India Medical Healthcare Volunteer Program

Last Updated: January 15, 2024

India Medical Healthcare  Volunteer Program

India is considered as a landmass instead of a country. From the bone chilling pinnacles of the Himalayas to the tropical vegetation of Kerala, India has an unrivaled assortment of scenes, societies and individuals, customs, profound convictions, celebrations, design and scenes. India is renowned for its social variety and limitlessness. One of the seven new ponders of the world and one of India's most visited attractions, the Taj Mahal is situated in the district. From lovely Indian Ocean sea shores to snow-covered Himalayas, the Central Highlands and the Thar Desert, India brings a ton to the table to voyagers.

India is battling hygienic difficulties such as individuals avoiding the use of toilets, which has resulted in many Indians succumbing to infectious diseases. To raise awareness about health services and a healthy lifestyle, people from all over the world must join in activities that can make a difference in such a circumstance. Volunteering in India's medical and healthcare services might lead to such an opportunity.

Volunteer’s Roles Responsibilities and Activities

At the Project, you'll meet up with your coordinator. You will participate in clinic research and development discussions if you assist the clinic personnel. You'll be working in a medical context, where you'll be exposed to data collection, entry, analysis, and the medical literature. You’ll collaborate with local medical specialists to learn about India medical practice and assist with treatment. During your placement, you will be supported by a member of the local team. Your coordinators are ready to help you in every manner possible. The initiative focuses on bringing volunteers from all around the world together to raise health awareness in a developing nation like India.

Arrival and Orientation

Our delegate will meet you at the Indira Gandhi International Airport and transport you to your neighborhood or getting family. The rest of the day is yours to loosen up and participate in India's convenience. In a legitimate air, you will meet your coordinators and individual get-together people. You will all the more profoundly concentrate on India and your program at the course. Later in the event, you'll go to India, which is known for its fountains and standard radiance.


The shared apartment could accommodate ten to fifteen people. For group living, gender-specific dormitory rooms in a hostel-style atmosphere are available. Each group's leader has his or her own sleeping quarters. Wi-Fi is available in the dining and living areas, as well as the toilets. Depending on the magnitude of the event, host families may be offered as an alternative. Our host family has undergone extensive background checks, has been a part of our program for many years, and has received great praise from previous participants. Upgraded accommodations are available upon request.

Free Time Travel Activities in Galle

Gurgaon is a northern Indian city around a half-drive hour's southwest of New Delhi. It has a reputation for being a financial and technological powerhouse. The Kingdom of Dreams is a vast theater complex where a variety of shows are presented. Sheetala Mata Mandir is a Hindu shrine with orange and white stripes. Cameras and prints from the preceding century are on display at the Vintage Camera Museum.

Meanwhile, relax and take in the sights of Gurgaun, India. Our team will assist you in making future arrangements if this is your last day in the program. Those that stick with the program will be given a two-day weekend to unwind. Placements that last more than a week are considered in the same way.

Fees and Cost

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