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Live and Stay in a Buddhist Monastery While joining International Volunteer and Travel Abroad Programs and Opportunities

Last Updated: February 02, 2022

Live and Stay in a Buddhist Monastery While joining  International volunteer and travel abroad Programs and Opportunities

Living a tension free-life in today's world is hard. Peace and compassion has become a far reaching agenda. People do various things to get rid of all kinds of tensions. It is a wisdom that thinking good and doing well is basis for tranquil life. Volunteering is one that helps create a sense of goodness inside people. The area of volunteering has become more wide spread and diverse. Live in a Buddhist monastery and doing volunteering inside monastery is one becoming popular nowadays. This kind of volunteering involves teaching English, doing household job, helping with prayers and meditation etc. It will be a sheer joy and happiness for volunteers.

Stay in a Buddhist monastery one can get an opportunity to live with Buddhist monks, learn Buddhist teaching and cultivate compassion in life. The countries like Nepal, Sir Lanka, Bhutan, Thailand etc. are better place for volunteering in Buddhist monastery. It is a volunteer work abroad, you can be far from your household and working schedule, which can be your life time experience and life changing lesson for living a better life. Buddhist monastery are built for spreading a message of worldwide peace. In that campaign you can be participant through joining international volunteer and travel abroad program relating to monastery volunteering.   

What is Buddhist Monastery Volunteering?

Volunteering is self-service in which you work for others with your own wish for your own self-satisfaction. Buddhist Monastery volunteer is an initiative of volunteering in which volunteers do volunteer work in Monastery. Monastery volunteering is becoming more popular nowadays. The major cause behind it is people not only proceed their volunteering activities in it but also have an opportunity to explore Buddhist culture, Buddhist teaching and live with Buddhist monk. It is among one of the cheap volunteer and travel abroad programs. In really a low cost people can engage in a best volunteering program. It is organized in one of the most beautiful countries of Asia.

In this program as a volunteering activities you can do household work of monastery, help monks during their daily worship, teaching English, helps in providing supplies, health checkup etc. The other activities you can do for your own self is praying, learning Buddhist culture, study old tradition, learn about life, peace and compassion of Buddha etc. Buddhist monastery volunteer is not just a volunteering it is opportunity to learn.  As a cheap volunteer and travel abroad program it can also be a holiday spending thing for volunteer. You can get to work on the countries which are renowned for natural beauty, high mountains, lakes, rivers, flora fauna, best sea beaches and many more.

Who can join Buddhist Monastery Volunteer?

Buddhist monastery volunteer is for all those who are inspired to work for others. It doesn't matter who the one is, from which profession, culture and destination. It is open for all who wants to engage in a best volunteer work, wants to explore new culture and destination. It is great way to make friends, exchange culture and help the needy one. Volunteer work abroad in Buddhist monastery volunteer therefore it is suitable also for those who are journey love. You can live in a Buddhist monastery, live with Buddhist monk and can join this initiatives with you friends and relatives. 

Things to Take Care While Living in Buddhist Monastery.

volunteer travel Live and Stay in a Buddhist Monastery

If you are willing to join Buddhist monastery volunteer, you first need to know about what you need to take care of. The things like what you can do or not to do. Buddhist monastery is a holy religious place. Monks here resides to practice Buddhist philosophy to attain enlightenment. Discipline and moral attitudes is what wanted from anyone. You are going to stay in a Buddhist monastery, you need to be on the rules and regulation of monastery. The immoral and illegal activities are strictly prohibited in this program. If anyone violates the code of conduct then one can be expelled from the monastery at any time by the monastery administration.

You are going to do volunteer work abroad, you need to follow the rules of concerned country and the monastery. The drugs, alcoholism, smoking, nudity are not allowed during stay in a Buddhist monastery. You are not allowed to damage the property of monastery, you might be fined and penalized for the damage. Teasing and making noise are forbidden. Buddhist monastery is a symbol of self-discipline and you are require to follow those rules. Before you join this cheap volunteer and travel abroad programs you are given instruction about what you can do or not to do and you are obliged to follow it. Therefore you need to take care of those things that are immoral, illegal and restricted by the monastery authority.

