What's The Best Thing About Traveling?

What's The Best Thing About Traveling?

We all need a change in our daily lives to bring a new taste to it. There are various things that we can do to have that change and feel better, happy and refreshed. Traveling is one of them. Here are few of the things that we make traveling one of the best experiences:

Escape from normal mundane life

We all get bored with our repeating schedules. Every day following the routines, doing the same thing again and again, sometimes that gets through our nerves. Traveling can be a way to escape from this normal routine life. You can break the chain of regular activities by visiting a new place, meeting new people and having entirely new experiences, which can be provided by a travel moment.

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Facing your fears

best traveling challenge

We often fear new and we fear what we don’t understand or what we have not understood yet. Traveling brings many new experiences, it makes you face the situations you have never experienced before or sometimes which is difficult for you to understand. Initially you might find it strange but later you will realize the world works that way. It is different from place to place. The world is not just what is happening around your house. Traveling can help you overcome this fear of newness and the fear of unknown territories around the world.

Traveling Helps you learn who you are

When you are traveling, you’ll have plenty of time to be with yourself. Away from your work and responsibilities, this is the moment you spare for yourself. In the meantime, you’ll have a chance to look inside you and find who you really are. We have many qualities inside us but we are unaware of them, traveling gives you a peaceful moment to look inside you and know who you are, what your capabilities are, which way you have been going and which way you should steer yourself forward.

Traveling Improves your perspective for the world

When you are traveling you will be in an entirely new place where you’ll meet strangers and you’ll become their friends. You will face the different nature of the planet and its inhabitants. Throughout the journey you will feel that your perspective has been broadened, your understanding of the world and its people has been expanded with new experiences.

Traveling Teaches you every journey is filled with challenges

Traveling always comes with so many challenges. Adapting to a new place, new climate, new geography, new culture, new people and their new behaviors are all very common challenges of a journey. Besides, you might have to face something unexpected like getting lost in the path and finding a way out, after all, you have to reach where you’re going. Coping with these challenges and finding the solutions give you a major lesson for life that every journey is filled with challenges but your destiny is defined by the solutions we discover.

Traveling Builds Beautiful Memories

best traveling beautiful memories

We often spend money to build something physical. But we are not only living in this physical world, we are also living spiritually. What lies in our memories are also equally important to make us happy. To feel beautiful we have to think beautiful and we can only think beautiful if we have beautiful memories. Traveling different places and experiencing new things can help build up such beautiful memories.

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Traveling Is Good For Health

Walking, trekking and hiking are good cardio exercises. Traveling in new places induces the enzymes in our body. It makes us happy and healthy. Besides physical health, traveling is also good for psychological health. Traveling makes you feel happy, looking at the world and the struggle of other peoples living in it, you will realize how small you are, you will stop worrying about yourself, which is a key for good psychological balance.

Traveling helps you understand different cultures

best traveling understand cultures

Traveling is also about meeting new people and adapting with their culture. To enjoy a new place, it is crucial for you to blend yourself with that place, for that, it is essential to understand the culture and tradition of that place. Understanding different cultures is helpful to broaden our perspective and be open to everything that comes in your life.

You will miss your home and your people back home 

 Natural tendency of almost every person is they often forget the value of the regular things in their lives, ubiquitous is taken as granted and we don’t realize its value. We dont miss our people in our home until we leave them for a while. Traveling abroad gives you that moment to miss your people and things back home. You feel fulfilled and happy when you return back to your home after completing a journey.

Words from the people around the world

We have asked in social media “What’s the best thing about traveling?” Here are what people across the world said:

"When I am resting at a new place on a road under a new trip and thinking: wow, such a long way I have been made, and much longer one lies before."

"Leave all worries behind"

"Strong struggle with wish"

"Seeing first hand that the world is full with different perspectives"

“New sceneries, new customs, different foods”

"Meeting new people"

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"To see new place"

"Seeing the beauty elsewhere and how people live differently to us."

"Traveling to destination."


"Discover new friends."

"Seeing another part of the world"

"Meeting other cultures."

"Arriving home exhausted."

