Volunteer departure


Do I get airport drop?

After finishing your volunteer abroad program, you may be wondering about the departure arrangements. You don't need to worry since, most volunteering programs include airport pickup and drop off as a part in program fee. And hence you will get the service in time. however, some inexpensive volunteer abroad programs can charge you the service fee additionally. It could also be the case where you are expected to manage your own transportation to the airport. But in most of the programs drop off service is available. Please inquire and check with your organization for the arrangement prior to your departure.

What I need to know when program is over?

Nothing is over once your volunteer abroad program is over because you need to keep in touch with the volunteer organization. Many volunteer projects will have long-term impacts which you may not have seen at site during volunteering. The progress reports may yet to come. So, stay connected and updated about the program and learn how much it is creating the difference in the lives of people in need. You can also continue making donations to the program for their sustainability. Don't think that your volunteering project is over but think about the start of well being of people and community due to your effort and longingness for help other.

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Reporting and Submission of Project Results

Beside working for volunteer project and creating real difference in lives of people/community, volunteers will also have to prepare report of the project. Volunteers will share their experience and learning from program in their report. They will also point out the impact of volunteer program they recently completed to encourage the better life people and community.

Photographs and Videos

Volunteers are encouraged to capture their experience and special moments of volunteer abroad program. This allows you to creatively participate in the program and collect memories for yourself. During your farewell you should provide some of your photographs and videos you captured during the program to your volunteer organization. This helps in creating long-term relationship between volunteers and volunteer organization.

Sharing experience in Social media and blog

If you are a good writer then you should write up an article explaining your volunteer experience for volunteer organization's blog or your own blog. You can also write on different topics regarding the volunteer project, its scope and so on. However, you can just share your experience, photographs and videos in social media as well. This allows other volunteer looking for volunteer abroad to learn about your experience and make decisions.

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