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Volunteer Vacations For Those Who Are Looking for Best Abroad Programs and Organizations

Last Updated: April 03, 2022

Volunteer Vacations For Those Who Are Looking for Best Abroad Programs and Organizations
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Vacation times are approaching. Whether it’s a spring break or the summer vacation, you might be planning to make the best out of it. How about trying something different in the vacation of year 2019? How about making one meaningful journey? A journey to make the steps of self improvements. A journey to improve your knack of living life, while improving the life standards of others. Joining the volunteer vacation programs available in the different corners of this world can make you fulfill the dream of reaching the achievable goal of humanity.

Volunteering in vacation is a perfect way to use your free time for a purpose. You can give back to communities while enjoying a break from regular daily life. Volunteering abroad is about taking care of the things around us; it is about making a difference while using the certain skill sets we have acquired through our life experiences. Volunteering overseas is about embracing our inescapable connection with the outside world.

Your intelligence, your capacity, education you received gives you unique status and unique responsibility, a responsibility to realize the value of your time and use that time for the well being of humanity. You can set an example of turning a free time into something remarkable and something valuable by joining some volunteer vacation program.

What is Volunteer Vacation

Volunteer Vacation is a concept of making a meaningful travel journey in vacations, holidays and break times. It is about reaching out a different part of the world, spending time with the locals while using the skills and knowledge for the betterment of the community. Vacation time adds up some extra enthusiasm inside us. We feel strongly and passionately. We think outside the box as we are free from our daily life hassles.

Volunteer vacation can be of any format. You can be a teacher traveling abroad, or a orphanage volunteer, or a volunteer serving the Buddhist monastery or it can just be your social entrepreneurship journey.  There are different ways you can use the vacation for volunteering:

Summer Vacation Volunteer Programs

Summer volunteer program is a volunteer campaign designed for the high school, college and university students to make their summer break more productive by serving the communities. Though the culture of summer vacation volunteering was initiated by the college and universities, nowadays solo travelers and families also prefer to make a meaningful volunteer travel journey in the summer breaks.

Alternative Spring Break

A trip of group of college and university students is called Alternative Spring Break. In such trips, students get enrolled in various community activities. Universities and colleges recruit and maintain the volunteers and collaborate with some local NGOs for the execution of the volunteering program.

Gap Year Volunteer Programs

Gap year is the year long break taken by the high school and college/university students. Gap year volunteering includes traveling and experiential learning by being involved in some meaningful activities. Using your gap year for volunteering can give you most humbling and inspiring experience of life.

Benefits of Vacation Volunteering

There is a saying that what we achieve inwardly will change the outer reality. Volunteering abroad possess some qualities that can bring positive inward changes to the participants. Volunteering in vacations is comprised of many direct and indirect benefits.

Volunteering make you healthier physically. Participation in volunteering may require the physical works and efforts, which make you more active and that can boost your health. Participants also feel happier after volunteering. As volunteering is about giving back to the community, it is pretty much selfless activity, and being selfless makes you less worried about you and happier to witness the wellbeing of others.

Volunteering overseas helps to combat depression. It also boosts the self confidence of the participants. Volunteering abroad is an opportunity to gain so much more knowledge and experience.

Volunteering in vacation has profound benefits. We can achieve all those positive changes in our personality meanwhile helping other people to get what they deserve.

Who Can Participate in Volunteer Vacation Programs

There are no specific criteria for being a participant of volunteer vacation program. Though the concepts of volunteering in summer breaks and alternative spring breaks were initiated for group of high school, college and university students, nowadays, any individuals with the willingness to share the skill, knowledge and useful experiences to the world can participate in humanitarian work abroad in their holidays and vacations.

What are Good Destinations for Volunteer Vacation Programs

There are myriads of destinations to pick for volunteering abroad experiences. We have picked some of the best vacation volunteer destinations for you:

Volunteer Vacation in Nepal

Volunteer Vacation in  Nepal

A country boasting 8 of the highest mountain peaks of the world, a place revered as birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Nepal is a cultural and historical treasure with 10 UNESCO world heritage sites. A trekker’s paradise, offering the majesty of Mount Everest and Annapurna Massif, prismatic cities with gilded temples and green hill villages, Nepal has it all to offer you a best volunteer vacation moments. Joining a volunteer vacation program in Nepal can offer all the incredible moment for the group of high school, college, university students as well as for the individuals.

Remarkable Vacation in India

The origin of Eastern culture, India is a brilliant country known for color and spices. Stretching from frozen summits of Himalayas to the coasts for Indian Ocean, India is filled with diverse landscapes, cultures, religions and people. A home of Taj Mahal, symbol of love and historic mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, India can offer you every bit of new experience while you spend your holiday volunteering in India.

