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Climate Change and Conservation Volunteers: Why Our World Needs Them Now?

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

Climate Change and Conservation Volunteers: Why Our World Needs Them Now?

Our planet is being plagued with different environmental issues like climate change, global warming, natural disasters that are threatening the ecological balance, natural resources, human beings, it is evident that people need to take responsibility, come forward, embed climate risks in every conservation effort.

The world is majorly under the stress due to the devastating consequences of the climate change.

As we know climate change is real and now is the time to address its adversity, initiate climate smart conservation and build a resilient environment to combat the issues of climate change. Thus, our world is in dire need of enthusiastic and committed conservation volunteers now more than ever.


Amidst the pressing environmental challenges our plant is facing in the current times, Climate Change is one of the most evident and challenging issue. The drastic shift in the weather patterns, irregular rainfalls, frequent droughts, melting of ice, rising sea levels are all the havoc wrecked by the consequences of the global climate change.

Climate change is the major threat to human, biodiversity and most importantly our mother, Earth. The Green House Gases emissions arising from the burning of fossil fuels, oils, gases, Deforestation, fluorinated gases are some of the major contributors to climate crisis. Although the climate crisis is evident, climate actions and climate solutions are proving to be effective for the reduction in the gigantic emissions.


The disruption on the natural and ecological balance, loss and extinction of several floral and faunal species, wildfires in the forests, severe rainfalls and frequent droughts are some of the consequences of the climate change. The net damage of this environmental issue is increasingly significant today while it will only worsen in the years to come.

From the artic polar bears to sea turtles, every species of the planet is affected by the climate change. Affecting people’s health and livelihood, ecosystem balance, environmental sustainability, climate change poses real, existential threat to our planet. Thus to achieve environmental sustainability, various effective climate actions should be incorporated to address climate change risks and safeguard the world.


Volunteering is a powerful way of involving creative, determined and enthusiastic individuals that opens up the greater participation of the people and compel the various stakeholders to take actions to reduce the GHG emissions, global warming and protect the environment. Volunteering aids to raise awareness among the local communities and demands governments intervention to take climate actions.

Volunteers contribute in a large scale to address climate change issues, work towards climate change adaptation and advocate to implement strong actions to curb down climate crisis and thus help in safeguarding the environment. From celebrities to young school children, individuals are working towards protecting environment and initiating climate activism.


Volunteerism in climate change involves the interventions at local, regional to global levels in order to monitor and raise concerns regarding the diverse issues pertaining to climate change. Climate change volunteering is one of the effective opportunities to assess the impacts of climate change, to create awareness among the people and draw the governments attention to focus on climate actions firmly.

Not only the climate change volunteering helps to bring together creative minds focused and determined to work towards assessing and combating issues of climate change, but also helps local communities, government, policy makers to mobilize the various resources for initiating climate actions, create awareness and initiate climate activism and advocacy.


Along with the rise in the various environmental issues, the consciousness, awareness and zeal to involve oneself on the various conservation plans, actions and opportunities is taking a good momentum all over the world. The immense love and care towards the nature, wildlife and most importantly our planet has driven individuals towards conservation volunteering.

Developing countries like Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Kenya, Costa Rica offers volunteering opportunities in different sectors like environmental conservation, natural resources management, marine conservation, wildlife conservation volunteering etc. conservation volunteers also aid to build a coherent relationship between locals with the nature that aids to the conservation campaigns and efforts to protect the environment and its biodiversity.


Blessed with the pristine forests that inhabits wide range of floral and faunal species, Nepal offers diverse range of volunteering opportunities like wildlife conservation projects, natural resource conservation projects and environment conservation projects. Volunteers can involve themselves in environmental conservation works, pollution reduction campaigns, river cleaning projects, community-based awareness campaigns relating to resource utilization and consumption etc.

Volunteers can also get engaged in the conservation projects in the national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, breeding farms and conservation areas in Nepal. Major national parks like Chitwan National Park, Bardiya National Park and conservation areas like Annapurna Conservation area, Shivapuri Conservation area and other wildlife breeding farms opens up the opportunity where volunteers can enroll in the conservation of the Asiatic elephant, mammals, birds and reptiles.

