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6 Best Calm and Mindful Meditation Apps of 2023

From Headspace, Calm, to Insight Timer, find out what are the best calm and mindful meditation apps of 2023 for you.

Last Updated: January 19, 2023

6 Best Calm and Mindful Meditation Apps of 2023

We have been so accustomed to our daily routines and regular responsibilities that it has become very difficult to manage some time for a mindful moment, or to schedule our regular routines for meditation and yoga. To build a foundation of regular meditation practice with proper guidance and instruction, you will definitely need support. For such support you will either have to join a meditation retreat or follow some instructor. However, in our busy life this may not be possible for everyone.

So, what can be the solution for this? How can you manage your meditation practices and timing by yourself? No worries there are some apps on meditation that will help you manage your meditation practices. These apps include the instructions, tips, methods and even the progress trackers and reminders and many other features which can help you get the better performance at your meditation.

For this year 2023 , we have picked some of the best calm meditation apps, based on the expert review. We hope this will be helpful for you to start and continue your meditative journey


Headspace is one of our picks for this year. This app is designed for a wide range of meditation practices, from beginner level to pro level, this app includes varieties of themes covering meditation and mindfulness. With almost 1200K reviews and ratings so far and more than 10 million downloads in the android alone. This app will definitely become one of our suggested apps for this year.


Reviews: Google Play (290k), Appstore (919.9k), Total: 1209900
Ratings: Google Play (4.4), Appstore (4.8), Average:4.6
Cost: $12.99 per month or $69.99 per year after a free seven-day trial
Size: 196.5 MB


An award-winning app of guided meditation and sleep, Calm is widely appreciated among the users because of the availability of a wide range of meditation exercises, sleep stories and nature sounds. Available for both android and ios, calm is highly reviewed in both platforms, it is also ranked #6 in appstore in Health & Fitness category and it is editor’s choice in google play. If you are looking for an app to reduce anxiety & stress while getting good sleep, Calm is definitely the app you might want to pick.


Reviews: Google Play (521k), Appstore (1.6M), Total: 2121000
Ratings: Google Play (4.4), Appstore (4.8), Average:4.6
Cost: Free trial with Calm Premium ranging from $14.99 to $69.99
Size: 125.1 MB

Healthy Minds Program

One of the selected apps by New York Times , It is a holistic app encompassing the mindfulness , meditation, wellness and other aspects of a healthy mind. With more than 100k downloads in Google Play and highly rated in app stores, Healthy Minds Program is one of the recommendable apps for 2023.


Reviews: Google Play (3.34k), Appstore (3.2k), Total: 6540
Ratings: Google Play (4.9), Appstore (4.9), Average:4.9
Cost: Free
Size: 84.5 MB

Insight Timer

A popular meditation app offering guided meditation and relaxation music, Insight Timer is an app for meditation for sleep and anxiety. With this app you can build habits that are good for your mental health, you can create personalized routines, you can have deep and longer sleep. So for all those looking for an app to start your spiritual journey of meditation and peace of mind, this app can be one of your picks. With millions of users and one of the editor’s choice, this app is an ultimate tool to help with calmness, meditation and sound sleep.


Reviews: Google Play (209k), Appstore (386.8k), Total: 595800
Ratings: Google Play (4.8), Appstore (4.9), Average:4.9
Cost: Free
Size: 226.7 MB

Meditation Studio

Listed in the Times 50 best apps of the year and one of the best health apps in Forbes. Meditation Studio is an app where you can download meditation and practice anywhere. You can get some sleep, relax and let go of stress. This app is ideal if you are looking for calm in the midst of chaos. With the personalized program features where the users can set specific goals and make progress tracking, this app is downloaded and liked by thousands of people around the world.


Reviews: Google Play (1.42k), Appstore (8.9k), Total: 10320
Ratings: Google Play (4.9), Appstore (4.8), Average:4.9
Cost: Free Trial with Monthly Package at $7.99
Size: 51.3MB

The Mindfulness App

An app to learn about meditating and improving inner wellbeing, a platform to practice meditation with 450+ courses from experts around the world, an App which is designed for the users from beginners to expert, The Mindfulness is an ultimate source for the seekers of mindfulness and meditation. With around a million downloads and highly reviewed by the users, also featured in forbes in the list of best meditation apps of 2023, this app can enhance your meditation practice with reminder, planner and inbuilt tracker.


Reviews: Google Play (18.8k), Appstore (6k), Total: 24800
Ratings: Google Play (4.6), Appstore (4.8), Average:4.7
Cost: Free Trial with Monthly Package at $9.99
Size: 183.8MB

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the number 1 meditation app?

The answer definitely varies with your expectations and requirements from the meditation practices. However, we are pretty much sure that #1 meditation app should be one of our picks mentioned above.

Is Headspace or Calm better?

Looking at total reviews and average rating Calm is ahead in this comparison, however if you look at the range of features and themes, headspace is also leading the race. Overall, it depends on the user's need and choice to decide which one is better.

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