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How can I find free volunteer opportunities abroad?

You may have always wanted to volunteer abroad and help those in need. Who would not be ever-ready to go and grasp those amazing experiences of helping people, exploring other part of the world, getting immerse in totally different culture, learning new skills and many more. But many of us could not make it possible due to financial limitations. Lot of people with the passion to create difference in other people's life are often time hindered by cost associated with volunteering programs. There are plenty of volunteer programs that charge you for the participation. But, there are also low-cost, even free volunteering program waiting for you. There are some few free volunteer program which makes it harder for you to find.

There is nothing like free for anything best you want to do. It costs you one way or other. Since, when we talk about free volunteering program it only means there's no participation fee, therefore “Free” is all relative. This happens when you volunteer through a NGO or organization directly. However, all other costs like, airfare, in-country expenses are not free at all.

This article will help you understanding the cost associated with volunteering abroad and finding low-cost and even free volunteering opportunities.

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Online volunteer programs search engines

There are many volunteer program search engines and web publication regarding volunteering abroad projects. Searching for you desired program in targeted location with those search engines and web content can help you find out free volunteering opportunities. Sites like GoOverSeas and Goabroad are rich in listings for volunteer abroad programs. Searching via engines like Google, Bing, can give you handful of information about the volunteering project, offering organization as well as the host country.

Social Media

You can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or blogs to post or search information about free volunteering opportunities. The online community if full of people with both experience and curiosity to discuss on your desired topic.

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Travel guidebooks

Travel guidebooks are those books with information about place, people and things of your concern. Books like Footprint , Frommer's , Lonely Planet are rich in information about travel and also about listing of volunteering programs generally at the end of each section. You can also find contact information to learn more about it.

Travel and volunteer Forums

Travel forums such as Lonely Planet's Thorntree , Rough Guides, AFAR's Highlights. Gives you with up-to-date information and advices from people who have already been involved with these kinds of programs. These forums allow you to directly put your questions to people about their experiences.

Use your network

You can reach out your friends, family member, relative, teacher or someone you know and some of them who are living in foreign country. You can start asking them if they know any free volunteering opportunity or not. It is always a great idea to use your network to know things.

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