Best Volunteer and Travel Abroad Programs for an Avid Explorer

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Author: Sophiya Shrestha

Best volunteer and travel abroad Programs for an Avid Explorer

Have you always dreamt about travelling the world while giving it a purpose? Have you always been an avid explorer, always keen about travelling abroad, volunteer in abroad programs and meeting a whole bunch of new people, experiencing new cultures and delicacies but having troubles opting for the right opportunities and right organizations? Well, your answer to all these questions is just a simple nod then don’t worry, we’ve got you backed up! This article will help you get to the point where you have the idea about international volunteering, best abroad volunteering programs and why people volunteer and travel abroad.

What is volunteer and travel abroad?

You are probably reading this article as you have a boring life and have nothing to do. Want to do something which is fun and rewarding at the same time? Try Volunteering for Abroad Programs. “Volunteering abroad” or “Volunteerism” is a combination of volunteering and tourism on an international field. It is usually practiced by individuals who are working on their holiday or volunteering for a worthy cause such as volunteering for earthquake victims. Volunteering overseas can be rewarding as you can travel responsibly as a volunteer and ethically as a tourist. International volunteering gives you a meaning and a depth to travelling as you get to know the culture and the locals of the country and you’re working at the same time for a positive outcome.

But volunteering would not be encouraged just out of boredom. If you seek fun and happiness by helping other people, and are avid and enthusiast to explore and expose, you are the right person for the volunteering and volunteering abroad might be the perfect option for you.

Well now even when you choose to volunteer and travel abroad, there is a great dilemma as to which organization would offer you the best volunteer and travel abroad opportunities.  There are many organizations that offer you unique and meaningful programs but you need to choose wisely. There are abroad volunteer organizations that offer you numerable unique and adventurous programs in amazingly affordable rate. You can always opt for the one that seeks your interests.

As for talking about where can you volunteer, there are so many beautiful and authentic places where you can travel to and make it a meaningful one. There are different countries which are unique in their own ways and so do they have their famous volunteering programs as well. For instance, Marine conservation Expedition in Fiji or Wild Honey farming in Nepal. So, the main point here is there are around 200 countries in the world and you are an avid explorer so travelling exploring places, new cultures and volunteering opportunities won’t be that big of a deal.  However if you are still confused as which programs to choose we’ve got you covered.

Few Best Abroad Volunteering Opportunities & a Zest About the Programs

Childcare/ Orphanage Volunteering

Childcare/ Orphanage volunteering is one of the best and common volunteering opportunities in the world. You can find this program in most of the country. This program works with the children who are abandoned, sexually abused, conflict victims or the orphans. These children are seeks love, care and hope and that is what you volunteers are suppose to provide to them.

Volunteer as a teacher

While you are opting for volunteering opportunities as a teacher, you will be teaching the children in orphanage or schools. You will mainly be teaching English language and helping the children with homework and tutoring them.

Volunteer teaching in Buddhist monasteries

Volunteer teaching in Buddhist monasteries is another interesting volunteering opportunity.  Volunteers in this program will be visiting different monasteries and teaching English to both the young and old monks for 3-4 hours a day.

Wildlife conservation volunteering

Are you an animal lover? Always looking forward to conserve and save the wildlife? If yes then this program is perfect for you. While you volunteer in wildlife conservation program, you are basically helping to save the lives of those endangered wildlife. Volunteers will be working on animal rescue centre and reserves and will be given information about animal trafficking and protection.

Environmental conservation volunteering

If you are tired of tress being cut and plants being stolen for business or different purposes and you want to stop all the environmental degradation then environmental conservation volunteering program best suits you. While working on this program you will have the opportunity to work for the conservation of rare plants and environment. Your tasks as a volunteer will be to collect data, conducting research, reforestation efforts and raising awareness among the local on environmental conservation.

Medical and healthcare volunteer program

If you are a nurse or a medical student thriving for some experience then medical and healthcare volunteer program is the right option for you. As a medical volunteer you will have a great experience in medical field that will be helpful in your career as well. As a volunteer your roles will be to observe the local medical specialists, performing routine tasks such as measuring temperature, blood pressure, sugar level, dressing the minor wounds and cuts etc. You will be working in clinic, hospitals and even community outreach programs.

Dental volunteer program

This program is best suited for dental student and the beginners in the field.  As a volunteer in the program you responsibilities will be assisting dental expertise, providing dental health education such as brushing, flossing techniques, root canals and scaling, extractions etc.

Well, now after having the idea about some of the best volunteer opportunities, you might have the idea as to which opportunity do you want to grab.

Why Travel Abroad for Volunteering?

Some of you might be thinking that volunteering can be done anywhere. You can volunteer in your own country as well. There might be many opportunities. So then, why do have you have to travel abroad to volunteer? Well, let us tell you why volunteering abroad is such an amazing idea. For one, you get to travel around the world, explore different places, witness unique cultures and authentic food and moreover meet people and make friends. Similarly, there are different unique programs different country offers so travelling abroad to volunteer for you best programs might just be a great idea. Moreover, abroad volunteering do not cost fortunes, there are many affordable volunteering opportunities available. And when you travel around the world you don’t just travel, you travel meaningfully-with a purpose!

Volunteering abroad can be seen as a massive opportunity of experience that opens one to different societies, languages and lifestyles. By encountering everyday presence in a zone of need, through various volunteering programs the volunteers are exposed out to the value of his home culture, and additionally the advantages of the new ones. These volunteer opportunities additionally offer reimbursement as the can be benefited professionally as well. Volunteering in abroad projects is a stunning open door; and, in the event that you inquire as to why? It is best for avid explores. The benefits of volunteering in foreign destination are a blend of energizing traveling opportunities in top travel destinations, making friends and developing new aptitudes, learning new languages, and most importantly are provided in an affordable range. When you volunteer and travel abroad, your life will have a different meaning by gaining the most joyful experience by helping people in many ways.

So, now that you have the zest about international volunteering, about the best abroad volunteer opportunities and the purpose behind people travelling to abroad for volunteering, we’re sure you will bring out the best avid explorer that’s inside you!

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