Vacation in Pristine Sri Lanka

The jewel shaped island of the Indian Ocean, boasting the verdant wildlife and calm beaches, Sri Lanka is a true Asian gem. Acquired of 8 UNESCO heritage sites, Sri Lanka is also culturally and historically rich. During the volunteer vacation in Sri Lanka one can experience some of the remarkable moments, from teaching in peaceful Buddhist monasteries to working for lovely Asian Elephants.

Cambodia Vacation and Volunteer

Cambodia is a country with ancient outlook and hospitable people. Recovering from its tragic past, the country is slowly embracing the modern developments. Volunteering in Cambodia can make your vacation of year 2019 a memorable one.

Volunteering and Enjoying Tropical Vacation in Thailand

An incredible country with picture-perfect sandy beaches and natural allures, decorated with culturally rich cities, Thailand is a blend of natural and modern world. It is an ideal destination for those who wish to relax in their vacations meanwhile being involved in some meaningful activities.

Ghana Volunteering in Vacation

A green land of West Coast of Africa, scintillated with golden beaches of Atlantic, Ghana is a colorful African country. Every year thousands of tourists arrive in this country to explore the national parks and to behold the beauties of cultural heritages. Enrolling in humanitarian works while enjoying your year’s break in Ghana can make your moment more rewarding.

Tanzania Vacation with Social Works

A country known for vast wilderness, adorned by the primordial Serengeti National Park and Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania is an ultimate destination for those who are looking for a memorable volunteer vacation moment.

Kenya Vacation with Humanitarian Works

Kenya is a true African emerald, encompassing the savannah, Lakelands and mountain highlands, this country is rich with immense wildlife. You can enjoy the hiking in snow capped mountains, or the safari in African savannah while living with the traditional people of Masaai. Volunteering in Kenya can imprint some unforgettable memories in your mind.

South Africa Summer Vacation & Volunteer

South Africa  Vacation Volunteer

The country at the southernmost tip of Africa, popular for Big Game Reserves, South Africa is a country of extremes. Offering the diverse landscapes and cultures, South Africa is a blend of modern, traditional and natural life. Volunteering here in summer and spring vacation can bring you some of the incredible moments of holidays.

Uganda Vacation with Humanitarian Works

Also known as Pearl of Africa, Uganda is an African gem and perfect East African Destination for those who are looking for a meaningful experience in the vacations of year 2019. Offering the tapestry of landscapes and safari destinations, Uganda has one of the best climates. Joining a volunteering program in your holidays to Uganda can add up some additional flavor of living with communities of very friendly Ugandan people.

Costa Rica Coastal Vacation & Volunteer

A picturesque land of Central America with primordial shores, a land of mighty rainforest, Costa Rica is brimming with biodiversity and natural vividness. Volunteering in Costa Rica in your holidays can provide you the opportunity work for community and environment while enjoying your free time in untouched beaches along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.

Volunteer Vacation in Peru

Volunteer Vacation in  Peru

A gateway to adventure, Peru is a South American gem with the most famous land mark like Machu Picchu. From magnificent Amazon forest to the ancient Inca sites, Peru has all overwhelming vistas for its visitors. Joining a volunteer vacation programs in Peru can provide you the moment to witness these natural wilderness meanwhile serving the lovely Peruvian people.

Holiday Volunteer in Ecuador

The extensive beauty of Ecuador encompasses Amazon Jungle, Andean Highland, Galapagos Island and many other undiscovered incredible landmarks. This wildlife reach Central American country can offer the visitors unique experience of culture and local flavor. Holiday volunteering in Ecuador can fill your experience with lots of remarkable moments with sea turtles, sea lions and active volcanoes.

Vacation Volunteer in Guatemala

Guatemala is an ancient country of Central America. A country known for the volcanoes, rainforest and ancient Mayan sites, Guatemala is blessed with extraordinary landscape and anctient cultures that reach back to century. Taking a break while volunteering can provide you opportunities to behold superb natural sceneries and trekking in the routes through the jungles.

Volunteer and Vacation in Brazil

Brazil is the largest South American Country. Known for the world famous carnivals, Brazil is an ideal destination of nature and culture lovers. From mighty Amazon forest to the kaleidoscopic architectural and historic sites, Brazil has it all to offer the travel enthusiasts. A country known for the soccer legends like Pele and recent heartthrob Neymar, Brazil can be an ultimate place for the volunteers who want to share their education and sport skills.

