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5 Best Volunteer and Travel Abroad Programs, Opportunities and Organizations in Peru

5 Best volunteer and travel abroad Programs, Opportunities and Organizations in Peru

Peru is the only country which definitely has something for everyone. Either you’re a curious history nerd, beach buddy, foodie or a nature lover, Peru is the ultimate destination for you! Peru with 28 individual climates all in one country, has plenty of diverse ecosystems and natural variety to offer from the Andes Mountain to the desert in Huacachina Oasis. You can surf and have a good time with sun, sand, and crystals water at El Silencio, Punta Sal, and Punta Hermosa or have an amazed face while hiking and encountering the ancient civilization at the hidden Inca ruins. Also, you will be meeting the people, who are the museum of their Inca ancestors, serving you the Americans the best cuisines and drinks. 

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While you will be having Ceviche for the first time, and buying souvenirs from the Pinche market, you can return home with more than just pictures and souvenirs, a thank you note from Peruvian. Peruvian people are the most hardworking and welcoming people, but they are not living the life they actually deserve. More than 30% of its total population is under the poverty line and because of the disparity between the middle and lower class and centralized development, all people don’t have access to proper education, healthcare, and don’t live a quality of life. 

How Peru Can Provide Best volunteer and travel abroad Programs?

Peru can provide you the best volunteering abroad experience for two reasons: the impact, you can make on the Peruvian community and the experience of living in Peru. Peru, in itself, has been in the bucket list of millions of travelers and explorers. As a Volunteer in Peru, this will be a wonderful opportunity to explore the country more than a tourist could do. You will be exploring the ruins, learning the ancient Peruvian culture, experiencing the first-hand diversity of climate and geography, having the Ceviche, and buying the souvenirs from the Pisac market, while also impacting the Peruvian community in the best way possible.

Peru being a developing country, still, the majority of people lack the basic needs and don’t live the quality life. As a volunteer, you can offer your time, effort, and skill to uplift the condition of children, women, youth, animals, and the environment. Either you are a student or a professional, you can hone your hands-on experience, skill, and also get academic credits while volunteering in Peru. This can be a lifetime experience in the astonishing and ancient Peru.

What are some of the best volunteer and travel abroad programs in Peru?

Peru, being a developing country, it still lacks in the basic infrastructure of development like health, education, and nutrition. Though tourism has been helping economically to sustain the country, it still doesn’t have a promising economic future, because of which the Peruvian are facing a lot of challenges. Because of poverty, disparity among the high and the low class, centralized development, etc. the majority of the Peruvian can’t utilize the basic right of proper education, health, and nutrition.

We have listed the wide range of available volunteer work in Peru which will be a great alliance to somehow solve the problems and meet the challenges. Either you’re a health professional, social worker, psychiatrist, teacher, counselor, activist, advocates, student, or anyone willing to volunteer, Peru can be the best combo of exploring and volunteering.

Here, we list the best volunteer and travel abroad programs in Peru:

Orphanage Work in Peru 

Peru has more than 30% of its total population under the poverty line hence, family planning practices are still not widely accepted. It’s no surprise that there are children who fall through this crack. Majority of the orphans in Peru are not ‘true’ orphans, they are abandoned by their parents because of poverty, disease, family violence, etc. hence, they aren’t accepted for adoption and are raised by the organizations.

As a volunteer at Orphanage in Peru, you can share your love, compassion, and skills to brighten the lives of the unfortunate children and give them physically mentally and socially healthy life. You can use your skill of teaching, counseling, nursing, psychology, etc in the best way possible. Social workers, Nurse, Child Caretaker, Psychologist, Teacher, 

Street Children Project in Peru

Street Children in Peru are at high social risk, and they need to be rehabilitated immediately. While they don’t have food to survive, clothes to cover themselves, and place to be safe, the majority of them are also the victim of drugs abuse, sexual and physical exploitation. Some also get involved in petty crimes to sustain themselves.

As a volunteer in Street Children Project, you will be working closely with the organization, program, school, etc. who aims to help street children through education, healthcare, and other basic needs, counseling, games, recreational activities, and more.

You will be giving your time and effort for the children and youth to make them feel better and lead their life in a better direction.

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Teaching English in Peru

For a native English speaker or a certified speaker, volunteering as an English Teacher is the best possible way to explore and get the most out of the time in Peru. Peru can be the best classroom full of endless exploration. You can easily find enough volunteer opportunities at colonial towns to villages in the Andes.

Either you’re a native professional teacher or a certified speaker, you can teach and practice English with the Peruvian of the rural area to help them in education, jobs, and training, while also exploring the mysterious towns of ancient civilization, diverse geography, and the best cuisine and drink of America.

Health Project in Peru

Despite measures have been taken, there is still a vast difference between the middle class and lower class. Lower class people, typically tend to have a lower level of education and because of environmental issues like poor sanitation and vector infestation, higher occurrences of communicable diseases are usually seen among such people. Additionally, there is a high contrast between the health of people in rural versus urban environment. The richest 20% of the population consumes approximately 4.5 times the amount of health good and services per capita than the poorest 20%.

Because of the health condition of the poor citizen in rural Peru, as a health volunteer, you can contribute more than in any country. Either you are an experienced health professional, a health student, or a recent graduate, this can be a good opportunity to practice your knowledge and skill, get a better perspective of health in a developing country, get some amazing hands-on experience, and explore beautiful Peru while also helping Peruvians. 

Dental Project in Peru 

As mentioned earlier, the disparity between the rich and poor, and centralized development has hindered Peru’s equal health development across the country. While most of the poor citizen of rural Peru don’t have access to the basic healthcare and get the victim of simple communicable diseases like malaria and dengue, Dental Care is not at their reach.

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As dental professionals or dental students, you will be working closely with the dental projects or the dental care centers in the rural area to provide dental care to the locals of rural area. You will be running a dental health camp, checking the dental health of the locals, providing them with health care. Similarly, you will also be working to run the awareness program in the rural area about the importance of dental health care. You will no longer be inside your four-walled clinic with highly equipped machines, instead, will be taking care of the Peruvian of fascinating Peru.


To sum up, Peru is the land of ancient civilizations and diverse culture. Their natives have a direct link with their Inca ancestors conserving the Quechua culture. Either you’re a nature lover, a surfer, a foodie, a history nerd, or any curious explorers, Peru has a unique experience to offer. You can have the best time while doing an internship, volunteer work, or gaining academic credits at Peru by both exploring the country and impacting the Peruvian community.

If you want to explore this South American paradise meanwhile serving the people in need of support from the skilled enthusiast like you, you might want to go for some of these volunteering abroad programs in Peru.

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