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How to select best volunteer abroad organization?

Who should I volunteer with or how to select best volunteer abroad organization is a major concern. As you are going to invest all your heart and resources and undertake a journey of emotion, the selection of volunteer organization is crucial thing.

In this article we'll provide some valuable tips that will help you understand what to look while choosing best volunteer organization.

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Are their website/blog/social media updated?

This might look basic, but it is very important to go through organizations' website to see whether they are updated or not. You must evaluate if the language used, spellings, grammar is correct or not , the points presented are understandable or not. It is also important to identify if the sections like about us, the mission, vision and objective have clear meaning or are vague.

Going through the content in their blog as well as social media networks like facebook, twitter etc., can give you an idea that how well is organization going. You can evaluate trustworthiness of an organization through these media.

Their reviews and ratings

Reviews of past volunteer can be found in individual organizations' website. Beside checking reviews and ratings only on their own website you must go through other independent web reviews. You can check and compare the reviews as well as ratings. Don't expect 100% positive reviews and ratings though the company you are looking for is a reputable company. However, you also look for the organizations respond towards negative reviews. Also check whether the volunteers' review match to organizations' claim about itself in website or not.

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Are there work community driven?

Community involvement is very essential for effective international volunteering. It is important to ensure if projects are led by local people as they are the one to best identify where the support is needed. Ensuring that volunteering projects are being developed by people who understand social or environmental need of community is very crucial. Only then the time and effort you are putting to make someone's life better will be effective.

Are they really helping those in need?

This is most important to observe and identify if the volunteer organization are really helping those who are in need or not. For example, you want to volunteer for teaching in a school that needs help but you end up teaching in a private school where your effort makes no much change in the life of student or school as a whole. So finding about the workplace beforehand where your organization is going to place you, is of great importance.

You must also consider following points while selecting a volunteer organization,

  • Are they supporting local community?
  • Do they seem to be ethical?
  • Are they really concerned about the welfare of local community and people?
  • Is that organization based on non-profit or they are just operating to make profit for themselves.

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