Holiday and Humanitarian Works in Argentina

Argentina is full of natural wonders, enclosing Andes Mountains, glacial lakes and Pampass grassland. This country famous for football legends like Messi and Maradona can be an ultimate destination for the youths who are enthusiastic to share their skill and knowledge to the world.

Some of The Best Free Volunteer Abroad Program Providers

If you have enough time to make you research and preparation to find and join some of the free volunteering abroad programs available. You can join one of the following programs for your vacation in 2019:

Peace Corps

Established in 1961, Peace Corps is a volunteer program run by US government. It is a community service opportunity for the reformers and enthusiasts around the world. Every year thousands of applicants from around the world apply for Peace Corps to get the opportunity to serve the communities via Peace Corps. If you are eligible to join as a Peace Corps volunteer, you might want to give it try this year.

UN Volunteers

Established on 1970 by UN General Assembly, UN Volunteers is a development program mobilizing the volunteers around the world. UNV is active in around 130 countries every year.UNV recruits the people who are committed to the ideals of volunteerism. Joining UN volunteers can be privilege and a lifetime experience for every enthusiast of humanitarian works. As this opportunity is valued worldwide, the demand to join UN Volunteer program and number of applicant trying to get enrolled is also high. However, if you have enough time prepare yourself to be eligible as a un volunteer applicant, it definitely worth a try for your year 2019 break.


Founded in 1958, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is an international development charitable organization encouraging the participants from around the world to volunteer. If you want to explore the unique volunteering aspects in your vacation of this year, you might want to join one of the VSO volunteering programs.

Some of The Best Affordable Volunteer Vacation Program Providers

Finding a free volunteering abroad program can be a tedious and arduous process. And even if you find few of them, they are so much in demand, that you might not find a placement for you at your convenient time. So, to not waste your important period of vacation of this year 2019, you can pick some of these affordable volunteering overseas programs:


Established in 2007, IVHQ, aka International Volunteer HQ, has mobilized so far around 98 thousand volunteers in North America, South America, Central America, Africa and Asia. From childcare volunteering in Southeast Asian Country Cambodia to teaching in African gem Kenya, IVHQ has myriads of volunteering opportunities for the enthusiast around the world.

Projects Abroad

Volunteer Vacation Projects Abroad

Serving since 25 years, Projects Abroad have been providing the volunteers to the different projects in the countries around the world, specifically in Asia, Africa and Latin America. From the conservation and environment projects in Costa Rica to medical volunteering in Tanzania, Projects Abroad has extensive opportunities for those looking for some of the best volunteering overseas programs.

Cross Cultural Solutions

Volunteer Vacation Cross Cultural Solutions

Boasting the 24 years of impact, Cross Cultural Solutions has been serving the communities of the Africa, Europe, Central America, South America and Asia with the placement of around 35 thousand volunteers. From child education project in Guatemala to child health project in Ghana, Cross Cultural Solutions has some of the best picked up programs abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to volunteer abroad programs after the pandemic?

Yes most of the countries are now open for international travelers, so you can now join volunteer abroad programs as the covid-19 pandemic is almost reaching its end.

Are volunteer abroad programs worth it?

If you join a right volunteer abroad program at the right time, serving the communities that actually need your help, definitely volunteer abroad programs are worth it.

Where is the best place to volunteer abroad?

The best place to volunteer abroad completely depends on your interest. From volunteering for the Buddhist monks of Nepal beneath the himalayan mountains to working for the African wildlife in Kenya, you will have multiple options, its upto you to choose the best one for you.

How do I start volunteering abroad?

Start with the research. Find the best volunteer abroad program that suits your interest, register for the program and embark into the life changing journey.

In a Nutshell: Volunteer Vacations For Those Who Are Looking for Best Abroad Programs and Organizations

So far, we have found out the volunteering overseas an opportunity to reach that avenue to help. We all have some selected places to enjoy the vacation, but how about if we can add some meaningful purpose of being there? Volunteering in vacation can be a chance to get that accomplished. Volunteering overseas in a holiday can provide you some candid moments to truly know yourself.

Personal happiness cannot be only checklist of acquisitions and achievements. If your good moments involve the well being of other people, it would definitely add some meaningful elements to your journey. Free time is of course is all about getting rid of our daily stresses and stay care free, if we add up some moment of contribution for the needy communities, this free moment can be more relaxing and more rewarding. Volunteering in vacation and holidays can provide you the opportunities to grab such moments.

So, if you are planning to make your vacation 2019 more profound and more remarkable, if you want to make your journey more passionate and more compassionate with some added flavor of empathy. Then, you might want to look for the volunteer vacation programs and make that purposeful journey of memorable holiday.

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