Peru Teenage Mother Volunteer Program

Last Updated: May 30, 2022

Peru Teenage Mother Volunteer Program

Peru's landscapes are varied, with interesting geoglyphs among them. Cusco and Machu Picchu are the most popular summer tourist attractions since the country's mountains experience less rain in the summer and the temperature is comfortable. Peru's most elaborate and beautiful weavings are as complicated as the country itself. During festivals, old traditions are preserved, the urban avant-garde promotes innovation, and nature provides a diverse range of experiences. Hiking across the gorgeous Andes to the world-famous Inca fortress of Machu Picchu is the most popular destination for most visitors to Peru. However, this represents a small portion of the country's total wealth.

You may participate in all elements of the project as a volunteer in Peru when you join our teen mother empowerment initiative. This empowers women by allowing them to be more self-sufficient and financially independent. These organizations are in critical need of volunteers due to a severe dearth of manpower and supervision. You will be assisting teens who have been sexually assaulted, resulting in an unplanned pregnancy at an early age. Additionally, you will support adolescent moms to reconstruct their lives in order to improve their economic status by building initiatives that provide them and their children with consistent income.

Volunteer’s Roles Responsibilities and Activities

They lack the necessary business knowledge and abilities to manage a profitable firm, and they frequently lack awareness of issues such as sanitation and marketing. You may educate them on every part of the pastry company, or any other that requires similar small-scale revenue generators.You will participate in whatever manner you can to aid these moms according to your talents, knowledge, and experience.
Your job with them will focus heavily on English education, as well as bookkeeping and marketing abilities, pastry distribution possibilities, product quality, and overall personal cleanliness. Young moms require someone to offer them love and support while reminding them that they and their children have a bright future ahead of them. You will be assisting them in regaining their confidence in order to start a successful business and enjoy parenting.

Arrival and Orientation

Our team members will meet you at Cusco's Velasco Astete Aeropuerto International Airport and transport you to your community home or host family lodging. You have the rest of the day to relax and experience Peruvian hospitality. In a formal atmosphere, you will meet the organizers and other members of your group. You will have a better understanding of Peru and your program at orientation. Later in the voyage, you'll pass through Cusco, which is known for its historical significance and natural beauty.


Ten to fifteen persons might be accommodated in the shared residence. Gender-specific dormitory rooms in a hostel-style setting are offered for group living. The commander of each group has his or her own sleeping quarters. The dining and living spaces, as well as the restrooms, include Wi-Fi. Host families may be given as an option, depending on the size of the event. Our host family has passed thorough background checks, has been a part of our program for several years, and has gotten high accolades from prior participants. On request, upgraded accommodations are available.

Free Time Travel Activities in  Peru

Cusco, Peru's Andean city, was the Inca Empire's capital until recently, and it is now known for its archaeological remains and Spanish colonial architecture. You may have fun at the beach, during summer carnivals, and by engaging in outdoor activities and games.

Meanwhile, relax and take in the sights of Cusco. Our team will assist you in making future arrangements if this is your last day in the program. Those that stick with the program will be given a two-day weekend to unwind. Placements that last more than a week are considered in the same way. Monday through Friday, you'll be working on the project. Saturday and Sunday are completely yours to do as you like.

Fees and Cost

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