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About FDIP Nepal

FDIP Nepal is a non- government, non-profit artificial person created by law with separate legal entity established officially in 2014 AD. It is founded by seven FDIP board members with pure volunteering motives. As it is an artificial person, one can freely participate or depart from this organization but volunteering nature of the member is mandatory. is the official website of Fundamental Development Implementation Program Nepal. (FDIP Nepal) to promote the nature of this organization. We perform variety of services, humanitarian works, cultural promotion and environmental awareness.


  • To reduce illiteracy rate.
  • To arrange support and volunteers for the remote areas
  • To reduce the problems of disadvantaged, orphaned and street children
  • To reduce environmental crisis.
  • To promote Nepal in international platform with the slogan "Visit Nepal, Help Nepal".


To succeed on following missions we FDIP are adopting these long -term strategy.

  • Sponsoring the one who is not able to get the basic needs such as education,food and cloth.
  • Encouraging youth towards welfare
  • Helping institutes like local schools, monasteries, heath post, orphanage etc by motivating national and international volunteer to help them.
  • Street awareness programs and charity events.

Our source:

FDIP do not measure source only as a money. Our source is your mankind, your skills and techniques. Our sources are

Our Beneficiaries:

FDIP Nepal is established to assist Nepal in various field because we think our country is our responsibility. FDIP beneficiaries are .

  • Street children.
  • FDIP sponsored children.
  • Schools in remote areas
  • Monasteries

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