Being Mindful: Finding Your Inner Peace While Volunteering and Traveling Abroad

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Being Mindful: Finding Your Inner Peace While Volunteering and Traveling Abroad

In the current world of speed and busyness, for many it is something of a struggle to be focused on  conscience and be mindful. In our busy schedules, we often forget to live some moment with ourselves.

We often spend our time lamenting on the past and contemplating about the future. But we are not living our past or future, we are living our present. Mindfulness is that bridge that connects us with the present. Being mindful , we will be able to live our present and feel every element of life that makes us feel happy and alive.

When you are volunteering and traveling abroad, you are in the world of empathy, you are living your moment to do something meaningful. When you are traveling with a cause, you are more likely to do everything on your own, which makes you mindful of everything. Volunteering and traveling abroad can boost your ability to be fully present, to be aware of what you are doing and what is going around, hence making you mindful. 

What is Mindfulness

A state of complete awareness of what is going around, the ability of paying attention to our surroundings without any effort is called mindfulness.

Mindfulness is keeping our inner selves silent for a while to figure out the present. It's about observing and absorbing the present.

When someone is mindful, they enhance performance and gain insight and awareness by being able to look deep inside their perspective.

How To Be Mindful While Traveling Abroad

Curiosity and openness to new are some of the basic essence of mindfulness, and traveling is always filled with curiosity. When you are traveling abroad, you are always curious about what will happen next? Where will you go next? Which experience is waiting for you at the next destination?

Intrinsic value of being  travelers abroad is associated with them being mindful as well. Without being mindful no one can feel every moment of their journey, the traveling becomes just another day of life but not the memory you will carry for the lifetime. To make your travel experience memorable you need to be mindful of every moment you are experiencing while traveling.

How to Be Mindful When You Are Volunteering Abroad

Volunteer activity is by itself a mindful activity. When you are helping others, you are more likely to do it with care and conscience. Volunteering makes us happy and fulfilled, it gives us the moment when we realize our existence is meaningful for other lives as well.

While volunteering abroad, to act more effectively one needs to be mindful and empathetic. Being there at the moment of volunteering, makes others feel that you are doing this with your own will, you are helping these communities because at that moment that's all you want to do. Which will be reflected in your all efforts and that will lead to a better result of your volunteer efforts.

Buddhist Monastery Volunteer and Meditation Programs

Volunteering in Buddhist Monasteries to teach English and joining the meditation is one of the most preferred programs by the travel enthusiasts who wish to practice mindfulness.

It is an unique opportunity to travel abroad, help the monks and in the meantime experience the world of peace and compassion. Volunteering for the monks in the monasteries will definitely send you to the course of being a mindful travel.

Volunteering in Nepal Buddhist monastery is one of the most preferred destinations for those looking for a peaceful moment of traveling abroad. In the monasteries located beneath the himalayan mountains, volunteers will experience the life changing moment. Sri Lanka Buddhist monasteries are another popular destination of the same kind. Located in pristine coasts of Sri Lanka, the Buddhist monasteries will offer a peaceful moment for those looking to volunteer abroad.

How Traveling and Volunteering Helps You Have a Peaceful Mind

When you are traveling , you are moving, everything surrounding you keeps changing, and when your surroundings are changing you feel your inner mind at a quiet place. You don't have to get fixated at anything, you don't have to focus on your daily life, you are free. And we are at peace when we are free. Traveling gives you freedom and that freedom helps you have a peaceful mind.

When we are confined in our room, in our office, we are busy observing ourselves, regretting our past and  contemplating our future. But when we are traveling we observe the world, we observe people and their struggle to survive. At that moment we realize we are nothing but a minute particle of this universe, and all those worries and anxieties fade away and we feel at peace.

Volunteering itself is a selfless act. When we reach out to the communities to help them, we are less worried about ourselves and think compassionately for others. That compassion and empathy brings us to a peaceful state of mind.

How To Become a Mindful Traveler?

Our quotidian lifestyle often sends us apart from ourselves. Traveling brings us close to who we actually are, it makes us mindful of our existence. And traveling mindfully helps us experience our journey in a more subtle way.

To become a mindful traveler we need to ignore the pace and speed that the world follows. Stay at your own pace, nothing is missing , nothing is leaving you so there is no need to hurry for anything. Be concise, connect with the local communities, get out of your comfort zone and explore the world being a newbie. Nobody is watching you, nobody is judging you, you are free to explore this world. And this sense of freedom will make you a mindful traveler.

How Mindful Traveling is Good For You and Local Community

Our happiness is within us, we are composed of different elements inside our body and mind.  Being mindful will give you the control of your deeds , and when you are under your control you will do the beautiful things. Mindful traveling will allow you to explore you within. When you understand yourself properly you will do good to yourself, and when you are good to yourself you will be doing good to the people and community around you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What it means to be mindful?

Having the awareness of your feelings, your thoughts and emotions and being able to absorb it is about being mindful.

What is a mindful person like?

There is no specific tag or unique identification for a mindful person. But in general if we are mindful we are more likely to perceive things with great clarity.

What is an example of mindful?

Practicing meditation, yoga and perceiving our surroundings with clear awareness are some examples of mindful.

What are the 3 qualities of mindfulness?

Awareness, attention and acceptance and 3 qualities of mindfulness.

What is a mindful Traveler?

A mindful traveler is someone who can live his journey to fullest by a clear awareness of every step of it and embracing the experience that comes with it.

Conclusion : Being Mindful While Volunteering and Traveling Abroad

If you are planning to embark into your next volunteer and travel abroad experience, you might want to embrace every moment of your journey. A journey doesn’t end after reaching the destination or after returning to your home. It stays in your memory for a lifetime. Mindful travelers can establish a beautiful memory in their mind and keep it as a keepsake.

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