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What Are Some Popular Volunteer Abroad Project?

There are many programs which requires the volunteer support. And it also a fact that deciding a volunteer project is a daunting task. For deciding volunteer project to participate in, you need to identify your skills and expertise as well as your enthusiasm for the project. But, it's more important if your heart is in the work you are doing. In this article, we'll explain about few popular volunteer projects ranging from working in orphanage to wildlife conservation.

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Working With Children

Working with children usually involve volunteering for orphanage day care or street children project. These projects aim to provide the help and support to the needy children with love, care and education. Volunteer working for children will be involved in taking care of children like, teaching, cleaning and play games.


Teaching projects are the most popular volunteer projects aimed to provide free education to poor and needy children. These projects include teaching in school (especially in rural area), teaching illiterate adults and teaching in Buddhist monasteries (popular in Nepal). Volunteer contribute in classroom lesson, teaching reading, writing and speaking, etc.


Medical volunteering projects endeavor to provide free and basic healthcare to poor and rural communities in the world. These projects involving doctors, nurses and other medical professional aim to increase basic health care accessibility and assist public health services. Volunteer generally run healthcare camps and workshops and teach hygiene education to locals. The main focus of medical volunteer work is African countries.

Women Empowerment Project

Women empowerment projects includes working with women to support women's group, work for gender equality and many more. it is one of the best volunteer abroad projects which aim to support women in developing country to overcome poverty and create a better life. These projects are common in countries such as Guatemala, Nepal, and India.

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Wildlife Conservation

Volunteers interested in Wildlife conservation project will be assisting with monitoring the population of wildlife species, mammal survey, reptile survey, bird survey and study of the plants. These projects are most common in African and Latin American countries.

Environment Conservation

Environmental conservation projects strive to support issues like global warming and environmental degradation. Working in this project volunteers will coordinate various environment conservation campaigns like energy crisis or alternative energy, population reduction and sewage management programs.

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