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How to reduce the cost of volunteer abroad

Up to now you have decided to go for volunteer abroad and know that it is really expensive. The program fees are high and yet do not cover other expenses like vaccination, visa, travel insurance, airfare and spending money. You must be wondering if you could reduce the cost of volunteer abroad since you really want to it. In this article, we'll explain how you can save money when volunteering abroad.

First let's find the total cost of volunteer abroad

The total cost of volunteer abroad is the sum of program fee and other expenses. You pay Program fee to your volunteer organization in weekly basis. It generally covers accommodation, meals and airport pickup. And it covers the other cost of volunteer organization like, advertisement and administrative expenses. Program fee doesn't cover other expenses like vaccination, visa, travel insurance, airfare, pocket expenses and cost related to travel items.

So when you find out where the money is going you can cut cost in all categories like program fee, pocket expenses, airfare etc., expect the cost like visa cost. Here is how actually you can save the money in different categories:

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    Program Fee

  • Find an affordable volunteer abroad program.
  • Research and compare different programs and program fees.
  • Research for good volunteer organization.
  • Volunteer in a group and ask for discount.
  • Check for special deals or programs.

    Airfare Cost

  • Buy your ticket in advance Ndash; one to two months in advance if possible.
  • Compare the flight cost in different travel websites like Trip Advisor, Expedia and Kayak.
  • Check for last minute or special flight deals.
  • Travel during off season (flight prices are high in some seasons like summers).

    Vaccination Cost

  • Center for Disease Control lists information regarding vaccination requirement and cost for the county you are travelling.
  • Get you vaccination done with public or state health clinic rather than costly private health clinic.
  • Visit travel clinic like Passport Health USA for travel consultation and travel vaccines.

    Other Tips

  • Try not to buy too much travel items like clothes and check if the item is cheaper in the host country.
  • Live like a local and try not to spend a lot for food.
  • Don't spend a lot buying souvenirs. Take photos for memories instead.

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