What Kind of Contribution Can you Make as a Monastery Volunteer?

As a monastery volunteer you can make a variety of contributions. It is cheap volunteer and travel abroad programs helping anyone to steer their desire to work for other in a full torque. As a monastery volunteer you can contribute by doing various activities like helping in household works like cooking for monks and disciples, cleaning, gardening, teaching language, helping old monks and nuns, care taking for small monks, helps to spread the message of monastery online and offline, participating in the program of monastery and many other. The other contribution can be an economic one like providing donations, purchasing supplies and materials etc.

The contribution can be social, economic, technical, legal and anything that will enhance the benefit of monastery. Monastery itself is built to help for humanity. You can therefore contribute on the issues that monastery is engaged in. Stay in a Buddhist monastery and live with Buddhist monks can transfer anyone and teach the good deeds that human needs to do. And all those things are essential for the world to be in a peaceful sphere. Your relation with those people devoted to self-realization will create a sense of kindness within you. You will be self-dragged to make best contribution for the best cause.

About Buddhism and Spirituality

Buddhism is the forth-largest religion in the world with millions of disciple. Buddhism is derived from the word Buddha which means 'the enlighten one'. The basic ideology of Buddhism is self-realization. It believes that with practice and self-discipline one can know the ultimate truth of cosmic and can get rid of all kinds of suffering. Buddhism says that all kinds of suffering is caused due to attachment and carving. Non-violence and universal peace are fundamental aspect of Buddhism. Anyone who will engage in monastery volunteer will get an opportunity to live with Buddhist monks those who have renounce the materialist world for pursuit of spirituality in them for liberation.

The basis of Buddhism is the four noble truth given by Lord Buddha. These noble truth are need to attain the liberation and to get rid from the universal suffering. These four noble truth are existence has sufferings, suffering has cause which are carving and attachment, there is a cessation of suffering which is nirvana and there is the path to cessation of sufferings. As one of the cheap volunteering abroad programs monastery volunteer provides a platform for best volunteering and also help anyone to get knowledge on true moral and cessation of their suffering. Anyone can get peace and wisdom by join monastery volunteer and it is seem that even volunteer work abroad for this volunteering as it one the best cheap volunteer and travel abroad programs.

Living and Volunteering with Buddhist Monks in FDIP Program

Volunteer FDIP is a volunteer association built in June 2014 which is situated in Kathmandu Nepal. It is affiliated to Social Welfare Council of Nepal. Nepal is a birth place of Lord Buddha. In that perspective FDIP program launch the monastery volunteer program in Nepal in which volunteer stay in the Buddhist monastery and live with Buddhist monks. FDIP program is best known for providing the life changing volunteer program. It is also know for the cheap volunteer and travel abroad programs. Volunteer FDIP needs your participation for the effective project implementation. It is volunteers through which every project of FDIP becomes successful. Monastery volunteering in Nepal provides opportunity is a holiday approach to volunteering as it has best nature in the world.

Volunteering in Buddhist Monks in Thailand

The kingdom of Thailand is a culturally rich nation. Around 93% of the total population in Thailand is Buddhism. Buddhism is in the core of Thailand culture. There are lots of ancient and beautiful Buddhist temples, scriptures, stupas, idols, monuments etc. in Thailand. Every year millions of people visit Thailand to know about this rich traditions. Monastery volunteering program in Thailand is really an amazing experience of life time. Live in a Buddhist monastery is a wonderful experience. There are many volunteering activities involve in it. Some of them are related to health, education, safety, communication, households and many more.

