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What You Can Do as a Volunteer in this Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic?

What You Can Do as a Volunteer in this Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic?

The world is moved by a new type of virus that emerged by the late December 2019 from the Huwan province of China, Novel coronavirus COVID-19. The disease has spread over 209 countries around the world with estimated 75,000 deaths so far. Because of this virus, humanity now is facing one of the biggest challenges.

The entire globe seems to be locked down almost as every country has put some travel restrictions in the borders and now people are unable to travel fearlessly from one place to another and the situation is perpetuating every other day.

As the extent of aftermath exceeded in Italy, Spain and USA compared to China, now most of the European countries including Germany, UK and France are also in the position of lockdown. Many states of the United States of America have also declared social distance and self-isolation for its people. And almost the entire planet seems to be stock-still.

So in this situation, when keeping the distance from people has become very crucial to avoid the infection, how can you help someone in need while the outbreak doesn't seem to slow any sooner?

Not only for the world economy and finance, this novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has brought a never seen before challenge for philanthropy and altruism as well. 

Sometimes we have to adapt to a new environment and we have to practice the things in different ways. This applies to Volunteering and humanitarian work as well. This outbreak however can bring the best out of us as well. We have witnessed some of the incredible display of generosity and empathy in this moment of crisis. 

We have seen thousands of people coming forward to help the most vulnerable with shopping and delivering medicines. We have seen people providing some of the basic needs like toilet papers and hand sanitizers to the people in need.

Different ways and mediums people use to convey the message about safety and precaution from the coronavirus COVID-19 is also an example how people are concerned about the health and safety of others.

Stay safe when supporting others

Looking at the current situation, the best thing to do is keep supporting the causes you care about but also maintain the physical distance from the people. Use digital and distance methods to provide your support to the people. If you're healthy and at low risk that doesn’t mean the coronavirus will spare you. You have to be extra careful about your safety and the safety of the people around you while helping others.

In times of crisis, the best of humanity comes out, and we have always evolved with the moment of crisis like this. Therefore, it is obvious that we will have to develop some upgraded methods and practices for volunteering abroad.

We have a very little chance to go out and help others. Because of social distancing and lockdown, yes, it is difficult. But we have new technologies which can bolster our willingness by reducing these borders. Volunteering doesn’t always need your physical presence. Sometimes you can share your skills and knowledge using the digital media as well. 

Thinking positive and staying positive can also be really helpful for the people around you. If you can spread the positive vibes to the people you are communicating, even that can be a big support at this moment of crisis.

Take Care of The Older People in Your Family and Community

Taking care of older people or elderly in your house of community can reduce the risk of these people being attacked by these diseases. You have to be extra careful for the safety of elderly people in your family and community as the record shows that older people are the major victim of the coronavirus COVID-19

Staying connected with your people using the technologies

In this time of crisis created by the pandemic, moral elevation is also essential to ensure the well-being of the people. Moral elevation is increased positive emotion which induces the feeling of staying connected with other humans. It is important for people to stay connected with each other and share positive feelings. Using latest technologies like facebook messenger, viber, whatsapp , viber , we chat etc, you can still communicate with the people and bolster their confidence to fight against the coronavirus.

Conclusion: Volunteering in this Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

As everyone knows the world is facing some unprecedented situation. Volunteering and traveling overseas is almost impossible for the next few months. Many volunteer organizations have temporarily shut down their services, Peacecorp has started returning all their volunteers abroad, also International Volunteer HQ has stated that all of IVHQ’s three hundred plus volunteer abroad programs around the world are closed and will remain closed until at least the start of May. Projects Abroad has informed that due to the recent increase in travel restrictions across the globe, Projects Abroad advise all current and potential volunteers to postpone their trips until 1 June 2020 at the earliest. 

So, at this moment, the best way to keep your volunteer motive intact is to think positive and spread positivity. Current situations of travel restriction, self-isolation and social distance caused by coronavirus COVID-19 can stop your body from helping others but not your spirit. So, stay healthy and stay safe. Very soon you will embark on that journey of volunteering abroad.

Note: Please stay updated with the information and advices about coronavirus COVID-19 provided by World Health Organization (WHO) and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) before making your any next volunteer and travel abroad plans.

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