Costa Rica

Famous for its sea turtle and marine conservation projects, Costa Rica offers volunteering opportunity to help in the conservation of the sea turtles, their eggs and nests from the predators and poachers. Volunteers get the opportunity to help in the turtle care, patrol and clean the beaches, locate their eggs and rescue and rehabilitate them to ensure the survival of sea turtles.

Sri Lanka

Volunteers can sign up for the various elephant conservation projects in Sri Lanka and help in the conservation activities of these giant mammals. Volunteers are mainly involved in the care of the habitat and food of elephant and their babies. Volunteers will help to build the relationship of the local community with the elephants and creating a positive impact to lessen the human wildlife conflict.


While deforestation and erosion is the major challenge for the conservation of the forests in the Ecuador, volunteers can get involved in the forest restoration projects of Ecuador. There is plenty of opportunity for volunteers to get involved in the various conservation initiatives for the environment protection and restoration of the Amazonian forests.


One of the exotic places of earth, Kenya is famous for its wild species and it will give a life time experience for all the volunteers wanting to experience the wilderness of the country. Kenya offers wide range of volunteering opportunity in wildlife conservation, biodiversity and environment conservation along with the community members depending on the volunteer’s education, interest and duration of the stay.


Degradation of the environment has led to species loss, deterioration of the ecological stability and caused severe threat to planet. Not only the volunteers help in conservation and protection of the environment, but they also facilitate in conservation of the species, their habitats and empowers the local communities to take efforts in the safeguarding their environment.

Volunteering is a perfect blend of travel with purpose. Volunteers from all over the world can take part in the Wildlife conservation volunteering, forest conservation volunteering, marine conservation volunteering programs to protect the environment sustainability and diversity depending on their interest, desire and capability to contribute.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: What does conservation volunteer do?

Answer: Conservation volunteers dedicate themselves in the various conservation efforts relating to environment, protect the endangered species and their habitats that are exposed to the extinction threats and work towards creating a resilient ecosystem. They help to create awareness among the communities, work with the organization and governmental agencies to support conservation efforts.

Question 2: How is conservation affected by climate change?

Answer: Climate change is undeniably the major threat to the planet and human civilization and its effects seems to be exacerbating with each passing years if proper climate change mitigation efforts are not implemented. Climate change leads to extreme weather conditions, irregular rainfalls, fires, prolonged droughts that poses the threat to biodiversity conservation, species distribution and abundance, their habitat quality.

Question 3: Which country can they work at?

Answer: Various developing countries like Nepal, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kenya offer nature volunteering, environmental conservation volunteering, wildlife conservation volunteering, natural resources conservation projects etc. for the interested individuals. The scope of the international volunteering opportunities is very diverse from land to water, plants to animal species, from awareness raising to actions taking.

Question 4: Can volunteers make an impact against climate change?

Answer: One of the severe threats to the planet, Climate change is adversely affecting every species, ecosystem and humans on the earth. Climate Change Volunteers can help the world to realize the magnitude of the consequences of climate change and develop the conscience of the humans to eliminate and reduce the factors leading to climate change and promote recyclability, reusability and sustainability.

Conclusion:Climate Change and Conservation Volunteers

As cliché as it sounds, while humans are the key drivers of the major environmental challenges like climate change, global warming, deforestation, species extinction etc., human beings are the only ones in charge of protecting and safeguarding the environment and maintain the ecosystem. Thus, there is a perfect way of getting involved in protecting and conserving environment and slowing down the major environmental problems- Volunteering!

Our world is in dire need of climate change volunteers and conservation volunteers to put forward environmental movement, climate activism and advocacy and help the build resilient communities, promote environmental sustainability and mobilize the government institutions to address global environment issues. These volunteers offer practical solutions to solve the climate and ecological crisis and support community led conservation actions to protect environment, plants, animals and safeguard the Earth.

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