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Best Volunteer in Latin America (South and Central America) Programs 2021-2022 : Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala

Best Volunteer in Latin America (South and Central America) Programs 2021-2022 : Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala

Volunteering in Latin America (Central and South America), will be a quite different experience from volunteering in your local community. America is the land of miracles and opportunities. They boast some of the best beaches and hospital personnel in the world, as well as the most diverse ecosystem, including volcanoes, islands and beaches.

We have many volunteer programs across Latin America to help the poor and vulnerable people of South America. We welcome all kinds of people who are open-minded and willing to help bring about change in the world.

Destinations to Volunteer in Latin America (South and Central America) 2021-2022

We have picked  following destinations for your best volunteer experience in Latin America (Central and South America)

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in Costa Rica

Are the tropics calling to you? Are you looking to travel the world and help improve the lives of locals? Are you passionate about helping people and using your passion to make a difference? Continue reading to learn about our incredible volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is Central America's crown jewel and a tropical paradise. The capital, San Jose is a cultural treasure that lies in a valley surrounded with beautiful mountains.

Costa Rica, despite its beautiful landscapes and friendly people, is a developing nation with serious problems such as poverty and social imbalance. There is also a shortage of quality healthcare services in rural areas. These problems are exacerbated by a slow-moving and ineffective government that struggles to address these issues and help its citizens.

Pick from these arrays of volunteering opportunities in Costa Rica and embark into your journey of lifetime:

  • Marine Conservation Program
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Education (Teach English)
  • Community Development
  • Internship or Independent Study Program

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Volunteer Abroad Opportunities in Peru

Are you interested in visiting Machu Picchu, learning about its culture and landscapes? Volunteer in Peru to experience one of South America's most beautiful countries.

Volunteering in Peru will allow you to experience the beauty of the country's natural environment. Peru has many world-famous destinations, including the Amazon, the Andes and Lake Titicaca. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this nation. Cusco's urban culture is also full of historic significance and urban flair. You can't forget the warm and friendly people of Peru, as well as the rich indigenous culture. Volunteering in Peru will enable you to experience the beauty of Peru and make a difference. The majority of Peru's population lives in poverty. This is why volunteering in Peru is so important. You can make a positive impact on the lives of local children and the environment they live in by teaching, volunteering at an orphanage, or helping with conservation projects. Volunteering in Peru allows you to make a difference while having fun. There are many things to do in Peru and volunteers are always needed.

We have multitude of volunteering opportunities in Peru waiting for you:

  • Teaching English Program 
  • Street Children Project 
  • Orphanage Volunteer Work in Peru 
  • Health Project 
  • Dental Project in Peru 
  • Teenage Mothers Program 
  • Wildlife Volunteer 

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International Volunteer Abroad Programs in Ecuador

Do you want to volunteer and travel in a new way? Do you have compassion and skills that can help others? Volunteer in Ecuador to experience personal growth and a life-changing adventure.

Quito is the highest capital city in the world. You will find stunning, thousand-year-old architecture under the Andes. There are also world-class bars, restaurants, and shops. Explore the scenic El Cajas National Park near Cuenca. Banos is the gateway to Amazonia and the home of extreme sports such as zip-lining and white-water rafting.

Ecuador remains plagued by poverty with over half of the population living in poverty. Poor access to education, undeveloped infrastructure, wealth inequalities, poor access to healthcare, and a lack of employment are all causes of poverty. Children are affected most. Ecuador needs volunteers now more than ever.

When you volunteer your expertise and skills in Ecuador, this is where you can help. You can teach English in rural and urban schools, work with street children, or help conservation efforts in the Galapagos cloud forest.

You can help the poor in this fascinating country, while also experiencing personal growth. Get information about volunteering in Ecuador to start your adventure!

  • Orphanage Volunteer Program
  • Teaching English 
  • Volunteer with Street Children
  • Conservation project

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Best Travel and Volunteering Opportunities in Guatemala

If you are looking for an unforgettable volunteer experience in Central America's most vibrant and fascinating countries, then look no further! Volunteer in Guatemala and enjoy the captivating landscapes and fascinating history of Mayan, Spanish and other blends while helping society.

Guatemala is a country that will appeal to those who are interested in Mayan history, beautiful mountainous landscapes, and one of the most rich cultures in the world. Guatemala is often called "the country with eternal spring", due to its stunning landscapes and amazing biodiversity. Many travelers love Guatemala's unique culture, which stems from its long history with Spain and the Maya native Maya people. Guatemala's rich history includes three centuries of Mayan civilization, three centuries of Spanish rule, and an almost four-decade-long guerrilla war. Culture buffs will find Guatemala an exciting adventure. Guatemala's poverty is widespread and deeply rooted. Nearly 51% of Guatemala's population lives in rural areas. This is due to an extremely uneven distribution of wealth in the country, where only 20% of the population has access to more than 50% of the riches. Get in touch with us to learn more about volunteering in Guatemala.

We have many awesome volunteering opportunities that you can choose right away:

  • Teach English Volunteering
  • Volunteer in Orphanage Project 
  • Healthcare Program
  • Volunteer for Street Children 

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