5 Best Top Rated Volunteer and Travel Abroad Programs and Opportunities in India

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

5 Best Top Rated volunteer and travel abroad Programs and Opportunities in India

India, the huge, populous, and the most diverse south Asian country, amazes its visitor with its spectacular architecture, history, culture, festival, color, spirituality, cuisine, topography, people, and a lot more. Luring the tourists with its cultural kaleidoscope, India is visited by thousands of travel enthusiasts from around the world. While this land of wonder holds something for everybody, volunteering can be the best option to explore the country in the fullest way possible. 

India, also has a lot of ways to be involved. Either you are interested in education, health, childcare, women empowerment, sexuality, animal rights, or anything, you can make a great impact in India. Here, we shall talk more about the most driven, sustainable, and effective available projects to volunteer in India in more detail.

How India Can be One of The Best volunteer and travel abroad Destinations?

We don’t think any question arises when deciding to travel to India. The word ‘India’ needs no explanation, no justification. But, in case, you wanna know more reasons why you must travel to India, here we go!   

India is a different world of color, spirituality, aesthetic architecture, diverse culture, history, spicy but craving cuisines, and ever smiling people. India’s architecture is not only limited to Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world but is living in the form of thousands of temples, museums, palaces, forts, ruins, across the streets of all over India. Also, there is no best season to travel to India because every month is different than the another but equally astonishing and beautiful. Whatever month you decide to visit India, you will be celebrating festivals full of life and color. No doubt, you will never forget the unique culture, hospitality, the taste of cuisine of India, but you will also cherish the unique lifestyle you lived full of spirituality in this unique land of wonders.

What are some of the best volunteer and travel abroad opportunities in India?

No doubt India has a lot to offer to any kind of visitors, but more than that, it has ways a lot to offer to its volunteers. India being a large country, you can get a lot of ways to get involved across the country. While there are numerous to choose from, Volunteer FDIP has chosen some of the most diverse, and sustainable projects for you!

Either you are a medical professional, teacher, animal lover, advocate, social worker, psychologist, counselor, student or anyone willing to volunteer in India, these five projects can be a best-fit volunteer project in India. These five projects range from childcare to animal care, women advocacy to English language literacy, and many more.

Here, we have listed the best volunteer projects in India:

Childcare volunteer in India

Given India’s large population, many people live in poverty, and it affects mostly children. About 73% of Indian children live in rural areas where access to potable water is a problem. Because of the lack of clean water, many become victims of deadly   childhood illness. Similarly, because of high poverty, social and economic circumstances, many Indian children are forced to work in restaurants, factories, homes, hotels, bus, trains, railway station, etc. and this trend is increasing more in an urban area by more than 50%. In addition to that, child abuse is a dark reality in India. In every 15 minutes, a child is sexually harassed in India. 

As a childcare volunteer in India, you will work closely with the organizations, government, childcare center, orphanage home, projects, etc. to improve the condition of children in India. You can volunteer in tutoring, counseling, nursing, fundraising, care taking, etc. depending on your interest and skills. 

English teaching volunteer program in India

English has been an international language for a long time, and it has been spoken widely all around the world. It has been a life skill, and a lot of Indian institutions are converting themselves into an English medium school, hence, the demand for a skillful proficient English teacher is increasing in India.

With this volunteer program, you can have greater experience while exploring India. As a English teacher, you will be working with small students in a small public school of rural India. This way you won’t only learn to give back with what you have, but also cultivate the gratefulness for all the things you have in life. No doubt, you will be experiencing the firsthand authentic Indian lifestyle.   

Medical and healthcare volunteer in India

India is a large country with a huge population, there is a huge gap in healthcare among the states. Especially the rural area still lacks the basic healthcare, sanitation, proper health education making them highly prone to malnutrition, high infant mortality rate, communicable diseases, etc. According to a 2005 report, 60% of India’s children below the age of three were malnourished, which was greater than the statistics of sub- Saharan Africa, and there are more than 122 million households that have no toilets, and 33% lack access to latrines, over 50% of the population (638 million) defecate in the open (2008 estimate). Such poor sanitation and inadequate clean drinking water have attributed to communicable diseases like diarrhea, malaria, cholera, etc.

Either you are a medical professional or a healthcare advocate, you can make a huge impact on volunteering in India. You will be contributing your time and efforts in the improvement of the health condition of children, women, and unprivileged people of India. While you will learning about the condition of health of the different country, you will also be acing your professional skills and the working experience.

Women Empowerment volunteer program in India

India has a patriarchal society, and there is huge gender discrimination. Because of poverty and ignorance, the Indian family prefers a boy child. A girl child is not accessed with proper education and is taught only the household chores. Many Indian girls are exploited with child marriage, dowry system, domestic violence, and other social crimes. 

As a women empowerment volunteer, you will be working closely with the local body and other nonprofit organization to improve the condition of women through empowerment. You might be using your skills to train them and make them self-employed using the available resources, making them aware about their rights, training them with handful skills like sewing, pottery, handicraft, etc.

Elephant volunteer in India

Elephants are used for a different purpose in India, a city tour, jungle safari, elephant bath, and many more. As an Elephant volunteer, you will be either taking care of those elephants in Jaipur or working closely with the local elephant sanctuary to improve the condition of those elephants.

This will be a lifetime opportunity to spend some time with the gigantic and intelligent creature and learn about its sensitive behavior more in detail. You will be preparing food, water, bath, and many more for your beautiful elephant. While taking care of this beautiful creature, you will also get a chance to live the authentic Indian life full of color and happiness.

Conclusion: 5 Best Top-Rated volunteer and travel abroad Programs and Opportunities in India

In a nutshell, volunteering and working closely with the local community is a great and the best way to learn about the place and community more in a detail, and the best way to live the authentic lifestyle. Volunteering among these projects shall be your life time experience enriching yourself with life learnings and beautiful memories. It is a smart and cost-effective way to explore fascinating India with more than a tourist experience while also giving back to someone who you don’t know to make their life better, and to learn to give and make our world a better place to live.

To conclude, Volunteering in India gives you spirituality, positivity, peace, and gratefulness in return. Not only your Instagram, but your soul also needs a well spent time in India! So get out of your comfort zone and embark into this Asian land of varieties. Explore the incredible India and experience the moments you have never experienced before.

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