why pay to volunteer

Why do I need to pay to volunteer?

Volunteering abroad is a noble deed to create positive impact on the life of people whom you even don't know. So, there is an obvious question for all that, why should i pay for making someone's life easier and happier? This is all because, every volunteer abroad organizations require money to sustain themselves and keep things going to create safe and trustworthy environment for those thousands of volunteers participating each year.

Many volunteer abroad organizations are registered as NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), that means they don't get any sort of funding from the government and must completely depend upon the fees from volunteer. Generally, the fee you pay to the volunteer organizations is broke down to application/registration fee and program fee, each having different purpose. But the most important thing is your organization must be transparent regarding fees and their breakdown. All in all, these organization are after all business that requires your money to keep it up and running. but, in return for your fees, you will get different help and support from the time of your arrival to long after the completion of your program

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Registration/ Application Fee

Registration or application fee is a flat, onetime fee you need to pay regardless of yoy length of program or stay. These fees cover the administrative expenses like advertising, marketing, operating expenses (utilities, rent), salaries and other expenses of organization. These fees are essential for organization to sustain themselves and provide you with any support that you need while volunteering abroad.

Program Fee

The amount of program fee you pay is directly associated with the country you visit, program you have selected, and the duration of the program or your stay. This fee breaks down to three general categories which covers your meal and accommodation in first place. Secondly, it is used to provide other in-country assistance to you (paying field staff, etc.) and the third one is the project donation which goes to the program you are working with. These expenses are essential as they determine your safety, comfortability and meaningfulness of your volunteer abroad experience.

So, why to pay to volunteer? Well, it may have been clear for you by the breakdown of fee you pay. Paying to volunteer is ensuring that you are making a good investment so as to obtain care and safety around you while volunteering abroad.

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