nurture and develop a new innovation and sustainable development. Nepal is a developing country, therefore in order to develop Nepal volunteering programs can take a major role. Volunteering programs mainly focus on the awareness and knowledge sharing culture which encourages people to work effectively and collaborate to share knowledge. By sharing your skills both sides will benefit enormously. Volunteers sharing their precious knowledge may lead to beautiful change in someone’s life. One cannot be successful without any knowledge provided by the others. Therefore, Volunteers sharing knowledge can be a must for a particular beautiful process of development.

Learn New Skills

Volunteering leads to learning and gaining new skills and knowledge. Learning during the volunteering may last for a long term. Nepal is rich in both in natural beauty and culture, volunteers can learn about the different knowledge about the geography of Nepal, how different another culture can be and the vital essence of humanity and hospitality of various cultures. Beside this volunteer can also learn about various new skills that can be used back home. While you’re volunteering, you can learn new skills and sharpen old ones, for e.g. skills like communication, leadership, team works and time management. Volunteering programs helps to advance their knowledge, exercise their skills and utilize their practical skills in a professional capacity by providing new ideas and knowledge.

Serve The Society

Living in a society, it is our duty to serve the society in the best possible manner. Why not, we serve the society by being a volunteer. In our country like Nepal illiteracy rate is higher than the literacy rate, due to this reason there is lack of skilled manpower. Therefore, we are not able to develop ourselves and society in a proper manner. Moreover, Volunteering can be a great solution for this problem. Volunteers can make the literacy campaign and teach the uneducated ones like orphans, give English course for monks in monasteries and art classes to women in village. In addition to this sanitation can be another campaign where volunteer can teach villagers and illiterate people about cleaning campaign for their locality to be neat and clean. Through these campaigns volunteer can serve the society. Volunteer will serve the society in one way or another.

Personal Development

Volunteering service helps in personal development. While participating in volunteering services interacting with different people and new type of people builds self confidence and lifts up the spirits. Volunteering provides a great balance if you have a busy lifestyle. It also helps you to develop your both personal and professional network. In Nepal, volunteering through different organization provides a great way to get your foot in the developing industry. The main benefit of volunteering in the personal development is it allows you to develop new skills and maintain your existing skills. Whatever the cause of volunteering the benefits are significant to positive outcome for both volunteers and community.

Create Social Connection

Having lots of people in your life circles and being well connected to each other has many benefits in different perspective. Volunteering helps you to meet a wide variety of people from different parts. By meeting and knowing different kinds of people one can learn professional skills and can have a wider range of knowledge. As Nepal is rich in culture here we kind find various types of people living in different regions following different cultures having different professions. Interacting with these new types of people helps you to learn new things, share about different cultures and aspects. Meeting people and having the chance to network with others are also good reasons to volunteer travel.

Enjoy An Amazing Location

Volunteering allows you to experience different environments, locations and situations. Many people takes time to see different places, volunteering can be a great solution for you where you can see and visit different places and can also help and serve others. Volunteers go through different new places, learn new languages, taste new food etc which are all great stuffs but can be done by one work. Nepal has a great scope for tourism development due to its natural beauty and unique geographical condition. To help the needy ones volunteers go through each and every parts therefore you will be able to visit different new places and enjoy an amazing location throughout the volunteering service.

Have Fun

Most of you may have different vacations like summer, winter and different festive vacation. During vacations you may have plenty of free time, Volunteering can keep you busy and make you have fun with your work. Volunteering can give you exciting and useful experiences instead of doing nothing or sitting around being bored. In our country Nepal there are several beautiful and happening places where volunteering service can be conducted both in useful with entertaining manner. Volunteering service is done in easy manner with fun but it is the most beneficial and uplifting. So, stop stressing about the number of hours and start having fun doing volunteering service.

Explore Career

Volunteering through various kinds of programs helps you be devoted to a aim that’s close to your heart while spreading your passion to others. At an inexperienced age, volunteering is a better way to the workforce. By having chance to network with people with different professions you may identify out a new aim and career you are passionate about. In Nepal, many volunteer grabs the opportunity to use their existing skills like writing, teaching, painting and nursing etc. But some of them do volunteering in order to find new direction towards their career and lives. For example, Person interested in agriculture might enter in the agricultural field by volunteering farmers with the new methods of farming, person with the aim of teacher might work with teaching program on volunteer service etc. Therefore, volunteering might be a great solution for exploring a career for the young and inexperienced one.

Build Your Resume

Building your resume is another great reason to volunteer. Volunteering can be a huge benefit for your professional resume. As many organizations, schools and colleges look upon your volunteer experience, so participating in volunteer service might help you a lot to enhance your CV. Not only your volunteer work but it also reflects many positive character and skills that potential and productive organizations want to see. The work that you won’t make in money will certainly make up for in experience which will look impressive on your CV. Volunteering helps you to include the various skills you have gained and experienced. Volunteer is can be very productive and rewarding for different job opportunities and throughout your career.

Make A Difference

You have a roof over your head, food to eat, and clothes to wear. Even if you don’t have the best of those, you’ve got them. There are some people who are not even able to fulfill their basic needs. They are helpless and crying for help. Serving these peoples is probably the best decision of all because why most people volunteer is to help others by making a difference. In Nepal volunteering gives you the chance to give something to the needy ones and creates better and healthier environments for others. Volunteering might brighten someone’s life. Therefore, volunteer and make a difference in a community. This is truly a noble reason.

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