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Latin America Volunteer and Travel Abroad 101: Explore South and Central America

Last Updated: June 20, 2022

Latin America Volunteer and Travel Abroad 101: Explore South and Central America

Latin America offers something for every interest and its top attractions are some of the most fascinating and memorable on the planet. There are mighty rivers and breathtaking wilderness areas. The richness in diversity has no equal among other territories of the globe. The fusion of indigenous, African and European tradition has lent a great richness to Latin American culture, notably in literature and music.

Latin America (Central and South America) not only provides you with many destinations and cultures to explore but also with various volunteer opportunities for those who wish to use their free time in helping the community and make their travel more meaningful.

What is Volunteer and Travel Abroad?

Volunteer and travel abroad, as the word suggests is volunteering work that requires you to travel abroad. With traveling to beautiful destinations, people also want to add a little meaning to their life and what better way to do that than to help the community. It's difficult to spend your entire time in another country just traveling. You need some time to relax, unwind and learn more about the local people. People nowadays like to spend their free time volunteering rather than staying inside their hotel rooms.

How to Volunteer in Latin America

You can find various programs to volunteer in Latin America ranging from marine conservation programs to street children projects based on your expertise and preference. A large number of organizations arrange volunteer abroad programs to make volunteering more accessible. You can do your research based on the available programs, your desired timing, your desired country and choose the most appropriate one for you.

Latin America provides volunteer programs such as: orphanage volunteer work, health project, dental project, teenage mother program, wildlife conservation, volunteering in education, community development, street children project and various others. While searching for volunteer programs abroad make sure to do your proper research regarding the finances and your accommodation facilities prior to your visit. 

Why People Love to Travel South America

South America is an incredible continent to travel around. The amazing combination of unique landscapes, diverse cultures and delicious food are the main tourist attractions.  

It is mostly famous for the Andes Mountains and the Amazon River. South America is home to one of the most picturesque landscapes, unspoiled jungles, and panoramic beaches.

The infinity of fruits and vegetables that exist in each country, the best coffee in the world, the best cocoa in the world and an exquisite variety of meat and seafood, are just some examples of everything you can find in this continent. With beautiful destinations and cuisines, you will also meet spectacular people who will help you at all times and make your visit more remarkable.

Why People Love to Travel Central America

The entire region of Central America is filled with rain forests, beautiful coastlines, hot beaches and rivers where you can take a swim, and mountains and volcanoes to climb. Central America has a rich history and traditions. This region is home to hundreds of ancient Mayan ruins. The Mayan civilization left some great cities for future generations to explore.

Central America is covered with volcanoes, which create rich, fertile soil for farmland. Many people fish here too. The most central part of Central America is 125 miles from the ocean and to the east lies hundreds of islands known as the Caribbean Islands. The countries have a wealth of attractions aside from beaches and resorts. It also consists of remarkably well-preserved Mayan pyramids, temples and even entire cities, as well as colonial sites and natural wonders.

Best Destinations to Volunteer and Travel Abroad in Latin America

Latin America has many beautiful destinations to explore and also has a lot of volunteer opportunities to choose from. If you are searching for destinations to volunteer abroad then countries like Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala can be some of the best choices. 

These countries provide you with various volunteer opportunities like orphanage volunteer work, health project, dental project, teenage mother program, wildlife conservation, volunteering in education, etc. 

Latin America is also filled with beautiful destinations for you to explore and make your volunteer experience more remarkable.

Volunteer and Travel Abroad in Ecuador

Ecuador's charm lies in the white-sand beaches, villages around Amazonian rainforest and majestic Andes which makes it one of the most sought after destinations of South America. Volunteering in Ecuador is a chance to be part of activities developed to mitigate the economic and social problems looming around the marginalized communities of the country. Contributing your skills and life experiences can be helpful to bring some change in that.

Some of the volunteering programs in Ecuador are:

  • Galapagos conservation project
  •  Orphanage volunteer program
  • Teaching volunteer program
  •  Conservation in cloud forest
  •  Street children project;

Volunteer and Travel Abroad in Peru

A blend of both ancient and modern lifestyles, indigenous and European cultures, Peru is one of the most bio diverse places on Earth. Boasting the majesty of Andes, the largest mountain range in the world after Himalaya, Peru is still the most indigenous country in South America.

But the country is going through hardship for a promising economic future. From development of a good education system to eradicating the inequalities in life standards of Peruvians, there are lots of challenges this country is facing. Volunteering in Peru programs can provide that alliance to fight against these challenges.

The volunteering opportunities in Peru are:

  • Medical volunteer program 
  • Teenage mother empowerment program
  • Childcare volunteer program 
  • Teaching programs
  • Street children programs
  •  Conservation volunteer program 

Volunteer and Travel Abroad in Costa Rica

Blessed with the pristine charm of the rainforest, undiscovered beaches and myriad of wild animals, Costa Rica is an ultimate destination for the nature lovers and the aesthetes.

Like other parts of the world, Costa Rica is also not spared from environmental issues and problems. Deforestation and extinction of wild lives is one the major concerns of the Costa Ricans. Volunteering in Costa Rica for this global cause can underscore the voices rising against the causes of climate change and biosphere degradation.

Some volunteer opportunities in costa Rica are:

  • Community volunteer program 
  • Marine conservation project
  • Teaching volunteer program
  • Wildlife conservation project
  • Community development

Volunteer and Travel Abroad in Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the most diverse countries, offering landscapes and experiences that capture travelers from all over the world. Comprising lakes, beaches, volcanoes and jungles, the unparalleled natural wonders of this place makes it one ultimate destination for anyone looking forward to travel and volunteer abroad. 

Despite its natural beauty and heritage, Guatemala has experienced instability and civil wars since the 19th century, all of these leading to poverty and inequality issues the country is still facing. Therefore volunteering in Guatemala for different development projects can be a great contribution for the people of Guatemala. 

Volunteer opportunities in Guatemala are:

  • Work in orphanage
  • Help rehabilitate street children
  • Teach English in rural schools
  • Women support project
  • Healthcare projects


Latin America (South and Central America) consists of beautiful destinations ranging from Amazonian forest, the Andes, volcanoes, various temples etc. which makes it one of the most beautiful tourist destinations.  Beautiful places to explore and various volunteering opportunities makes Latin America one of the most sought destinations for volunteer and travel abroad. Volunteering opportunities ranging from women support projects to wildlife conservation programs can be found in various places of Latin America (South and Central America).

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