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Where Can I Travel in 2023? Making Your Travel Plans in Post COVID -19 Coronavirus Pandemic Period

Last Updated: June 24, 2023

Where Can I Travel in 2023? Making Your Travel Plans in Post COVID -19 Coronavirus Pandemic Period

It might be a bit overwhelming to reconsider a restart in your travel plans post Covid-19. Most of us have traveled as little as we could in the past two years. As the pandemic is slowly ending and many of us are finally vaccinated, we can finally think of crossing off places from our bucket list again. For those who are unvaccinated, there are also many destinations to pick from.

What countries require covid vaccinations to enter 2023?

Though almost most of the countries have lifted the vaccine and test requirements , there are  only a few countries like Indonesia and Philippines that  require vaccine proofs. All the Central American or South American countries no longer have any travel restrictions. From June 2023 , USA and Canada are also fully open for international tourists. Europe is also fully open to travel. Countries like China, Hong Kong, Macau need pre arrival test reports. Japan is fully open for tourists. Most of the countries are fully open for the tourists.
In summary, as of June 2023, the world has almost moved on from COVID 19 trauma right after WHO chief declared end to COVID-19 as a global health emergency and now almost every part of the world is open to the travelers.

Which countries are lifting Covid restrictions?

With the increase in immunity, a lot of countries have been lifting covid restrictions entirely or easing them for visitors and tourists. This includes many European countries such as the United Kingdom, Norway, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and other countries around the world like Canada, Vietnam, Netherlands are also slowly easing their restrictions.

Countries open for tourism without quarantine

Most of the countries in the world at the moment have opened their borders towards their guests. Luckily with an exception to a handful of countries, with the proof of vaccination and prior tests, you can now travel to countries such as Mexico, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, and the United Kingdom without quarantining after the arrival. 

Countries open for tourism without quarantine 2023

Finally, in 2023, it seems like we will get to travel freely without the need to quarantine. With more and more people vaccinated, countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Fiji, and Sri Lanka have considered opening their borders towards tourists without the necessity for them to be quarantined. 

Countries accepting vaccinated tourists

All countries are now accepting vaccinated tourists. They have eliminated the need to quarantine if you are fully vaccinated and have a negative PCR test before the flight. You can of course travel to many of these countries without the vaccination proof but instead of which you will have to quarantine yourself for at least 2 weeks.

Which country you can travel to unvaccinated?

If you are still unvaccinated in 2023, finding the place to travel might be extremely difficult for you as most places require proof of vaccination to even enter. Nonetheless, you can still travel to countries such as Mexico, Norway, Costa Rica, El Salvador and so on. If you wish to visit other countries without getting fully vaccinated you will be required to quarantine.

Countries that don't require covid vaccinations for travel

Currently, there are only about a handful of countries that allow visitors that are not vaccinated against Covid-19. As an unvaccinated tourist, you can visit Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Mexico, Croatia, Egypt, Bahamas, Italy, Ireland, and a few other countries. However, you need to make sure that you are tested before the flight and follow all the other travel requirements.

UK green list countries

If you are planning to travel to the UK, you will need to make sure to check the list of countries that are banned i.e. the red list countries. In October of 2021, the UK decided to remove the provisions for a green list of countries and replace them with a simple list of red lists. At present, there are no countries that fall into this category. 

From June, 2023 , UK is open to travelers.

Countries accepting UK (British) tourists

If you are a British tourist, you can travel to Brazil, Mexico, The Bahamas, Norway, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Romania, Morocco, Greece without any kind of covid-19 restrictions. However, to visit countries like the USA, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, and a few more you will have to get a PCR test. Countries like Ireland, Russia, Thailand require you to be quarantined after arrival.

Countries accepting American tourists

If you're an American traveler waiting for your shot at visiting new places in the year 2023, you should learn where you are allowed to go before making your plans. Norway, Mexico, Costa Rica are a few options that are open to you without any restrictions. With a limited amount of restrictions, you can travel to countries such as Canada, Argentina, France, Brazil, Nepal, India, and so on.

Many countries have now reconsidered their decision and opened their borders to American passport holders that have been fully vaccinated and or have been tested before the travel. In 2021, when the United States had one of the highest rates of Covid-19 patients, the restrictions against American tourists were made stronger. But 2023 has brought good news for American Tourists.

Countries open for Australians

Australia itself has had a closed border with tourists and is planning to open only from Feb 21, 2023. However, as an Australian, you can travel to a big list of countries with a few covid-19 restrictions. You can travel to most of the African countries, almost all of the American and European countries, and a lot of South Asian countries if you want to travel somewhere close.

Countries open for Canadian Tourists

Luckily as a Canadian tourist, you can travel to a ton of countries of your wish in any of the continents of your choice. Apart from Australia and most of Eastern Asia which includes Russia and China, most of the other countries have only a minimum restriction to travel. These restrictions include proof of vaccination or Covid-19 PCR test or quarantine.

Where can Germans travel to?

Germans have an easier time navigating through the Covid restrictions as it has the highest number of countries accepting their arrival. If you have thought of traveling somewhere close by to start your 2023, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland have open borders facing you. While the rest of the countries apart from Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador have a few more restrictions.  

International Travel Requirements in Post COVID Period

As all of us know, there are still a few mandates that almost all of the countries require us to follow to prevent the transfer of covid-19. You need to make sure that you have the proof of vaccination to enter most of the countries alongside a negative test on the covid-19 test. 

Traveling internationally post COVID-19 pandemic?

One of the first things to remember while traveling post-Covid is that the covid-19 guidelines are different in every country. Make sure to educate yourself about the necessary restrictions and guidelines of the places you have planned to visit. There might be a mask mandate or a requirement to disclose travel locations.

What countries lifted Covid restrictions?

Despite the pandemic giving shock waves from time to time, there are a few places that have eased their restrictions for travelers from around the world. Countries like Norway, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador have removed the necessity for tourists to be quarantined even without vaccination.

Traveling safely after covid-19 recovery

No matter what, your safety and health should always be your first priority when traveling post-covid-19. You always run the risk of catching the disease or becoming the carrier of the disease. So, it is necessary that even though many countries have either eased or are in the process of easing the covid-19 restrictions, you take necessary precautions for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can unvaccinated travel?

In many destinations like Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Mexico, Croatia, Egypt, Bahamas, Italy, Ireland, you can travel unvaccinated.

Where can vaccinated travel without quarantine?

Every vaccinated traveler can now travel to most of the countries in the world without quarantine.

Conclusion: Where Can I Travel? Making Your Travel Plans in Post COVID Pandemic Time

If you have decided to travel internationally post covid-19, it is suggested to visit a place where the COVID infection rate is low just to stay on the safer side. Also make sure that before making any kind of plans, you go to the respective government information websites and check their covid-19 restrictions and guidelines.

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