Best Teaching Abroad Programs for those who love People-to-People Travel

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Best Teaching Abroad Programs for those who love People-to-People Travel

Volunteering abroad is bound to lead you to have some memorable stories to tell in your lifetime. Overseas volunteering serves all rounding rewards, in the community you serve and in yourself, enabling many people for a chance at better life with your charity work abroad. Many unfortunate people still exist, who have not been granted that opportunity for personal growth through learning because of several reasons, in a vast number of areas, so what better thing to do than teaching and give everyone an equal chance to make this world a better place to live in?

There are several ways of volunteering abroad and helping the people around the world while supporting with the things they need at the moment. Education is of course the basic need of the modern world and many people from the underdeveloped countries are deprived from it. Teaching abroad as an international volunteer is an opportunity to be a part of that positive change which can enlighten those dark corners of the world suffering from illiteracy.

Teaching Abroad: What Is It?

Teaching abroad programs are basically a chance to travel with a purpose. You can choose from thousands of different teaching programs; the world is your oyster! For someone who loves travelling, visiting new places and getting to know new cultures, volunteering abroad is perfect charity getaway to bring a change you never knew you could take along anywhere you go.

You can be a part of teaching abroad program in various ways. You can work as a paid teacher in the schools of the countries that lack sufficient manpower in the education field. Many countries in planet have some remote areas where they cannot afford and sustain the teachers; in such areas one of their hope would be to get support from the individuals who can share their teaching skills as volunteer. Countries like Nepal in which English is considered as a very important language for the professional growth, sharing your English language skill also would suffice. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)  or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is very much demanded is Nepal and many other South Asian countries.

Who Best Fits For To Teach Abroad?

From enthusiastic beginners with a dedicated mindset to experienced fellows to practiced professionals, charity work abroad has a calling for all. Although it takes a bit of planning to take a small part of your time out, researching from the vast number of programs actually available and finally deciding which teaching projects interest you the most, the journey and outcome make all of it worth it. Most of the volunteers travelling overseas for teaching programs are sent to underprivileged communities/ group of people across the world to impart knowledge and skills they need and deserve, so mostly, if you have a strong base in English (with test requirements), the patience and motivation to teach and an aim to do good, then you are fit to teach abroad!

Teaching as a volunteer doesn't require the strict professional savvy. If you are well educated personnel from the country with English as first language, then your English language skills can be of great help for the people from the countries who are struggling with their English as second language. Also, besides English if you are keen to share your knowledge of Science, Mathematics and Arts, that is also very much appreciated in the needy corners of the globe.

Why Is Teaching Abroad Programs Important?

A fulfilling expedition, your work as an international volunteer is guaranteed to make a difference in the community as well as within yourself. Because teaching abroad programs mostly focus on the under-developed/ developing sectors, the journey there and learning about a whole different kind of lifestyle and culture, their stories, their struggles and their achievements, living with them is an unexplainable involvement but fills you with a sense of individual realization and determination for change. Along with helping to change a lot of lives and fulfilling the goals and wishes of many locals, getting to explore a new country, soak in a different culture and meet new, diverse people is a huge bonus to satisfy the inner travel bug in you! Other than that, the classes itself help you develop a sense of patience, understanding, unwavering motivation and dedication that can’t be gained from theory, only experience.

Education and literacy are major tools to empower a kid, an adult, a family and community itself. Whether you are in a vacation, gap year, education break or career break teaching projects are suitable for you to make a trip abroad for a significant reason. If you see the other aspect of the teaching overseas, it is also equally important for the service providers. Those who serve as a teacher abroad, they are gaining a worldly experience, broadening their horizon of prospects and understandings which would ultimately make them amazing efficient teacher.

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Here are listed some domains of teaching abroad programs:

Programs for Underprivileged Children

Teaching kids is a fun and rewarding experience watching children develop their language, confidence and social skills. Children who are orphaned, neglected, under-educated and in need of general care and educational support will potentially be your chief aim. Teaching programs such as Care Work Abroad, Reach to Teach etc. provide outstanding opportunities for those interested. If you are planning to teach abroad, then your contribution of some time with these underprivileged kids to share your academic understanding and language skills can really help to bolster their confidence, which would make your teaching abroad program a rewarding experience.

Teaching Programs At Rural Areas

Another pressing sector is the remote areas, across many locations. Remote areas in every country are mostly ridden with a lower level of overall facilities and not as much of attention, resulting in low education rate and a relatively backwards community. These programs give you an opportunity not only to teach the younger generation of the deprived community but also the older and mature folks, including the teachers, government school staff as well as the general public, indeed making a tangible difference in many lives. Organisations such as Love Volunteer, IVHQ, Projects Abroad and Volunteer FDIP etc. offer programs to help tackle these problems one at a time.

Teaching Programs In Monasteries

A less talked about but persistent sector, particularly in Asia, is teaching programs at monasteries. Volunteers are offered a unique opportunity to gain insight into Buddhist culture and practice.  The volunteering Buddhist monastery project aims to be an exchange between devoted practitioners of Buddhism and those from other cultures, who can share language and other skills.  You will have one thing in common; a desire to learn. Volunteers Initiative Nepal, Volunteer FDIP, Volunteer Society Nepal, Iko Poran etc. are some affordable volunteering programs to look up for this one of a kind experience.

Teaching Programs For Female Empowerment

Programs relating to child development, girls’ and women’s empowerment and global health are also vital to underdeveloped rural communities with traditional patriarchal views and traditions. Women empowerment is viewed as a mocked subject, often ignored and disregarded. To bring a change, to give the women of those destitute communities a chance to live freely, many different projects exist to help, such as Cross-Cultural Solutions offering exceptional lineups aids.

Volunteer Teaching That Helps The Differently Abled

Many kids and teens with physical and mental infirmities don't have access to the care they need; they often remain completely dependent on their families for the entirety of their lives. By being a positive influence in the community and providing a resource that they would otherwise not have access to you can give people with disabilities a chance to gain the confidence and skills they need to grow into independent adults. Organizations such as Love Volunteers, Disabled Children Care Centre Kathmandu Nepal etc. provide such programs.


If you want to boost your resume as a language teacher, then you can opt for various teaching overseas programs and get certified for the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). These certifications will demonstrate your ability to teach the English to the people who are not accustomed to use it; this will also show your flexibility and willingness to learn things from the different part of the world.

There are many different types of volunteer work overseas in various location and several sectors, all you will ever need is a bit of research, some time, and most importantly a motivation to work for the good of others, keeping aside the additional personal benefit of getting to travel and explore new places. A fulfilling trip, teaching abroad programs are bound to be more than just a volunteering opportunity, is an all in one package reaping many benefits on the lives of many served as well within yourself. As we know that education is the key to empowerment and development, individually and together as a community, there are many unfortunate people who have not been granted that opportunity for personal growth through learning because of several reasons, in a vast number of areas.

A little bit of time, a motivation to do good and the dedication to do it is all you need to make a huge impact on someone’s life. If you participate in charitable work abroad, you’ll get way more than a weeks’/months’ worth of value. You’ll continue reaping the benefits of volunteering, and have endless inspiration, for years to come. So go ahead, make a small effort on your behalf for the greater good!

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