5 Most amazing places to volunteer in Asia in 2023

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Author: Sophiya Shrestha

5 Most amazing places to volunteer in Asia

Are you an enthusiast when it comes to travelling and exploring different places? Have you always dreamt about travelling the world while making it the most meaningful one but unsure about where to begin your journey from? If yes then don’t worry this time we’ve come up with 5 most amazing places you could volunteer in Asia in 2023. Asia offers one of the best volunteering opportunities to all of you avid explorers!


Nepal is a beautiful country surrounded by Himalayas. Its natural beauties and tall mountains are simply mesmerizing. Nepal can be proved as one of the best destinations in Asia to begin you journey as a volunteer. People from all around the world come to Nepal for their meaningful vacation. And personally speaking, I think volunteering in Nepal could be one of your best decisions. Especially after the destruction the 2015 earthquake brought to Nepal, the country is in need of as much volunteers as possible. Nepal is in rebuilding phase where you international volunteers would undoubtedly enjoy volunteering with the survivors!  Now, talking about the projects in Nepal, Nepal gives many interesting volunteering opportunities to the international volunteers. Some of these projects includes; teaching in monasteries, wildlife conservation, wildlife photography, healthcare etc. Nepal is just not about volunteering as it is a tourist destinations there are many places you could visit in your leisure time, starting with the cultural heritages. Similarly, Nepal is famous for water adventures, trekking through the mountains etc. So, if you are interested in volunteering in Nepal and exploring the awestruck beauties then, let the Himalayan journey begin!

Sri Lanka

Has vacationing on an island always been your dream? Yes? Well then if you haven’t visited Sri Lanka, you’re missing something really big! Sri Lanka is as well one of the amazing places you have to visit to volunteer. There is so much more that Sri Lanka has to offer more than just the volunteering opportunities.  The ancient temples, the rainforests, the beautiful beaches and the wildlife are worth the experience. What’s the vacation without being it a meaningful one right? So why not volunteer while exploring the Sri Lanka- often describes as the “India Light”. Some of the popular volunteering programs that Sri Lanka has to offer are Elephant conservation project, tea plantation project, childcare, medical, temple renovation etc.


Cambodia is another affordable and amazing destination to volunteer and travel abroad in Asia. It is also as a quick stop-over on the South East Asia tourist circuit as people came to visit the famous Angkor Temple and then move to a comfortable place like Thailand and Vietnam for vacation. Although it is a small country it has many beautiful attractions such as breathtaking beaches, friendly people and the only largest city Phnom Penh. And most importantly, if you’re a foodie, you sure wouldn’t want to miss their authentic Cambodian cuisine! Well if you are wondering why would people volunteer in a place with all these amazing attractions then, even though the country is stable right now, it had had a darkest history which brought quite destruction in the country. And so even though the country is recovering, it hasn’t quite risen. There are many volunteering program this beautiful country has to offer to its volunteers such as teaching English, childcare, computer support, healthcare etc.


Were you always fond of ancient cultures and intriguing histories? If so, then don’t miss out the chance to travel to the most populous nation with fascinating and ancient history, China. The country has always been fascinating the foreigners with its jaw dropping attraction, which in one way or the other has great historical events behind it. The major tourist attractions of China are, The Great of China, Forbidden City, The Yellow mountains etc. If you are a traveler and explorer with the idea of making your journey worthy in unbelievably affordable price then China the right destination for you. You can explore the place, get along with the locals, make new friends and of course try and experience their astonishing delicacies and cultures. Some of the common volunteering programs that China has to offer are Panda conservation project, Teaching project, Wildlife conservation project, Healthcare project etc.


Thailand or the “Land of White Elephants” is undoubtedly an ultimate international volunteering destination in Asia. The country is amazingly diverse as the country is located in Southeast Asia between Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. The country is not only famous for its beaches, wildlife, mountains, jungles but its people, its diverse cultures and its mouthwatering Thai cuisine. For all the people who loves adventures, Thailand is a must place to visit for adventurous water sports like Snorkeling and Scuba Diving. Now moving along with the volunteering opportunities, you’ll be surprised to know that Thailand offers the wide range of volunteering projects to volunteers from all over the world. From projects like volunteering with stray dogs, working at a refugee camp or common programs like teaching in monasteries and medical care, Thailand offers you all. So, if you haven’t already thought about you vacation, why not travel to Thailand this year while making the wildest memories exploring places and making it meaningful at the same time.

Now that we’ve given you the reasons as to why Asia has the most amazingly amazing destinations not only to travel and explore but always make it worth and remembering by volunteering in different interesting and affordable projects, we hope you’ve made up your mind for you next destination and vacation. Above described were the 5 most incredible destinations one could visit for abroad volunteering projects. So to all the avid explorers out there, pack your bags, your ultimate remarkable volunteering journey is about to begin!

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