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Alice in Wonderland: A tale from Nepal

Last Updated: February 02, 2022

Alice in Wonderland: A tale from Nepal

These last two months were great. I have discovered a New country, a new culture and overall met awesome people of Nepal. I was welcomed by Narayan and his family and then I met my welcoming family, they all do everything to make me good, they are today my friends, my Aama, my Nepali family!

I arrived in the Center for the Dashain holidays. I found out that Dashain is the biggest festival of Hindus in Nepal. I've met there funny and so lovely children. During this time I did spent most of my days with the kids, we have done origami, paper planes, done flower garlands to decorate the Center, made bracelets, celebrated Halloween with makeup, played different ball games. I’ve discovered the Nepalese games too (flying kites, Indian pool, storm game...)!

After that arrived the Tihar, second biggest festival for Hindus of Nepal. It is also called Dipawali, festival of lights. It was very beautiful time. The city was decorated with lights. We celebrated each days, I went in streets with the children for the Deusi Re, we danced, they sang, we had a lot of fun! Then the holidays finished, everybody was in the Center before the middle of the afternoon, so I came later to help for the homework, To cook... It was sometimes hard to organize activities with all the children because I was alone by that time, I was sometimes disappointed by some things, there were communication problems, sometimes it was lacked to inform me when there were next programs, sometimes there were conflict in agreement for many activities, it was the pity thing, because it was hard to take part at all the projects. But I took it as a challenge to solve the complication with the planning of the project and it was a learning process to solve these problems.

This volunteering adventure stays a great experience, I've met amazing children, happy with nothing and full of love, I've discovered the Nepali culture, loved the food, and loved the people. In my free times, I was fortunate to explore the awe inspiring geographic beauty of Nepal, from pristine city of temples Kathmandu, to the majestic Himalayan Mountain Annapurna.

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