"Trying new foods from other countries."

"Coming home"

"Road trip"

"Gorgeous scenery"

"Leaving. the. house"

"Music cranked up going to beach and mountains"



"No stress!!! different scenery trying different foods"

"Room service."

"Meeting new people and learning about different cultures"

"Coming home!"

 "Coming home to my own bed to my beautiful wife"

"Getting away"

"Definitely freedom!"

"New scenery!"

"Not being in lockdown"

"Getting there"

"Different scenery/landscapes"

"Exploring a new area & learning about it or else relaxation!!"

"Meeting new people. Seeing new lands."


"Going there for the first time"

"Exploring new places"

"Getting Home."

"Expanding your horizons, literally and metaphorically, meeting people with different attitudes and different ways of life."

"Mountain climbing."

"The smells and noises of a new country"

"All of it!"

"See things differently."

"Memories that never fade away."

"You realise how small you are as a single person and there is so much more to learn and experience than your small life. Unexpected stories, random people with random stories. I started appreciating every small thing."

"To go to a place where you don’t speak the language, nor know the streets, or any foods and habits. It’s like discovering a new world each time."

"Freedom! On solo backpacking travel "

"Freedom when solo travelling! And food lol"


"Beautiful nature place And Food ! "

"Getting lost and finding nice places"

"The people"

"People and food"

" Escape from work and freshen up your mind."

"Freedom, new people, new places, food, adventure"

"Escaping modern life and exploring new places. Adventure !"

"It's like being on an adventure"

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"Seeing the day start in a new place. Watching the people and what they do. The smells, the sounds and how their system operates. Every place and it's people has its way and I love to see it"

"New places, new people, new food, freedom, new adventures.....and I miss it!!!!!"

"Seeing new sites, doing new activities. Exploring new horizons. Getting to know new people. And learning something new."

"Experience things as if for the first time"

"People, cultures, places and adventures"

"New places, food, experiences and people"

"Discover new cultures and ways of doing. Nothing better for open mindedness and question our own way of living"

"Meet new people.. see the beauty of the world with your own eyes and get to taste the other's culture."

"Lost in the right way"

"Experience something you could have no chance to experience in your original life"

"Figure out something new and then got a new friends many a lot of things positive of being a traveller"

"And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time."

"Freedom to discover the unknown, and to expand one's global perspective and humanity."

"You can escape people and their bullshit and completely disappear into nature."

"The best thing about Traveling is you feel very very small in this big world.!!

And we are free to explore any place, anything, meet new people, try local cuisines etc etc!"

"Discovering every new thing, culture, architecture, ppl, clothing, music, making new friends, and the most important to me FOOD haha yes FOOOOOD"

"Spending money on the right thing"

"The thrill of the unexpected"

"Talk to strangers and become friends"

"Learning about other cultures and series life from multiple angles"

"Travelling to places makes you speechless and then you turn into a Storyteller"

"Learning of different cultures, peace of mind, just getting away"

"Personal growth & learning about another’s culture & way of life"

"Makes me brave."

"Escaping everyday life"

"Getting lost"

"That it's all about you and connection with your mind only"

"Discover people, place and culture"

"Food and sights linked with people"


"Variety and feeling vitally alive from experiencing mental, emotional, physical growth. I enjoy experiencing each new place, culture, food and people."

"Allowing your eyes to drink in new surroundings"

"Escaping daily routine boring life for a while and experiencing something new"

"Seeing and experiencing different cultures and meeting the people"

"The uncertainty of the unknown and the nervous breakdown if something does not go according to plan. Love it!"

"Soul charging in every way"

"Talking to new people along the way"

"Freedom and Adventures "

"Eye pleasing views, mouthwatering foods and heartwarming people."

"I always heal my heart with solo travel."

"Meet new friend"

"Travel gives you cool stories"

"Dating local people"

"Experiencing new cultures"

"Meeting new people and exploring their cultures."

"Soul satisfaction"

"The feeling of freedom, the respite from monotony, the thrill of voyaging and then the memories"

"The peaceful feeling and calmness when you begin the travel"

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