Volunteer Opportunities for Teens: What are Your Options for 2023?

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Volunteer Opportunities for Teens: What are Your Options for 2023?

Teenage are the most energetic and proactive years of human life. Teenagers are the individuals aged from 13-19 years and volunteers below 18 years must have their parental consent to travel abroad.

These young minds have plenty of volunteering opportunities depending on their interest and capability like mentoring and teaching the little kids, volunteering at the hospital, child-care volunteers or nature conservation volunteers.

Volunteer work for 15 year old 

Different age group volunteers can enroll themselves in the volunteering programs. As a 15 years old volunteer, volunteer is particularly required to do less arduous work and require their parental consent for volunteering programs in abroad.

Volunteering work like childcare that are less physically demanding programs are the volunteering opportunities that a 15 years old teenager can get themselves enrolled into.

Volunteer opportunities for 16 year old

Teenagers at 16 years old can indulge themselves in varieties of duty but are less physically demanding for a 16 years old. A 16 years old volunteer also need their parental consent to travel abroad for volunteering.

As a 16 years old teenager, they can indulge themselves in the volunteering projects like childcare, mentoring and tutoring the Buddhist monk kids at the monastery.

Volunteer programs for 17 year old  

A 17 years old teenager can involve themselves in volunteering projects like nature volunteering and wildlife conservation volunteering programs. As they are below 18, they also require their parental consent to travel abroad in different programs.

Other volunteering opportunities for a 17 year old includes childcare volunteering and teaching at the monasteries. Thus a teenager aged 17 can indulge in any of the volunteering projects being based on their physical ability and their interest.

Volunteer programs and opportunities for 18 year old and above

Volunteering program for eighteen years old and above consists of wide range of projects ranging from skill-based projects to physically arduous an demanding programs relying on their capacity and interest.

Volunteering projects like medical volunteering, community development, construction volunteering that are more of skill-based programs whereas other programs like childcare volunteering, nature conservation, wildlife programs, marine conservation volunteering are also suitable programs for an 18 years old teenager interested in volunteering.

Benefits of teens joining volunteer programs

Volunteering at the teenage helps the person to be generous and learn new life skills, gain confidence and increased self-esteem, teach them adaptability and a good socializing skill.

Other benefits of teens joining the volunteering program is the skills and knowledge that they gain that eventually helps them in college, future and their career. Similarly volunteering gives the young mind opportunity to understand what they really want to do and be generous and giving towards the society.

Top destinations with volunteer opportunities for teens


Nepal is one of the top destinations that fascinates the teens for volunteering because of its beautiful landscapes and environment that needs nature volunteers, wildlife volunteering as well as volunteering as a English teacher to the Buddhist monks in the monastery.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers the teens with varieties of volunteer opportunities like construction volunteers for educational buildings, teach English to the students, wildlife conservation volunteer and serve as community service volunteer.


From teaching and mentoring the school kids, supporting the street children and orphanage to volunteering in the environmental protection, Ecuador offers variety of volunteering opportunity for teens.


In Peru, teens can get involved in the childcare volunteering, volunteer to teach the school children, volunteer in the various environmental conservation projects and volunteer in the dental campaigns in order to serve the community.

Sri Lanka

There are plenty of teen volunteering opportunities in Sri Lanka, Teenagers can support the local teachers and care givers by volunteering in child care centers, teaching English to the kids and also support in conservation of Asian elephants.


Kenya facilitates the teenagers with an opportunity to work as a conservation volunteer to assist in protection of the endangered animals at reserve, teaching and child-care volunteering and sports volunteering.

Conclusion: Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

Volunteering is one of the good ways to get the teenagers involved in the community works and bring them out of their own comfort zone. Volunteering also opens up plethora of opportunities and options to the teenager towards their future.

Teens are provided with various volunteering opportunities like conservation volunteering, mentoring, teaching and assisting the school children in English or different sports. Teen volunteering helps to imbibe empathetic values in teens and inspires them to continue the volunteering service later in their life too.

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