The golden temples, Laser Buddha, Thervada monastery etc. are the prominent Buddhist monument in Thailand. In these monuments Buddhist teaching and practice are preformed daily. The volunteer can help monastery by supporting in its activities. Live with Buddhist monks in Thailand and taking their instruction to volunteer inside the monastery. Apart from the volunteering, volunteers will be on one the best tourism destination of the world as a volunteer work abroad program. Volunteer can make their volunteer activities a holiday stuff. Therefore Thailand is one of the best destination for monastery volunteering. Due to this every year thousands of people arrive in Thailand to enroll in monastery volunteering work.  

Teaching English to Buddhist Monks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the beautiful country of south Asia. Sri Lanka's most prevalent religion is Buddhism. Around 70% of total population of Sri Lanka is Buddhism. Sri Lanka is rich in its ancient Buddhist culture and traditions. Every year many pilgrim and tourist visit Sri Lanka to explore these Buddhist culture. Inhabitants of Sri Lanka has preserved the rich Buddhist culture which has become example for to the world. Sri Lanka there is best place for monastery volunteer. Teaching English to Buddhist monk is one of the popular program here in Sri Lanka. Live with Buddhist monks and teaching them English language is a knowledge sharing approach to volunteering.

English language is the prominent language of the world. It is the key communication language. Buddhist monk are high knowledge people. Monks of Sri Lanka are greater scholars who studies Buddhist spiritualism for many years. But the problem is that they study everything in Pali or in the Sri Lankan language. They have good knowledge about art of living which they need to convey to the world. The problem of language will hurdle both the conveyor and the disciple. Therefore volunteering as an English teacher in monastery will help monks to learn English language. In turn they can convey their teaching in English and everyone understand those valuable teaching of Buddha. For this many volunteer joins the cheap volunteer and travel abroad programs to teach English language to the monks of Sri Lanka.

Volunteering in Buddhist Monastery in Nepal 

Nepal is the birth place of Buddha. Around some 2600 years ago Buddha was born in Lumbini of Nepal.  Buddha is the symbol of peace and non-violence. Volunteering in Buddhist monastery is to align with those morals of Buddhism. Many Buddhist monuments in Nepal are enlisted in the world heritage site. Nepal is the great place for monastery volunteering. Every year lots of volunteer enroll in monastery volunteering in Nepal. The stay in Buddhist monastery and live with the Buddhist monks. They do various activities inside monastery like household activities, teaching English language, health checkup of monks, helps to spread knowledge of monastery online and offline and many more.

Living in Nepal has other advantages too. Nepal is rich in its natural beauty. Volunteers can experience the splendid natural resources and culture. It offers an opportunity to live with Buddhist monks which are rarely offered by other volunteer programs. There are even numerous activities to be performed during stay in the Buddhist monastery. Apart from these volunteer can practice mediation which will calm their mind and help to focus them in their work. The environment inside monastery is really good for mediation and spiritual practice. Nepal is no doubt a best place for volunteering in Buddhist Monastery. Volunteering in Buddhist monastery in Nepal is a lifetime experience and better way to realize their volunteering work.

Conclusion: Live and Stay in a Buddhist Monastery While joining International volunteer and travel abroad Programs and Opportunities

Monastery Volunteering is becoming popular day by day in the world. Its significance has increased drastically during these days. Every year hundreds and thousands of volunteer enrolls in one or some volunteering service relating to the monastery volunteering. Live in a Buddhist monastery and live with Buddhist monks has entice lot many to engage in monastery volunteering. People who have enrolled in monastery volunteering program has told that it's really a great life time experience for them. They have learnt a lot about life and suffering during their volunteering in monastery. Monastery volunteering is one of the best volunteering programs.

Most volunteer work abroad for monastery volunteering program. Mostly in Asian countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand etc. During their stay in a Buddhist monastery they also get an opportunity to learn the ancient culture and tradition of these counties. Monastery volunteering is not only a volunteering in isolation but also a medium to explore the culture of Asia and holiday planning inside the worlds naturally beautiful Nations. If someone is willing to realize their hunger of volunteering, then there is no doubt and debate that a monastery volunteering program is great for all. It is a life time memory and a best way to learn the art of living.  

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