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Flight is one of the major concern regarding expenses while traveling abroad. Beside some special group such as Peace Corps, VSO and other long-term government program, finding volunteer abroad program with free flights and accommodation is a daunting task. However, if it is difficult to find volunteer abroad programs with flights included, you can lower flight and accommodation cost for volunteering abroad. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions on flights every volunteer has before volunteering abroad.

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Can I find volunteer abroad program with flights included?

Most of the volunteer abroad programs, other than some high school group volunteer and other special projects, do not cover airfare. You can notice relatively higher cost of program, if the airfare is included. If you are looking for cheap volunteering abroad programs, you will mostly end up finding programs that doesn't include airfare. However, if you still research for cheap programs with flights included, it will cost you more than $4000, where relatively higher airfare is added. So, it is better to find a volunteer abroad program without flight include. It is usually cheaper for you to book your own flights as you can book the flights as per your own budget and interest.

Do I have to book the flight ticket by myself?

Yes, you should book the flights by yourself since most volunteer organizations do not book air ticket for you. But you don't have to be worry because you can easily find the best flights deals by just searching on the internet. To book a flight on internet is just a matter of clicks. Therefore, it is better for a volunteer travelling internationally, booking flight by oneself is more better than to find a volunteer abroad program with flight included.

How much does it cost for international flights?

The cost of an international flight is determined by various factors such as season, travel, airline, booking time and destination. The cost is higher in demanded seasons such as Christmas, summer and so on. The airfare goes up in these seasons due to a lot of people travelling for holidays including students. The cost of flight ticket will also go high when you are booking at the last minute. It is best to research and plan consciously to get better flights deal and cut off your volunteer abroad cost.

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Where can I get cheap airfare?

You don't have to go anywhere to find cheap flights other than internet. There are number of websites in internet to help you finding best flight deals. They also allow you to compare the flight prices side-by-side. Many websites such as Trip Advisor, Expedia and Kayak are some of the great sources to find and compare flight deals.

How do I find airline that offers discount tickets for volunteers?

You can research on this topic by searching for 'discounted airfare for international humanitarian work'. You can find various resources to answer your query. However, we have sorted some sites such as Fly For Good, Key Travel and Raptim, which offer discounted flights for international volunteers. These sites provide services like "Flights for Humanitarian Travel" and "Humanitarian Airfare". These rates are the discounted rates for travelers who are engage in volunteer service.

How can I lower airfare cost?

Making careful plan in advance to search, compare and book your flight can significantly lower your airfare cost. You must never book you flight at the last minutes as flight cost are high when the departure date nears. However, we strongly suggest comparing the prices of different airlines and travel agencies online choosing flight deals. Try to avoid planning your trip in peak seasons (if possible), since the travel costs are high at this time. You can follow the flight rates by subscribing different ravel website to compare flight fluctuation. All in all, searching and comparing as many flight rates as possible from different alternatives is the way to lower airfare cost.

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Can I find volunteer abroad program with free flights and accommodations?

It is very rare to find volunteer abroad programs with free flights and accommodations. It is because that volunteer organizations usually don't get any funding to run their administrations. The overhead cost of the volunteer organization is absolutely covered via donation and programs fees paid by volunteers. However, there are very few programs where free flights and accommodation for volunteers are provided. To learn more on volunteer abroad program with free flights and accommodation, you can go through these sites; Peace Crops, VSO and World Teach.

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