7 Best Volunteer and Travel Abroad Programs, Opportunities and Organizations in Nepal

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

7 Best volunteer and travel abroad Programs, Opportunities and Organizations in Nepal

In life you always get the opportunities to make the best decisions that you’ve ever made. Sometimes your decisions lead you to your finest creation of the memorable moments. What you do in your free times is more likely to define your real nature. If you are a travel enthusiast, with the willingness to serve the people. If you are looking for a meaningful journey, something that provides you plenty of moment of exploring the real world and real you, you might want to sign up for some of the best volunteer and travel abroad programs in Nepal.

Nepal is a land locked country in South Asia. Bordered by China to the North and India to the South East and West, this country is known for the Himalayan mountains running across the Northern and Western part of the country. Eight of the world’s 10 highest mountains including the highest Mt Everest lie within its border.

Volunteering in Nepal can provide you the chance to enjoy the pristine natural beauty of the country while serving the people in need of your skills, knowledge and compassion. There is no reason not to follow your heart, and volunteering in Nepal is definitely something you'd heart ever wanted to follow through.

Volunteering in this Himalayan terra firma would allow you to embark into some of the world's remote wilderness.

Almost every journey inside Nepal begins from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Visitors often get mesmerized with the architecture and traditional beauty of the city. Most of the temples here for Hindu and Buddhist are built in pagoda style embellished with intricately carved exteriors. Living in Kathmandu will give you the opportunity to experience the warm hospitality of the people in the city.

Another beautiful city of the Country is Pokhara. It is an ultimate destination for every nature lover and adventure junkies. Volunteers from every part of the Nepal spare some free time in the weekends to explore this gem beneath the Annapurna range.

For all the nature and wildlife lovers, Chitwan, a southern Nepali district just 6 hours’ drive away from the Kathmandu offers the abundant vista of wilderness.

How Nepal is One of The Best volunteer and travel abroad Destinations

With all the natural and geographical majesties explained above, Nepal is definitely one of the best places on Earth for the travel lovers.

Despite being blessed with all the natural diversities and cultural heritages, this country is still struggling with the economic and political upheavals. Still 30% of people of Nepal live on less than 50cents a day.

Visiting Nepal while making some humanitarian contribution to the disadvantaged communities can provide you some of the rewarding experiences. Traveling as a volunteer in Nepal can make your travel experience more meaningful and memorable.

What are some of the best volunteer and travel abroad opportunities in Nepal?

Always appreciated for the natural spectacles and hospitality of the people, Nepal is of course a best destination for the travelers across the world. In the meantime, economic deprivation and destitution from basic needs have been making many communities of Nepal in dire need of support.

Support doesn't always necessarily mean the financial support, if you have acquired the skills and knowledges from your past experiences, sharing them to the people deprived of it can also be a great support for them. Nepal still needs support in education, technologies and health awareness. If sharing your skills can contribute to those domains, that will be very significant aspect of your journey.

There are multitudes of volunteering opportunities in Nepal for every travel enthusiast. Here are seven best volunteers abroad programs you can embark into This 2023:

School Teaching Volunteer Program in Nepal

Volunteering in local schools of Nepal is an opportunity to share your teaching skills in the rural schools, harness your understandings to foster your teaching and communication abilities while fostering the learning process of the Nepalese students. Volunteer in teaching in schools of Nepal and discover the epitome of your abilities as a human being. Contributing for the welfare of education can be one of the best way of making difference by use of acquired knowledge.

Teaching with Buddhist Monks in Monasteries Volunteer Program

Teaching in Buddhist monasteries of Nepal is one of the best ways to embark into a world of peace and compassion, experience warm and welcoming attitude of the Buddhist monks, meanwhile sharing your skills language skill and other academic knowledge to the monk kids. Volunteer in Buddhist Monastery in Nepal and enter a completely pristine world of religious and spiritual value.

Healthcare and Medical Volunteer Program

Join the healthcare and medical volunteer and travel abroad program in Nepal, specially designed for the medical professionals and students, medical volunteer project in Nepal is best for all the medicine practitioners, academicians who are looking forward to hone their medical skill and knowledge. Nepal is a developing country of South Asia, hence medical practitioners in the country need to learn a lot from the professionals and students of other developed regions of the world.

Childcare Volunteer Program

Joining a childcare volunteer and travel abroad program is all about offering love and care to the kids who have been living homeless and parentless lives due to some unfortunate incidents in their life. At the same time this project is about learning to forget the bitter past and laugh at challenging future ahead. Your empathy and effort of sharing knowledge and skills can make define the future of these kids by fulfilling their desires to learn useful life skills.

Volunteer Program for Psychological Counseling

Psychological and mental health is still not considered as a major health issue in developing countries like Nepal. People of these country need the awareness about psychological issues. Your participation as a volunteer and travel abroad program in psychological counseling can act as a catalyst for such awareness. It is a concept for those who are professionals or students in psychological counseling, psychiatry and hypnotherapy. In the project you will assist the counselors in Nepal with their daily services to the clients.

Volunteer with Sustainable Agriculture, Farming and Permaculture

Global warming and climate change are major concern of this millennium, besides that Sustainable Agriculture is also important for the people of Nepal to increase their production and get the maximum yield with farming. Despite being rich with arable land, the country is still largely dependent on the import of the food and crops. Involvement of international volunteers and contribution of advance techniques and modern knowledge on sustainable farming can help to change that situation. Traditional practices in agriculture can make the negative impact in environment. Participation as a volunteer for sustainable agriculture can bolster the efforts against the climate change in third world countries like Nepal.


There is a great saying "Love what you do and do what you love". Joining a volunteer and travel abroad program will offer you countless moments to do the things that you will absolutely love to do.

Joining a volunteering programs beneath the shadow of mighty Himalayas will add up few more elements to your amazing experience. If you are looking forward to a life changing moment in your life, then joining one of these Best volunteer and travel abroad Programs and Opportunities and in Nepal can be a gateway for you.

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